The electric scooter is a revolution in terms of urban mobility. The first motorized scooter was created in the 80s. At that time, the engine was powered by gasoline. Since then, the scooter has been perfected to become the electric model we know today. It is now equipped with an electric motor emitting no greenhouse gases.

What is an electric scooter?

The scooter, previously called scooter, was only composed of a handlebar on a board equipped with two or three wheels depending on the model chosen. Today, the electric scooter is much more modern and sophisticated. It is equipped with a motor and a braking system that allows it to move.

Over the years, the electric scooter has made an important place for itself in the field of urban mobility. In the city, it is not easy to get around by car, which often forces citizens to use public transport. The electric scooter, on the other hand, allows you to travel over short or long distances in cities. In addition, it presents a real advantage in terms of saving time and ecology. The electric scooter allows you to find freedom in your daily journeys while saving money.

The advantages of the electric scooter

Unlike its ancestor, the electric scooter has many advantages:

  • A practical vehicle: With a weight between 10 and 15 kg, the electric scooter can be transported everywhere. In addition, the electric scooter is very compact because it is easily stored by folding.
  • Save time: Electric scooters allow you to move quickly to your desired destination in a short time. You will no longer have to take public transport or face traffic jams by car.
  • Optimum comfort: Electric scooters are made up of various equipment to ensure your comfort (disc brakes, LED screen, lighting system, suspensions, wide wheels, etc.)

The main components of an electric scooter

To function properly, it is essential to carry out the maintenance of the electric scooter as well as its many components. Each of them has a specific role:

  • The battery: Thanks to the energy it propagates in your scooter, the battery is used to run the engine, turn on the rear lights, the LED lighting.
  • The engine: This element has allowed the electric scooter to innovate and modernize. It is the motor that gives power to the vehicle thanks to the energy it receives from the battery.
  • The accelerator: it is thanks to this component that you can adjust the speed of your two wheels as you wish.
  • The brake trigger: It will allow you to act on your braking system. The latter may differ from one model to another (disc, drum, foot or electromagnetic braking system, etc.)

For these components to work properly, it is important to maintain your electric scooter. This involves small daily actions, such as battery maintenance. That's why it's essential to know how to charge your electric scooter, for example.

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