The Teverun brand is entering the electric scooter market thanks to the Blade Scooter and Minimotors association. It offers high-performance scooters with a robust design that have won over many users. The three models offered by the brand (Fighter Suprem, Fighter 11 and Blade Mini) can correspond to each user profile. Before choosing the scooter that will accompany you on your journeys, Weebot presents these three models.

Comparison of Teverun electric scooters: Teverun Fighter Suprem, Fighter 11 and Blade Mini

The Teverun brand has managed to create a place for itself among the benchmark brands in terms of electric scooters. Thanks to these three adult electric scooters, they offer features that may suit different user profiles. In this comparison of Teverun electric scooters, Weebot reviews the brand's three models: the Fighter Suprem, the Fighter 11 and the Blade Mini.

Teverun Fighter Suprem: the high-end scooter!

The Teverun Fighter Suprem electric scooter is the brand's top-of-the-range model.

This scooter has a perfect balance between power and resistance. It has an aluminum and steel alloy frame that allows it to withstand many shocks.

It is perfect for sports or city use if you ride long distances. It can reach a speed of 95 km/h on private land for an average range of 100 km.

Its LG 72V 35Ah Lithium-ion battery and its 2X4000 W motor will allow you to face many types of slopes, however steep they may be. You won't have to be afraid of difficult terrain either. Indeed the Teverun Fighter Suprem has large 11-inch wheels as well as adjustable hydraulic suspensions that can easily absorb all types of shocks once on the road.

Teverun Fighter 11: the most robust!

The Teverun Fighter 11 is a good compromise between sports use and city use. Indeed, this scooter has been designed to be both powerful and efficient. It can reach a maximum speed of 85 km/h on private land and has a range of 80 km for a recharge time of 11 hours. The Teverun Fighter 11 is equipped with a 2x2500W motor and an LG 60V 25Ah Lithium-ion battery that will be powerful enough to ride on slopes.

This scooter also has an upgraded version: the Teverun Fighter 11+ scooter. This model has a longer range of 120 km but also a much more powerful motor and battery. As with the Teverun Fighter 11, the Fighter 11+ is very versatile and will suit both sports and city use.

This type of scooter can easily face deteriorated roads without affecting its performance. To achieve this, the Teverun relies on its components, that is to say its double hydraulic suspensions and its 11-inch wheels.

Teverun Blade Mini: the scooter at a low price!

The Teverun Blade Mini is the brand's entry-level scooter but remains just as efficient as its counterparts. It can reach a speed of 40 km/h on private land for a range of 40 km and a charge of 5 hours.

This scooter is equipped with a motor with a power of 500W and a 48V10AH battery. This type of scooter is perfectly suited to long distances and can ride on all types of roads, even damaged ones.

Very comfortable once in hand, the Teverun Blade Mini has front and rear suspensions as well as two 9-inch high soft rubber wheels. Despite weighing 25 kg, this scooter can support a load of 120 kg without affecting its performance.

Let's discover the Teverun brand

Before purchasing an electric scooter, it is important to find out about the models but also about the brand you have selected to find out if it offers vehicles that meet your expectations. Weebot introduces you to the Teverun brand and its features.

What is the Teverun brand?

Before turning to the creation of electric scooters, the company Blade Scooter was specialized in the manufacture of city scooters. It is to this company that we owe the Blade X designed in 2020 and the Blade GT designed in 2021. The Blade X is very successful thanks to its structure and its state-of-the-art control system where the Blade GT is appreciated for its unique design and very affordable price.

Observing growing success, the company is turning to the electric scooter market. It joins forces with the Minimotors company, known for its Dualtron brand, to create the Teverun brand!

Teverun in turn becomes a reference brand in terms of urban mobility thanks to the Teverun Fighter and the Blade Mini. Today the Teverun brand offers many high-end electric scooters with many features and quality components that have won over users.

These scooters are not considered classic electric vehicles. Indeed, not being light, they cannot be driven on sidewalks or cycle paths in the company of pedestrians and other cyclists. You will therefore be subject to the classic highway code when riding these scooters for adults.

Despite their large size, Teverun scooters are still very ergonomic. Indeed, these electrically assisted vehicles are foldable and can be easily stored without disturbing other users once in public transport. This means of transport nevertheless allows you to benefit from a remarkable value for money!

The design and structure of Teverun scooters

Each scooter from the Teverun brand has been designed to meet the expectations of a specific audience. By turning to a certain model, you will therefore have certain additional features.

