Two major developments are expected on electric scooters in 2023. The first being better product resistance to water . The second is also borrowed from the design of self-service electric scooters , namely the removable battery .

But is it essential? Should you invest in a removable battery scooter? What are the best models? We answer your questions in this buying guide for the best electric scooters with removable battery.

What are the advantages of the removable battery?

What's the point of being able to simply remove the battery when the advantage of the electric scooter is precisely to be easily transportable? There are several reasons for this. Here are the 4 main advantages of the removable lithium battery electric scooter

1 - Lower theft risk

Leaving your electric scooter unattended is very risky on public roads. But without its battery, your vehicle immediately becomes less attractive to thieves. The battery is one of the main elements on this machine. Moreover, almost half the price of an electric scooter comes from its battery.

It is then easy to understand that the interest of stealing an electric scooter without a battery is immediately much less. This is one of the first advantages of this type of product.

2 - Protect your battery from the cold

The lithium battery of an electric scooter is also particularly sensitive to cold . In order to preserve the capacities of the cells as well as possible, it is preferable to store the battery in a place at room temperature and dry.

If you are one of the users who leave their scooter in the garage or in a bike room, the electric scooter with removable battery may be a good alternative for you.

Thus, your lithium battery will retain its cells as well as possible to maintain maximum autonomy over the long term. Preserving the battery of an electric scooter is a way to use your two wheels for as long as possible.

Weebot also encourages you to consult our guide on the maintenance of the electric scooter on a daily basis, in order to preserve your vehicle.

electric scooter removable battery charging port onemile s8

3 - Easy to refill

Not everyone has the space to store their electric scooter near a power outlet. The removable battery solution is to be able to reduce the clutter in your home. Convenient also if you are on a high floor without a lift.

No need to carry the kilos of your electric scooter at arm's length. Less fatigue by only taking the battery from your vehicle to take home. Placed in a corner, the removable battery takes up little space in order to be easily rechargeable. This gives you a better chance of starting at 100% energy the next time you use it.

4 - Have a backup battery

Being able to easily remove the battery from your electric vehicle is also an advantage when buying a second battery . For example, you can leave a removable battery at your workplace. So you are sure to leave with a full battery at the end of the day, without having to carry a charger with you.

Simply swap the discharged battery with the one that is at 100% to instantly regain the maximum autonomy of the electric scooter. Gone are the particularly long battery charging times on some electric scooters. But this requires a higher investment, given the relatively high price of a battery.

However, a battery wears out over time! Depending on your budget, Weebot offers you several solutions to make your old battery perform again! All you have to do is answer a simple , very quick questionnaire by clicking below so that we can provide you with a solution very quickly!

Custom Service Weebot Internal Battery Electric Scooter

Buying guide for electric scooters with removable battery

Weebot has selected 3 completely different models on the French market that deserve your attention if you absolutely want an electric scooter with a removable battery. Here is our buying guide if you are planning to buy an electric scooter with a removable battery.

Dualtron Storm electric scooter

features electric scooter dualtron storm removable battery minimotors

This vehicle is clearly not to be put in all hands. The Dualtron Storm is one of the most powerful electric scooters on the market. But unlike its comrades, this one has the advantage of having a removable battery. A point that can make all the difference when it is not possible to transport the 46 kg of this machine at home.

To charge the battery, you will still have to lift its weight of 12.5 kg on its own. Almost as much as the weight of some scooters in this buying guide. In terms of speed, it is possible to reach 100 km / h , for about 100 km of autonomy (in eco mode).

The Minimotors manufacturer's vehicle has characteristics close to the best on the market with its 11-inch tires and hydraulic braking .

A competition electric scooter but with low weights. Its price is particularly excessive (it takes more than 4000€) and a rather low water resistance considering its elements.

If the 72V 31.5Ah lithium battery is removable, it is not really easy to put it back in its deck. The fault of the particularly difficult to insert connector cable (seen in our unboxing of the Dualtron Storm below).

Highlights of the Dualtron Storm

  • an overpowered electric scooter
  • fairly high build quality
  • big autonomy
  • the only powerful scooter with a removable battery

Dualtron Storm Weak Points

  • very heavy battery weight (12.5 kg)
  • battery not easy to replace
  • his price
  • very very long charging time (21h with the standard charger)

Onemile S8 electric scooter

onemile model s8 electric scooter feature removable battery

The Onemile Model S8 is a 350W electric scooter equipped with a removable 36V 10.5 Ah battery. The French brand Onemile based in the east of the country offers with its Model S8 a vehicle going up to 25 km / h in maximum speed while offering approximately 20 km of autonomy as specified in the test at Les Numeriques . Decent specs for an urban scooter with a rear disc brake and 8.5-inch inflatable tyres.

For just under €800, the Onemile S8 has an atypical look with its battery housed in the stem. Thanks to a key, it is possible to unlock the lithium battery to easily take it with you. This avoids having to transport the 12.5 kg of the machine.

Unfortunately the finishes are not really there and spoil the good characteristics present on the paper. The charging time of the removable battery is rather slow (5h20) for only 20 km of autonomy.

Highlights of the Onemile S8

  • a weight of only 12.5 kg
  • a look that goes beyond the standards
  • a rear disc brake for braking safety

Weak points of the Onemile S8

  • too bulky when folded
  • autonomy too low
  • build quality
  • road behavior

Moovway Flexwheel electric scooter

electric scooter moovway flexwheel removable battery 350w In a style as urban as the Onemile, we find the Flexwheel model from Moovway . It is equipped with large 10-inch tires for better cushioning but also improved driving comfort.

With its 350 motor and 36V 7.5Ah battery, this electric scooter is only intended for the city. Too limited by its battery, you will not be able to travel more than 15 to 20 km. All at a top speed of 25 km/h.

The Moovway Flexwheel weighs 16kg and has a rear disc brake in addition to the electromagnetic brake in the motor wheel. In view of its affordable price (399€) we can only advise you to buy it only with a second battery .

Highlights of the Moovway Flexwheel

  • easily accessible battery
  • big inflatable 10 inch wheels

Weak points of the Moovway Flexwheel

  • starving autonomy
  • an unattractive look
  • its manufacturing quality
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