Thanks to its small size, the electric scooter with seat, removable or not, offers the same level of comfort as an electric scooter with much more versatility . We can clearly say in 2023 that the electric scooter is the most fashionable vehicle to move freely in the heart of cities but also over longer distances with the addition of a saddle. Our buying guide allows you to make the right choice of an electric scooter with seat .

Why buy an electric scooter with saddle?

In terms of urban mobility, there are a lot of choices to get around easily and in an ecological way. With the NVEI (New Individual Electric Vehicles) that are electric scooters, but also electric skateboards, monowheels, gyropods or hoverboards, it is as easy to transport to its destination as it is useful for driving pleasure .

But what is the point of having a saddle on your machine? Because if their look offers the appearance of a mini-scooter, it is not possible to travel on tracks whose maximum speed is greater than 50 km/h.

As on a classic adult electric scooter, only cycle paths or greenways are available. On the other hand, driving an electric scooter with saddle can be done without a license, unlike a 125cm3 equivalent electric scooter. All this while having the same level of performance on certain models of fast electric scooters.

Among the many scooters on the market, the models with a seat stand out from the crowd due to their original look. The presence of a saddle influences both driving and the comfort provided by the seat.

electric scooter with lifestyle saddle

For driving comfort

Avoiding fatigue is undeniably one of the advantages of owning an electric scooter with saddle . Rather intended for users traveling over long distances , the saddle allows you to rest while sitting rather than standing for long minutes. These models are therefore recommended for riders making trips regularly exceeding 5 km.

With the recent improvement of lithium batteries , recent scooters can offer a range exceeding 100 km . A saddle is therefore not superfluous in terms of comfort with this type of machine. In addition to the seat, most of these electric scooter models have relatively wide decks, as well as improved suspensions offering better road damping .

If the saddle height is adjustable to adapt to the height of each user, remember to also adjust the height of the handlebars to adapt to your seat. Because if fatigue can feel standing on an electric scooter at the level of the feet, in a seated position it is important to be well positioned with the arms at the right height for optimal driving comfort .

In addition to the height adjustment, also linger on the materials making up the seat. The best saddles for electric scooters are made of leather , elastic foam or gel to better absorb road shocks . This function is essential if your vehicle model does not have high-performance suspensions that increase driving comfort.

For its versatility with a removable saddle

We often forget that at the end of your journey you have to be able to store your vehicle. The advantage of an electric scooter with saddle is to be always foldable and therefore more easily storable directly at home. It only takes a few moments to detach the saddle from the scooter (or to fold it back onto the deck on some models). With a folding saddle, the latter takes up almost no additional space once the stem of the electric scooter is folded on the platform.

On the other hand, it is possible to put on or detach a removable electric scooter seat. for long distances, it may be useful to keep the saddle attached and remove it if necessary for urban use, for example to go to work just a few short kilometers away.

For its mini-scooter look

Stand out from other vehicles in your path with the unique look of an electric scooter with saddle. With performance close to, or even superior to, scooters, electric scooters with seats have a very trendy look. They have the advantage to drive them of not needing a license, unlike the equivalent 125cm3 electric scooter.

Very useful as a means of daily transport and easily reach work. Getting into traffic is even easier due to the size of your scooter, which is much narrower than a scooter.

Imagine yourself at a red light facing other scooters or motorcycles and being able to start with a bang thanks to the power delivered instantly by the brushless motor of a scooter. This is the enormous advantage of being able to transport with such a machine. Power and comfort, combined with versatility.

Much less sensitive to theft, the electric scooter unlike the scooter can be stored directly at home. It's hard to see a person park their scooter inside while a foldable electric scooter can find its place both flat and hanging vertically. Wall brackets exist to save as much space as possible for your device in your home.

Options to consider when buying your electric scooter with saddle

Safety is an essential element when buying an electric scooter. We recommend that you find out about your vehicle before making your choice. A good scooter is recognized by a good braking system that will allow you to enjoy optimal comfort whatever your driving conditions. This is all the more the case for an electric scooter with saddle because you are seated. You must be well installed but also safe.

It is mandatory to be visible and audible when driving. This is why you must also ensure that you have a good lighting system if you want to drive at night, but also a horn to be heard by other vehicles or pedestrians.

In addition, if you have selected a more sophisticated model, you will be able to benefit from new functionalities. An LCD screen, for example, can be useful for you to follow all the information concerning your vehicle while you are driving.

For a more practical side you can also use a support for your smartphone. Indeed, it is possible that while sitting your phone can slip out of your pocket: installing it on a firmly attached support can save you from breakage!


