In the small world ofadult electric scooters, the E-TWOW brand has become the reference for a few years now for users wishing to easily transport their two-wheelers everywhere with them.

Whether in terms of performance, weight and customer opinions, the E-TWOW models are always unanimous. In addition, their quality/price ratio often exceeds that of their competitors. But how to choose the right E-TWOW electric scooter among the different versions?

We will help you see more clearly by comparing the models E-TWOW Booster S+, Booster V, Booster GT 2020 and Monster Comfort in this Etwow electric scooter comparison.

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The advantages of E-TWOW electric scooters

E-TWOW was founded by an urban sliding enthusiast, Doctor Sorin SIRBU, who modeled this electric scooter with a team of European engineers expert in mechanics and electronics. Relatively recent, the brand has quickly established itself with the help of foldable, light and high-performance electric scooters .

The design of the E-TWOW remains classic but under the hood the characteristics are very high. The real advantage of E-TWOW electric scooters is their minimal weight for a high degree of performance. Indeed, most of their models weigh between 10 and 12 kg which makes them 3 to 5 kg lighter than other lightweight electric scooter models with similar features. It is therefore quite possible to take public transport in addition to the route with your E-Twow.

The E-Twow range of electric scooters is one of the most reliable on the market. Their excellent design as well as the exemplary finish avoids a lot of worries. It is not for nothing that the E-Twow are the most present scooters after the Xiaomi in the big cities. Finally, with a very large number of spare parts available, E-TWOW scooters are easily repairable and the brand is renowned for having a very efficient after-sales service .

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The different electric scooters in the E-TWOW range

After having quickly presented the strengths of the E-TWOW brand, let's now review the characteristics of the 4 models making up the 2022 range with the Booster S+, Booster V, Booster GT 2020 (SE Smart Edition) and Monster Confort.

You can then make a quick opinion to choose the model that best suits your needs.

Detail of E-TWOW brand electric scooters

The E-TWOW Booster S+ scooter

etwow booster s+ s plus electric scooter

The brand's lightest electric scooter model, the E-TWOW Booster S+ weighs only 10.8 kg. A particularly light weight for those wishing to take daily public transport with it.

It is equipped with a 500W brushless motor capable of deploying a peak power of 570W allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 32 km/h (sold limited to 25 km/h in accordance with French regulations). Autonomy level the Samsung lithium battery, 36V 8.7Ah of the Booster S Plus allows you to drive a comfortable 30 km with a single charge of 2-3 hours. To support the battery present in the particularly thin deck of the Booster S Plus, the battery is also recharged while driving thanks to the KERS braking energy recovery system.

As on all E-Twows, the Booster S+ is equipped with 8-inch solid wheels in soft rubber, allowing you to avoid punctures. Its braking system is content with an electromagnetic brake in the front wheel.

Finally, the E TWOW Booster S Plus is equipped with front LED lighting , a horn, and adjustable handlebars. It is foldable so that it can be stored very quickly.

Advantages of the E-Twow Booster S+ electric scooter

  • A weight more than 10.8 kg
  • E-Twow build quality

The E-TWOW Booster V Comfort scooter

etwow booster v comfort electric scooter

The second electric scooter in the E-TWOW range, the Booster V Comfort model is very similar in terms of performance to the Booster S+. Weighing just 100 grams more ( 10.9 kg ), the Booster V Comfort is still just as compact.

Its 500W brushless motor still delivers as much peak power (575W) to propel you to a maximum speed of 35 km/h (limited to 25 km/h for public roads). Able to climb slopes of up to 25%, this motorized vehicle is equipped with a Samsung 36V 10.5Ah battery slightly larger than the Booster S+ to offer you up to 35 km of autonomy (or even 40 km depending on the mode of operation). behavior chosen by the user). Its charging time is between 2 and 4 hours.

As with all E-Twow electric scooter models, the battery is recharged while riding thanks to the KERS braking energy recovery system. Its solid 8-inch soft rubber tires will allow you to avoid punctures along the way.

Braking is provided by an electromagnetic system present in the front wheel motor. This is carried out at the handlebar using the brake trigger, while being able to be assisted via the mudguard of the rear wheel acting as a mechanical brake.

Also, the E TWOW Booster V Comfort is equipped with front LED lighting , a horn, and adjustable handlebars. It folds very quickly so that it can be taken on public transport or stored in your office.