The Teverun Fighter Suprem electric scooter

The Teverun Fighter Suprem scooter is the brand's most advanced model. It is equipped with quality components such as a TFT screen allowing you to learn about the overall appearance of your electric scooter. The Teverun Fighter Suprem scooter is coated with an alloy of aluminum and steel.

The Teverun Fighter Suprem is also very secure. Regarding its lighting system, the Teverun Fighter Suprem has front and rear LED headlights. Its front and rear hydraulic disc braking system allows you to brake quickly and precisely.

The Teverun Fighter 11 electric scooter

These scooters have various additional features such as a state-of-the-art central TFT screen that will allow you to view all the important information about your vehicle.

Both models are very sturdy. They are coated with a strong aluminum and steel alloy. With a heavy weight of 33 kg, they can support a load of 130 kg without affecting their performance.

In terms of safety, these scooters are equipped with front and rear LED headlights to ensure your visibility on the road. Its front and rear hydraulic disc braking system will allow you to benefit from immediate and defined braking.

The Teverun Blade Mini electric scooter

The Blade Mini is a scooter designed to ensure optimal driving safety. It has side reflectors allowing you to make yourself visible once on the road. You can drive at night without any problem thanks to its front and rear headlights Finally, its braking system has also been designed to avoid accidents and other collisions. The Blade Mini is therefore equipped with ventilated disc brakes front and rear to allow you to brake quickly without collisions.

Why choose a Teverun electric scooter?

According to the founders of Teverun, the electric scooter should be a daily useful work of art that deserves to be studied and improved in order to reach perfection. It is thanks to the spirit of craftsmanship, production and design of the brand's creators that each scooter offers its customers a unique experience. Weebot tells you more.

Safe driving

Teverun makes safety its priority. The brand's models are equipped with a powerful lighting system that will allow you to move easily in the middle of the night. You will also be able to stay visible thanks to the flashing taillights that come on when your two wheels brake. The braking system of Teverun scooters has also been designed to allow you to brake quickly no matter how fast you are riding.

Very ergonomic and comfortable, Teverun scooters have been designed so that you can move around without constraint whatever the type of road you are riding on. The weight and power ratio of Teverun scooters has been designed so that you can ride with a heavy load without this affecting their respective performance.

Teverun technology

All models of the Teverun brand are a perfect balance between power and performance. They can easily support a heavy load without experiencing a drop in performance. Teverun scooters have optimal comfort whatever the conditions in which you move.

To offer its customers the best possible service, all scooters of this brand are equipped with the best components. Your Teverun scooter will therefore have double suspensions which ensure optimal comfort, a powerful motor and battery as well as a disc braking system for precise and efficient braking.

Thanks to their steel and aluminum alloy, Teverun electric scooters have optimal driving flexibility.

Find the Teverun brand on our Weebot site

Our Weebot website has many models of electric scooters including Teverun brand models! You can pay in installments free of charge and receive your order within 48 to 72 hours. In addition, by ordering on our site you have a two-year warranty on your Teverun scooter!

You can also find many accessories to facilitate your riding once you have selected the scooter that suits you best.

Finally, if you are still unsure about one of the models, you can also consult our product sheets or our customer reviews. You can also contact our professionals or go to one of our Weebot service centers in Boulogne Billancourt, Lyon or Bordeaux for more information!

Teverun Scooter FAQs

What is the maximum speed of Teverun electric scooters?

Like many electric scooter models, each scooter from the brand is subject to a speed limit of 25 km/h. If you want to reach the maximum speed of these, you will have to go to private land. In this specific case, the Teverun Fighter Suprem can reach a maximum speed of 95 km/h, 85 km/h for the Fighter 11 and 40 km/h for the Blade Mini.

What is the most powerful scooter from Teverun?

The most powerful scooter from the Teverun brand is the Fighter Suprem. It is perfect for sports use. It has wide tires allowing it to roll on any surface but also components designed to ensure your comfort on the road regardless of the obstacles on the road.

What is the cheapest Teverun scooter?

The cheapest scooter from the Teverun brand is the Blade Mini. Perfect for use in town, it has components that will allow you to enjoy optimal comfort and driving safety. It can also support a weight of 120 kg, ideal if you are loaded when leaving your home!


Offering scooters that are comfortable, ergonomic and resistant to many obstacles, the Teverun brand has made a name for itself in the electric mobility market. It has high-end scooters that can satisfy a diverse clientele.

Before choosing your scooter, Weebot presented you with all the characteristics of these different models. Although they have many points in common, each Teverun electric scooter has its own characteristics and will give you a unique driving experience once in hand.

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