With the democratization of electric scooters , you have probably already ridden on an entry-level model like the free-floating ones available in the streets of your city for example. But you may have noticed a certain lack of power from these same cheap electric scooters , losing greatly in speed when the slope climbs.

Many brands then offer 2000W adult electric scooters among their high-end offerings to overcome this defect. But that’s not their only quality.

The engine is the heart even from the machine and through their power, all-terrain adult electric scooters directly compete with electric scooters in the soft mobility sector.

Through this guide, we will help you discover the different advantages of investing in a 2000W dual motor electric scooter.

weebot zephyr 2000W trottinette électrique lyon place république

Why choose a 2000W electric scooter?

Due to the limitation of 25 km/h in urban use, users of 2000W electric scooters are not necessarily looking for speed but above all power . With its sufficiently compact and foldable size, this style of scooter has the advantage of being able to be transported more easily when traveling or on vacation than an electric scooter or an electric motorcycle.

With a slightly larger budget, 2000W electric scooters can therefore meet several uses while having better durability over time. With a wide platform you will have more room to rest your feet and provide additional comfort. By offering such amenities, users often make it their primary means of transportation. Especially after the pandemic period that we have experienced.

Users have thus found in these powerful electric scooters a new ecological mobility solution, while providing freedom and social distancing.

What's the point of having so much power?

In urban traffic, you sometimes have to slip between different vehicles in order to get out in complete safety of possible complications. With a 2000W adult electric scooter you will benefit from better acceleration on any type of road.

A double motor thus considerably increases the comfort of use. Indeed, the weight supported by the device has a direct impact on the engine's ability to transport you. By having extra power, the motor of a 2000W electric scooter will never suffer. This will leave other electric scooters and cyclists behind, particularly on steep slopes.

But all that power goes hand in hand with the braking part. It is indeed essential to have high-end disc brakes on these machines in order to ride in complete safety.

trottinette électrique weebot zephyr customisé frein hydraulique nutt pneu off road

To go off-road

If the city is the preferred area for the electric cross scooter, it is entirely possible with a 2000W model to enjoy long rides in the countryside. Steep or uneven paths will not be a problem with the large 10-inch wheels offered by all-terrain electric scooters.

The dual motor of a 2000W electric scooter will allow you to stick perfectly to the road. These machines provide a sliding sensation on certain paths. Whether you are sporty, a thrill-seeker or simply passionate about excursions in the great outdoors, these machines will be made for you!

What autonomy do 2000W electric scooters offer? 

In general, entry-level electric scooters costing less than 500 euros have a range of only twenty kilometers. If this is enough to get to work in the middle of the city, it can often be a bit tight.

Even more so in winter where cool temperatures have a negative impact on battery life. Due to its larger size, the battery of a 2000W electric scooter allows, again, no compromise on its use.

speedway V trottinette électrique 2000w minimotors

large batteries 18Ah, 22Ah and even 24Ah are present to power the double electric motor and take you to the end of your journeys, even the longest. Some have a range of up to 100 kilometers.

More than enough to last several days with your 2000W electric scooter. But this has an impact on the weight of the device. In fact, you have to count around thirty kilograms on the scale as well as a significantly longer recharge. For this last point, it is possible to buy a fast charger to divide the charging time by 3 .

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Ninebot Ninebot F2 E Plus Electric Scooter - by Segway
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Top 5 of the best 2000W electric scooters

Purchasing a dual-motor electric scooter is not trivial due to the substantial budget, easily exceeding 1000, or even 2000 euros. So what are the criteria to take into accountwhen purchasing a 2000W adult electric scooter so as not to make a mistake in your choice?

Apart from the power delivered by the motor, the torque offered by the combination of the two motors is a main element to take into account if you want to climb steep slopes.

The size of the wheels and suspensions are criteria to take into account. Indeed, the size but also the width of the wheels greatly contribute to overcoming various obstacles on your path while better absorbing shocks and vibrations. This is not to be taken lightly if you want to cover many kilometers. 