Advantages of the E-Twow Booster V electric scooter

  • A very light weight of 10.9 kg
  • As compact as the Booster S+ but with more autonomy

The E-TWOW Super Booster GT 2020 scooter (SE Smart Edition)

electric scooter etwow booster gt 2020

The third electric scooter in the E-TWOW range is the 2020 Booster GT model.

It is THE flagship model of the brand because it has all the improvements provided by E-Twow over the years. Slightly heavier than the other models seen previously, it is still a light electric scooter weighing only 12.9 kg .

Near perfection is achieved on this particularly well-equipped model, both in terms of the 700W brushless motor offering a top speed of 45 km/h , and its Samsung 48V 10.5Ah battery allowing it to reach 40 km of autonomy in a charge between 2 and 4 hours. Here again, the battery is recharged while driving thanks to the KERS braking energy recovery system.

In order to offer better safety, E-Twow has equipped its Booster GT 2020 electric scooter with a drum brake at the rear in addition to the electromagnetic system at the front. This counterbalances the higher speed offered by the scooter by providing a significantly shorter braking distance.

Its suspensions placed at the front and rear as well as 8-inch soft rubber tires ensure ultimate comfort while avoiding punctures as on all models from E-Twow. Its deck lengthened by about 9 cm allows you to place your feet more efficiently and comfortably in order to offer better stability on the road.

Also, the E TWOW Booster GT 2020 is equipped with front LED lighting , a horn, and a handlebar of adaptable and foldable size for easy storage at home, or in transport. The E-Twow Booster GT 2020 is certainly one of the very best electric scooters of the year.

This model has undergone an improvement for the year 2021, now called E-TWOW Booster GT SE (Smart Edition) which adds a Bluetooth connection at no extra cost to manage your scooter from the ETWOW Connect application.

It is thus possible to control the temperature of the battery and the motor through the application. An easy way for you to check the daily operation of your machine.

Advantages of the E-Twow Booster GT 2020 Electric Scooter (SE Smart Edition)

  • An excellent performance-lightness ratio
  • Enlarged deck for more comfort and stability
  • Product reliability
  • Particularly effective drum brake for safe braking
  • A Bluetooth connection to check the status of your vehicle

The E-TWOW Monster Comfort scooter

electric scooter etwow monster comfort foldable

Last electric scooter of the 2020 range at E-TWOW, the Monster Comfort model is also the most powerful of the brand.

Its 1000W brushless motor propels you to a maximum speed of 45 km/h for a range of 40-45 km ( Samsung 36V 14Ah battery ). If the top speed is very close to the GT 2020, we still gain almost 2 kg on the scale and about twenty centimeters less in length. Convenient to store it at home or in a car trunk for example.

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Where the power of the machine will make the difference is when it comes time to climb slopes of up to 26% . More comfortable with its 1000W of power , the Monster Comfort will lose significantly less speed in this situation, even more so if the weight of the user approaches the maximum possible load of 100 kg of the scooter.

If the KERS system for recharging the electric scooter when braking is still present, the Monster Comfort does not have the particularly effective drum brake of the GT 2020 (SE Smart Edition). If the braking system is less impactful at the maximum speed of the machine, it is still possible to buy a drum brake separately to add to the vehicle for more safety.

Also, the E TWOW Monster Comfort is equipped with front LED lighting , a horn, and adjustable handlebars. The battery charging time is only 3 hours.

It folds very quickly so that it can be taken on public transport or stored in your office.

Advantages of the E-Twow Monster Confort electric scooter

  • The best performance-lightness ratio on the market
  • High performance 1000W motor
  • More compact than the GT 2020 (Se Smart Edition)

Comparison of E-TWOW Electric Scooters

To find you more easily in the range of E-TWOW electric scooters, we have carried out this comparison in order to have access at a glance to all the technical characteristics of these vehicles. This makes it easier for you to choose according to your needs.

etwow electric scooter comparison table

Conclusion on the E-TWOW electric scooter test

To conclude, E-Twow (pronounced i-tou) offers excellent electric scooters for urban users who want to get to work with ease.

If the sealing (IP54 standard) of the different models allows you to drive in light rain or wet roads, we advise you to be particularly vigilant in these cases. The E-Twows are not completely waterproof but can resist water intrusion, which is quite a different thing. Be careful then to dry it well with a dry cloth to absorb the humidity once in the shelter.

Thought above all for portability, users of E-Twow electric scooters generally do not hesitate to take public transport when the weather is really not the best for their machine. This is the whole point of a light electric scooter.

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