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What are scooter saddles made of?

It is essential not to neglect the quality of manufacture of the saddle you want to use. It must be both comfortable, robust and above all made of quality materials. Of course, depending on the model you turn to, the materials will not always be the same.

For entry-level models, expect plastic or nylon-based saddles with steel rails for the tough side. It is also possible to find models in titanium rails for more flexibility and ergonomics.

On the side of the top-of-the-range models, you will also find materials combining robustness and ergonomics, however they will be of better quality. Some saddles are therefore designed with carbon fibers for low weight while remaining a guarantee of quality. These models are perfect for mobile use, which is very practical when you take public transport because they are very easy to transport.

Finally, despite the differences in materials, the design often remains similar. Note that the more you choose a high quality saddle, the higher the price will be.

Top 7 electric scooters with saddle

In this comparison of the best electric scooters with saddle , we have only selected models with removable seat. If there are scooters with an integrated fixed seat, these are generally much less efficient in our eyes, while being much less versatile than models that can receive a removable saddle . For users wishing to invest in the purchase of an electric scooter with saddle, here is our top 7.

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

electric scooter with dualtron thunder saddle

The Dualtron Thunder is one of the flagship models of the Korean brand. This electric scooter can run at a top speed of 85 km/h while traveling 100 km on board thanks to the 60V 35Ah lithium battery . In order to fully exploit the maximum autonomy of this model, the addition of a removable saddle is clearly not a luxury. Particularly fast, the battery requires a charging time of around 19 hours to be completely filled.

Particularly comfortable, the ride with the Dualtron Thunder is ensured by wide 11-inch tires as well as high-performance flex suspensions to absorb shocks and vibrations from the roadway but also in off-road mode. Then it's up to you to enjoy long walks in the countryside or in town thanks to the double brushless motors combining 5400W of gross power .

The machine is particularly robust with its 43 kg on the scale and has an excellent quality-price ratio for those who want a high-end electric scooter with removable saddle . The Thunder should soon be replaced by the Dualtron Storm retaining all the qualities of the previous model while further improving pure performance and which should probably be one of the best electric scooters with saddle .

Advantages of the electric scooter with Dualtron Thunder saddle

  • Excellent driving comfort
  • Fast Electric Scooter (85 km/h)
  • Long range (100 km)

Dualtron X Electric Scooter

electric scooter with saddle dualtron X minimotors

The Minimotors Dualtron X is one of the most efficient electric scooters on the market. With its brushless motors deploying a total power of 6700W . Most Dualtron X electric scooter users invest in the removable saddle specially designed by MiniMotors to take full advantage of the machine that can carry its passenger over a distance of 200 km . It takes several hours of driving to drain the LG 60V 52Ah lithium battery.

This model, which still weighs 70 kg, is also part of our top 5 fast electric scooters , being able to reach the maximum speed of 100 km/h . The performance of the device is therefore superior to most of all 125cm3 equivalent electric scooters while offering better autonomy. The braking system is composed of powerful front disc brakes and rear disc brakes in order to be able to ride safely at high speeds.

By investing in the official seat kit validated by Minimotors, you also have a directly integrated luggage rack . What to be able to carry with you all kinds of business. The wide saddle offers optimal comfort combined with configurable suspensions in 16 different positions depending on the chosen driving flexibility.

Note that the Dualtron X-II electric scooter should soon replace this model by being even more efficient on all points.

Advantages of the electric scooter with Dualtron X saddle

  • Extra wide saddle designed specifically for the Dualtron X
  • Build quality
  • Super Fast Electric Scooter (100 km/h)
  • Saddle support with luggage rack
  • Very long range (200 km)
  • 16 adjustable suspension firmness positions

SXT 1600 XL Electric Scooter

electric scooter with saddle sxt 1600 XL

Designed primarily for off-road use, the SXT 1600 XL electric scooter with removable saddle is the ideal companion for thrill seekers. This car, which is an evolution of the SXT 1000 Turbo electric scooter, offers a brushless motorization with chain transmission deploying a maximum power of 2000W. All this allows you to reach 55 km/h in top speed .

The 48V 30Ah Lithium battery allows you to travel depending on the driving mode over a maximum distance of 50 km . Equipped with 10-inch cross tires , the SXT 1600 XL is an all-terrain electric scooter of choice for long walks in the countryside, both on paths and in the middle of the forest. The comfort provided by the seat allows you to rest during moments of quieter rides.