Electric Scooter Speedway 5 

caractéristiques trottinette électrique speedway 5 minimotors

Renowned for the high quality of its products, the Korean brand MiniMotors is a symbol of robustness, comfort and above all performance . For around 1,640 euros, the Speedway 5 electric scooter model offers a sober design all in black with its aluminum chassis. 

Equipped with a high capacity Lithium-Ion battery of 1400 Wh, the Speedway 5 promises to reach 60 km/h. It therefore has two 1000W brushless motors taken from the Dualtron range which can deploy a maximum power of 3600W.

This will allow you to climb slopes up to 20% despite its weight of 30 kilograms. In addition, the 10-inch tubeless wheels benefit from disc brakes at the front and rear to ensure quality braking throughout the 80 to 100 km of autonomy that offers the Speedway 5.

Like most Minimotors, the Speedway 5 requires regular maintenance otherwise it will break. The design of this scooter now dates back several years.

Strengths of the Speedway 5

  • Long autonomy of 100 km
  • A reasonable price in its category
  • Tubeless tires (tubeless)

Weak points of the Speedway 5

  • Fairly long charging time, 10-12 hours (80% in 6 hours)
  • His weight is 30 kg
  • A somewhat outdated design in 2022
  • The Speedway 5 requires regular and careful maintenance 
  • Reliability problems with the stem

Weebot Zephyr Electric Scooter

caractéristiques trottinette électrique weebot zephyr 52V résumé

At Weebot, we have designed a model that we are particularly proud of and which users really like. The 2000W Weebot Zephyr electric scooter is offered at an entry price of just €1,540. Below the competition, but without compromising on quality!

For this you have a machine that can reach 65 km/h. If the maximum speed is generally identical to other models in this range, the Zephyr offers a much higher level of comfort. Its front and rear suspension system is particularly effective for driving with pleasure.

The electric scooter has also undergone numerous "crash tests" which prove the high resistance of the Weebot Zephyr in off-road mode. A versatile electric scooter, equally at home in town and off-road.

We recently released custom parts for the Zephyr to personalize your machine.

Strengths of the Weebot Zephyr

  • Extremely comfortable suspensions
  • Folding handlebar
  • A versatile electric scooter (for the city and all terrain)
  • Supports up to 150 kg of weight

 Weak points of the Weebot Zephyr

  • No hydraulic disc brakes (but possible to install a Nutt hydraulic brake kit to order)
  • A 52V electric scooter “only”

Kaabo Mantis GT V2 Electric Scooter

caractéristiques trottinette électrique kaabo mantis gt v2 rouge

(Updated 08/09/201: Kaabo Mantis electric scooters are now banned from sales on French territory)

The little bomb from Kaabo shares its electronics with that from MiniMotors. With this second version, Kaabo improves its product by offering more efficient engine torque, the addition of hydraulic brakes and a more efficient battery.

Using only one of the 2 1000W motors, the Kaabo Mantis GT V2 electric scooter has an extremely comfortable range of 120 km . Together, the two engines will allow you to reach 65 km/h . For optimal comfort, the Mantis GT V2 has hydraulic front and rear suspensions as well as 10-inch inflatable tube tires.

Highlights of Kaabo Mantis GT V2

  • Autonomy of 120 km with 1 single engine
  • Maximum Speed 65 km/h
  • Excellent comfort thanks to its hydraulic suspensions
  • Hydraulic brakes

 Weak point of the Kaabo Mantis GT V2

  • A single charging port
  • Mudguard a bit short
  • A bit expensive

Electric Scooter Zero 10X

caractéristiques trottinette électrique zero 10X

Despite the replacement of the Zero brand by VSETT, the Zero 10X electric scooter is still available in France. Highly acclaimed by users, the Zero 10X was one of the first versatile models that could be used off-road.

This electric scooter is particularly powerful despite its weight of 35 kg. Thanks to its 60V 21Ah battery, it offers a maximum speed of 65 km/h combined with 70 km of autonomy.

