After buying the American company Segway in 2015, the Beijing-based Chinese manufacturer Ninebot is now owned by the giant Xiaomi , hence the strong resemblance with the famous Xiaomi electric scooters . Like its Chinese partner, Ninebot is also releasing three new models of electric scooters in 2021 (E22E, E25E and E45E) in order to further expand its catalog. What are the novelties and differences between these new Ninebot scooters?

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Comparison of the 3 new models E22E - E25E - E45E

Directly replacing the excellent ES2 and ES4 , the new Ninebot E22E, E25E and E45E compete with the latest Xiaomi Essential, 1S and Pro 2 electric scooters . Quite similar in appearance, this new generation resulting from the Segway-Ninebot merger still offers slight differences to match the needs of each user as closely as possible.

Ninebot E22E entry level

Evolution of the old ES1, the Ninebot E22E is an affordable electric scooter that retains the general design of the Segway-Ninebot models. Designed for exclusively urban use, the new entry-level Ninebot is easily transportable with its 13.5 kg . We have also ranked it in our top 5 light electric scooters .

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Topped with new 9-inch solid tyres , in reinforced rubber, it can reach a top speed of 20 km/h. Thanks to its IPX4 certification, the Ninebot E22E will accompany you everywhere, even in the event of light rain on your journey. As with most Ninebot models, the E22E electric scooter accepts an easily installable external battery to extend the range up to 45 km for people who need to travel a little further than average.

E25E and E45E, the game of the seven differences

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Rather very similar in appearance with the Ninebot E22E, the last two are still quite different. The Ninebot E25E and E45E are actually one and the same product . The only difference is at the level of the external battery present upon purchase on the E45E while it is only optional on the Ninebot E25E. This external battery can almost double the autonomy of the Ninebot E25E limited to 25 km.

Apart from that, the last two born from the Segway-Ninebot merger have a 300W brushless motor offering a maximum speed of 25 km/h in accordance with the rule in force. Offered at an affordable price, these Ninebot electric scooters have received the design award label . With LED lights placed under the deck , these Ninebots are visible from afar after dark. Adjustable via the Segway-Ninebot app , you can choose any color you like to match the mood chosen for your nighttime rides.

The user benefits with the Ninebot E45E and E25E electric scooters from new reinforced 9-inch tires to reduce the risk of punctures. Very complete from every point of view, these electric scooters receive IPX4 certification to protect them more effectively from the rain.

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A few clarifications on the Segway-Ninebot brand

Founded in 1999 by American inventor Dean Kamen, the Segway company made a name for itself by revolutionizing the world of personal transport long before the arrival of electric scooters. By basing its machines on state-of-the-art technology centered around the self-balancing of two parallel wheels , the Segway company quickly brought worldwide attention to its products.

Today, many users are somewhat lost, no longer knowing the difference between Ninebot, Segway and even Xiaomi added to the equation. Let's briefly retrace the history of these companies in order to understand where these latest electric scooters come from.

The success of Segway in the early 2000s

Segway received a rather enthusiastic reception at its launch, from millionaire investors who strongly believed in the future of motorized personal transport at the dawn of the new millennium. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon or even the late Steves Jobs have all invested in the American company Segway which offered a real alternative to the car with its famous gyropods. In the early 2000s, we were still a long way from thinking about changing our mode of urban traffic, but the idea has come a long way since then. Being able to move intuitively at the speed of 19 km/h by simply tilting his body was then a feat. Practical for quickly transporting its user in the city in an ecological and effortless way, the Segway promised a kind of future before its time .

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A Segway takeover with a tragic fate

Unfortunately the great adventure did not continue as many would have thought. Arguably too far ahead for its time, Segway never managed to meet its sales targets . The prices charged at the time by the American company were far from being able to attract the general public. We are talking about devices costing no less than 6000 to 7000 dollars . An elitist price which mainly convinced only millionaires wishing to move easily in urban areas. It was also necessary to have space to store such a machine at home.

Jimi Heselden, a British businessman, bought Segway in 2009 thinking of giving it a second wind. But while he was testing a new product in his residence in Yorkshire, England, he suffered a fatal accident when he fell from a cliff with his Segway less than a year after the Segway takeover. A terrible twist of fate that did not help the company to recover.

The arrival of the Chinese Ninebot in 2015

It wasn't until 2013 that Segway was bought out by an American investment fund (Summit Strategic Investments) which later sold to Chinese competitor Ninebot . This had previously been attacked by Segway for using their patent. To close this story, Ninebot was content to buy the American firm in order to offer an all-powerful alliance in the world of electric personal transport .

Moreover, at the same time, the other major Chinese company Xiaomi , known among other things for its smartphones, entered the capital of Ninebot with a nice check for 80 million to facilitate the final purchase of Segway. Ninebot relies on the brand image of Segway as well as its famous patents to develop its range of electric scooters since the discontinuation of Segways is now in effect, after only 140,000 sales in 20 years . The famous machine which had seduced investors and the media even before its launch, ultimately never seduced the public. The production of this single-seater electric vehicle only constituted 1.5% of Ninebot's turnover.

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How do I update my Ninebot electric scooter?

With the Segway-Ninebot application (on Android PlayStore and iOS AppStore) which includes all Ninebot products, you can update your Ninebot scooter very easily.

What is the maximum speed of Ninebot electric scooters?

SS1: 20 km/h

ES2: 25 km/h

ES4: 30 km/h

E22E: 20 km/h

E25E: 25 km/h

E45E: 25 km/h

Max G30: 30km/h

Is the Ninebot electric scooter waterproof?

Although the models from Ninebot benefit from IPX4 and IP54 certification , we advise you to ride as little as possible in rainy weather. The oxidation of the battery is not covered by guarantee, there is always a risk even if the Ninebot are among the most water resistant electric scooters .

Is there a difference between the E25E and E25 scooters?

The E following the Ninebot electric scooter number denotes a product designed for the European market.

What is the difference between Segway and Ninebot?

Since the takeover, the Ninebot manufacturer has kept the Segway name alongside its own brand. Segway only branded products are intended for professionals when Ninebot products are more reserved for individuals.

Which model does Lime use for its self-service electric scooters?

The electric scooter rental company Lime is and will be from September, one of the only three companies selected by the town hall of Paris to be usable by Parisians. Their contraptions are based on Ninebot electric scooters . First equipped with Ninebot ES1, Lime now uses more Ninebot ES4 as on free-floating scooters from Jump (Uber) and Tierr.


Great way to get around, we highly recommend the latest Ninebot electric scooters which are particularly well positioned in the lightweight scooter ranges. The Chinese manufacturer offers machines with excellent manufacturing quality while offering its scooters a level of equipment that is often superior to the competition. Not necessarily the fastest on the road, Ninebot relies above all on the ease of transport of its devices, the quality of manufacture as well as the comfort during their use.

By offering three new models close, in terms of performance, to the latest Xiaomi, the silhouettes of the Segway-Ninebot scooters are likely to be seen again on all street corners in the coming months.

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