Secured against theft with its key start , the German brand SXT 1600 XL has powerful disc brakes at the front and rear, as well as its high-performance suspensions to cushion the 43 kg of the machine in its use. off-road.

Advantages of the electric scooter with saddle SXT 1600 XL

  • Large 10 inch cross tires
  • Key start
  • Designed primarily for off-road practice

Weebot Zephyr Electric Scooter

weebot zephyr electric scooter

For a more affordable price, the Weebot Zephyr is a sporty electric scooter for both city and off-road use. Praised by many users for its manufacturing quality, the Weebot Zephyr electric scooter has two BLDC 2 x 800W brushless motors.

The maximum speed of the Weebot Zephyr electric scooter is 65 km/h (55 km/h in maximum speed with the 52V 18Ah lithium battery). Its look does not leave you indifferent, just like its driving comfort ensured by excellent suspensions, make it a model of choice for users looking for versatility.

Several batteries are available on this scooter. Sold with 52V 18Ah or 22Ah lithium batteries , they offer a maximum range of approximately 80 to 85 km at the maximum charge. Combined with the purchase of a removable seat , the electric scooter weighing 29 kg makes it one of the most comfortable for moving freely around town in complete relaxation.

Thanks to its large 10-inch inflatable tires absorbing the Weebot Zephyr erases the irregularities of the road impeccably. The full battery charge time is around 10-12 hours.

Advantages of the electric scooter with Weebot Zephyr saddle

  • Versatile electric scooter (both in the city and in the countryside)
  • Very good performance
  • nice look
  • Comfortable soft suspensions
  • Power and moderate weight

Speedway 5 Electric Scooter

Speedway 5 Electric Scooter

With a top speed of 25 km/h that can reach 60 km/h on a private road , the Speedway 5 can be used in town and on private land for sports, for example. Perfect if you want to travel long distances, the Speedway 5 has a range of around 100 km.

It can support a weight of 130 kg without affecting its performance. This two-wheeler can also easily face damaged roads or steep slopes. In addition, thanks to its large 10-inch wheels as well as its double front and rear suspensions , you can ride while enjoying optimal driving comfort.

The Speedway scooter offers you a safe ride thanks to its front headlights and brake light that allows you to be visible on the road. It also has turn signals ! A very practical feature when driving in town, for example. For smooth and efficient braking, the Speedway 5 electric scooter is equipped with a dual disc and electric braking system.

Finally, the Speedway electric scooter is very powerful because it has both a dual motor with a power of 2000W but also a 60V 23.4Ah Lithium-Polymer battery.

Advantages of the Speedway 5 electric scooter

  • Top speed: 25 km/h (including 60 km/h on private roads)
  • Autonomy: Between 80 and 100 km
  • Can ride on steep inclines
  • Available in two colors (black and white)

Dualtron Eagle Pro electric scooter

Dualtron Eagle Pro electric scooter

Belonging to one of the most renowned brands in the world of electric scooters, the Dualtron Eagle Pro is a high-end vehicle combining power and robustness. You will therefore only have the best components on the market if you opt for this electric scooter. Indeed, the Dualtron Eagle Pro has a double Brushless motor with a power of 3600 W and an LG Lithium-Ion 60V 22.4Ah 1344Wh battery.

Although subject to a speed of 25 km/h, it can reach a maximum speed of 75 km/h on private land. This scooter can face any type of terrain by supporting a weight of 120kg and roll with the same performance even on a slope! You will be amply satisfied if you are a fan of long scooter rides because this two-wheeler has a range of 80 km.

Although performance is there: so is safety! You will be equipped with front and rear disc brakes for clean and efficient braking. Thanks to its double front and rear suspensions as well as its large 10-inch wheels with air chamber, you will enjoy pleasant driving journeys. Finally, you will remain visible in all circumstances on any road because this scooter has a front headlight in its deck as well as a rear brake light.

This scooter is also at the cutting edge of technology which will allow you to take advantage of features such as the LCD display. This tool will allow you to consult all the information of your vehicle in real time.

Advantages of the Dualtron Eagle Pro electric scooter

  • Can be used on steep slopes and difficult terrain
  • Autonomy of 80 km
  • Top speed 25 km/h and can reach 75 km/h on a private road
  • Powerful 3600W Double Brushless Motor

The eco solution: Ninebot and Xiaomi Electric Scooters

electric scooter with xiaomi ninebot saddle

For tighter budgets, Xiaomi and Ninebot electric scooters are an economical choice for those who want to ride around town comfortably seated. With lower autonomy between 20 and 45 km maximum depending on the models, it is still pleasant even for short journeys to circulate seated on a removable saddle on these small machines.