It is one of the only ones in this comparison to have hydraulic brakes (with the Mantis GT V2). A definite advantage both in terms of safety and comfort but which comes at a price: More than 2000€. 

Highlights of the Zero 10X

  • Hydraulic braking
  • Undoubtedly the most powerful in this comparison
  • Supports 120 kg of load

Weak point of the Zero 10X

  • The future of the Zero brand, which has become VSETT
  • Controller reliability issue on 60V models
  • The price exceeding 2000€

Kaabo Skywalker 10S+ Electric Scooter

caractéristiques trottinette électrique kaabo skywalker 10s+

If you are looking for a 2000W electric scooter with a very different look, the Kaabo Skywalker 10S+ offers Gray and Red colors and stands out from the rest of the market.

Unlike the Kaabo Mantis GT V2 which is more agile, the Skywalker 10S+ does not offer the same level of comfort. It is a road car with a good range of 90 km. Its main advantage lies in its price below 1500 euros for those looking for an inexpensive 60V electric scooter.

Highlights of the Skywalker 10S+ Distribution

  • The cheapest in our comparison
  • Electric scooter 60V
  • A 'different' look

Weak points of the Kaabo Skywalker 10S+

  • A look that not everyone likes (Grey and Red)
  • Too heavy and massive
  • Rather stiff suspensions

Price comparison

prix trottinette électrique 2000W graphique

We have not mentioned in this comparison the Speedtrott RX2000 which in our opinion does not have sufficient reliability to be a good investment. Even more considering its price of 2490 euros.

The same goes for the Dualtron Compact released in 2019 which was previously in our ranking but which is clearly no longer at the level of the competition in 2022. Its solid 8.5 inch tires generate enormous vibrations in the chassis and end up causing problems with breakage and other breakdowns. 

What you need to know about 2000W electric scooter motors

What is a brushless motor?

Brushless electric scooter motors are sometimes mounted in the front or rear wheel. In order to provide additional power, electric scooter manufacturers combine the power of two 1000W brushless motors present in each of the wheels.

These can therefore be added together to operate simultaneously or be activated independently in order, for example, to save energy.

These motors have the advantage of having a good lifespan as well as excellent efficiency. But overall how does a brushless motor ? To put it simply, the fixed part of the motor, called the stator, is made up of coils powered sequentially. These coils then create a magnetic field rotating at the same frequency as the supply voltages therefore acting on the rotor, the moving part.

kaabo mantis gt trottinette électrique 2000w rouge bord de mer

What is the power of an electric scooter motor?

By definition, power, expressed in Watt, represents the quantity of energy supplied by the device per unit of time. The power of electric scooters thus corresponds to the speed multiplied by the torque of the motor.

Torque refers to the scooter's ability to climb a slope. Concretely, you will need more strength to ride uphill at the same speed as on flat ground.

It is therefore important to understand that the power delivered by an electric scooter depends on the type of road, the weight of the passenger as well as the speed of the vehicle. 

The difference between the nominal power and the maximum deployed power

Rated power is the power received by a device when it is operating under optimal conditions. In the case of a lamp, the higher the power rating, the brighter the lamp.

Thus, if the electrical power supplied is greater than the rated power, then its efficiency is higher than expected. But this can lead to engine damage, mainly due to the increase in temperature caused.

Each 2000W electric scooter exceeds its rated power. The manufacturer estimates that it can increase the maximum power within a certain limit depending on the quality of the device parts and the autonomy available on the battery.

weebot zephyr lifestyle trottinette électrique puissante 2000w


The 2000W electric scooter therefore allows more versatility in your use. If you want to use it regularly without having to compromise on your journey, it is probably wise to invest in a 2000W dual motor electric scooter. This could well become your main means of transport.

They are therefore ideal for adults looking for a means of transport that allows them to easily avoid traffic jams to their workplace.

But you can also take advantage of it on weekends or during your vacation to get some thrills during escapades in nature.

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