Practical to transport, it is easier, unlike the models mentioned above, to take public transport with it in order to complete its journey. Relatively very close in terms of look, we compared the new Xiaomi scooters as well as the latest Ninebot of the year 2021 which are still the most popular electric scooters with the general public.

Possessing a single motor deploying maximum powers of between 350W and 700W , these electric scooters reach the maximum speed of between 20 km/h for the Xiaomi Essential , 25 km/h for the intermediate models (which is, remember, the maximum legal traffic speed on public roads) and 30 km/h for the Ninebot MAX G30 .

These models are very popular in urban areas and if you have one, it is quite possible to buy a removable saddle for a scooter to transform it into an even more comfortable model for riding in heavy traffic.

Advantages of the electric scooter with Ninebot or Xiaomi saddle

  • All-purpose look
  • Excellent build quality
  • Very affordable price starting from 299 euros for the Xiaomi Essential
  • Decent performance for city riding

The Hybrid Solution: Doohan iLark 3-Wheel Electric Scooter

three wheel electric scooter doohan ilark mini hybrid scooter

Half 3-wheel scooter, half electric scooter, the Doohan iLark is a UFO in terms of eco-mobility. It is intended for users looking for a more stable and secure vehicle than an electric scooter.

Very modern in terms of design and driving feel, the Doohan iLark is a hybrid model with saddle that could quickly become your favorite means of transport.

Foldable easily to store under a desk or in a car trunk for example, it is a very safe vehicle equipped with powerful disc brakes, as well as "large" comfortable 12-inch wheels to absorb road vibrations.

With its removable Panasonic 48V 16Ah Lithium-Ion battery, this mini hybrid electric scooter weighs 32 kg. A weight certainly substantial at first sight, but much less than a Dualtron X-II scooter making the double. With the iLark and its Bosch 300W motor, however, you will be limited to 25 km/h, which is the maximum legal speed authorized for driving in urban areas. Unlike a scooter, it does not require registration.

How to attach a removable saddle to an electric scooter?

It is important in your purchase of electric scooter with saddle to check the fixing of it. What could be more disturbing than riding on a poorly fixed seat. The adjustment of the seat is therefore essential in order to ride comfortably and safely. This can not only influence the quality of your ride, but also cause you pain on a bit of a long ride.

Electric scooter seat models are installed differently depending on the brand. But most are equipped with a base to be fixed either by screws through the tray of your vehicle, or by simple tightening on the sides of the tray. Then simply attach the height-adjustable tube connecting the saddle to the base. It can even be folded down for easy storage.

electric scooter with brazil lifestyle saddle

Who are electric scooters with saddle for?

Designed primarily for comfort , some people are more likely to invest in an electric scooter with saddle than others. But who is this type of device for?

  • People who tire quickly when standing on the scooter. On a classic adult electric scooter, you remain firmly anchored on your feet. While some electric scooters offer a longer or wider deck to add comfort to the arrangement of the feet, adding a saddle is even more comfortable. With a model with a seat, you will no longer have any pain in your legs
  • People wishing to maintain better stability when driving, whether sporty or not. The electric scooter with saddle lowers the center of gravity and therefore facilitates the driving of this type of vehicle.
  • People looking for thrills because most electric scooters with seats are fast models for more feeling of speed.


Can electric scooters with saddle go uphill?

It all depends on the type of model your electric scooter with saddle has. If it is powerful enough you can ride on difficult roads and climb slopes without any problem. Also, the more powerful your motor, the steeper you will be able to climb.

What is the weight limit for using an electric scooter with saddle?

There is no presumably defined weight. It all depends on the model and brand. To find out if a scooter supports your weight, do not hesitate to ask the manufacturer.

Conclusion of our electric scooter with saddle comparison

Most electric scooter users who have invested in the purchase of a saddle for their machine have told us of their enormous satisfaction at being able to move comfortably . Adding very little weight to these vehicles, the removable saddle allows you to take full advantage of the long autonomy of the models we have mentioned above.

Electric scooters with saddle are then an excellent alternative for those who wish to travel long distances without having to pedal like on an electric bike, or without having to have a license like on a 125 cm3 electric scooter. Better still, thanks to its folding system , the scooter can be stored easily unlike the other two means of transport.

All these advantages make it wise to choose your electric scooter with saddle to enjoy excellent driving comfort .

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