In this comparison of the best electric scooter at an affordable price , we give you the keys to making the right choice. If value for money is important, low- cost models are good travel solutions for mainly urban journeys. We remind you that on public roads, the speed is limited to 25 km/h, which is generally the maximum speed of these electric scooters for a tight budget .

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Should you invest in a cheap electric scooter?

More simply reserved for children, the electric scooter is, in 2023, above all for adults. It is therefore good not to consider this vehicle as a toy and to ask the real questions of its use.

To make the right choice in buying a cheap electric scooter, it may be wise to buy a foldable electric scooter under the following conditions:

Yes, by favoring manufacturing quality

Cheap does not necessarily mean a poor quality scooter. On the contrary, in our ranking we have only selected models of inexpensive electric scooters whose quality is there. No question of spending your money on a product that will not last over time.

The reliability of an entry-level electric scooter means you can rely on it to get around easily at any time. Therefore, favor the quality brands that we are going to mention in this article so as not to be disappointed in your purchase.

Yes, for daily use under 10 kilometers

If you have to make some sacrifices in the purchase of a cheap electric scooter, the first that comes to mind is that of autonomy . The lithium battery is the most expensive part of a scooter.

These low-cost models are therefore reserved for users wishing to travel short distances.

But if autonomy is limited to short routes, it is possible to complete your journey by taking public transport with a light electric scooter model. This takes up very little space when folded.

A definite advantage, unlike bulky and heavy models not necessarily designed to be transported.

Beyond the simple autonomy of the scooter , you have to rely on comfort. Spending a long time standing on a small two-wheeler is not pleasant in the long run.

This is why higher-end electric scooters offer wider foot space for better positioning. You can thus spend more time on your scooter without feeling tired with the addition of suspensions offering better road cushioning.

If your budget allows it, we will direct you to our comparison of the best electric scooters of the year.

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Yes, for a teenager

If the use of the foldable electric scooter on public roads is reserved for users over 12 years of age , the danger of certain fast electric scooters must be taken into account. It is not possible to let a teenager drive a vehicle on the road that can go as fast as a car.

It is important to remember that the law stipulates that it is forbidden to drive more than 25 km/h on public roads with an electric scooter. On some models of inexpensive electric scooters, the maximum speed of the machine is limited to 20 km/h . It can therefore be a good compromise as a means of transport for a teenager.

Do not hesitate, even if it is not mandatory, to invest in a scooter helmet in order to ride with a light mind in complete safety. The models selected below are all easy to learn and may be suitable for a beginner.

Yes, for city use

Designed above all to circulate in exclusively urban environments , good electric scooters at low prices have solid arguments compared to much more efficient models.

The lightness of these best cheap electric scooters is a major asset for transporting them easily with you. They require a small space to be stored both at work, in an apartment, and to be able to take public transport with them.

Remember to check if the handlebars are also foldable (in addition to the stem) to optimize the compactness of the device once stored. This can be very useful in many cases.

With small wheels usually 8 inches, the quality of the pavement plays a crucial role in the comfort of a cheap electric scooter. You will have to make a choice between puncture-proof solid wheels and comfortable inflatable wheels depending on your needs.

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What points should be checked to make your choice?

To buy the best cheap electric scooter, several points are essential to check in order not to be mistaken. On the models for small budget, some concessions are to be expected but for purely urban use, there are a lot of quality models.

a sufficiently autonomous battery

Main element of the electric scooter, the battery allows both to have enough current, but also to deliver the power necessary to ride comfortably. The advantage of inexpensive electric scooters is to be equipped with a brushless motor between 250W, 300W and 500W so as not to consume too much energy.

Thus these low-cost entry-level electric scooters offer sufficient autonomy to ride in town. With 20 km, or even up to 30 km of autonomy , this is more than enough for most users wishing to make short trips on an electric scooter.

However, over the course of daily recharges, the battery wears out and if it is poorly maintained, it could very quickly lose autonomy...

If you have any concerns and want to remedy this problem, Weebot offers 4 types of personalized service for your battery. Answer the questionnaire below and you will be contacted by our experts to meet your needs very quickly!

Custom Service Internal Battery Electric Scooter

the braking system

If we put aside the mechanical braking on the rear wheel which consists of pressing the mudguard on the tire to slow down the electric scooter, most of these vehicles are equipped with a magnetic braking system directly integrated into the motor.

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By braking the motor present in the wheel using an electromagnet, this offers in addition to the braking to recharge the battery. Called KERS, this energy regeneration system allows you to redistribute a little current with each braking, in your battery and thus extend its autonomy.

But in terms of efficiency, we are far from more aggressive braking based on drum brakes , or even better disc brakes . So choose these last two systems to shorten braking distances and thus increase your safety on the road.

quality wheels and tires

On cheap electric scooter models, the wheels are usually around 8 inches either in solid tires or in inflatable tires with inner tubes . Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

If the solid rubber tire is puncture-proof , it is less comfortable than an inflatable tube tire. The air cushion present between the rim and the tire allows better damping of the machine as well as a smoother and less slippery ride, especially on wet roads.

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Some cheap electric scooters even use a solid wheel in the back and an inflatable tire in the front. This provides better cushioning at the front, the wheel that is most likely to suffer road shocks, while keeping a puncture-proof wheel at the rear.

If you choose inflatable tires, do not hesitate to consult our guide to avoid punctures in 5 tips . This should allow you to avoid the tube pinch flat, the most common puncture in electric scooters.

the maximum load supported by the electric scooter

Inevitably lighter than high-end models with reinforced chassis, entry-level electric scooters can support a weight generally between 100 kg and 120 kg . Depending on the weight of the user, it may be wise to choose a model that is more resistant but also more efficient so that the brushless motor can operate efficiently.

If you exceed 90 kg, we advise you to take a close look at the characteristics of the engine as well as the battery of the coveted electric scooter. With an undersized motor, you will quickly lose range but also speed.

battery charging time

If the autonomy is shorter on cheap electric scooters, they can however be recharged more quickly than models equipped with very large batteries.

It is possible, for example, on these low-cost electric scooters to have a relatively short charging time (between 2 and 4 hours). This allows you, for example, to recharge your vehicle during the day at your office in order to have sufficient autonomy to return.

You just have to remember to bring your charger with you, or even better to invest in a second charger that you leave to work. On these models it is therefore not necessarily useful to buy a fast charger which could degrade the battery over time.

At Weebot, except in cases of force majeure, we encourage using the original standard charger as much as possible. It is the most likely to be able to best preserve your battery and therefore your autonomy over the long term.

top 5 cheap electric scooter comparison

TOP 5 of the best cheap electric scooter comparison

Here's the part you've been waiting for the most with the presentation of the 5 best cheap electric scooters on a budget. If this classification has no order, the models presented here are excellent products that we regularly recommend to our customers.

It is important to choose your foldable electric scooter according to your search criteria; each having its advantages here.

Xiaomi Essential: the cheapest electric scooter

mi scooter xiaomi essential cheap electric scooter

New model of the year 2021, the Xiaomi Essential electric scooter is the cheapest in this ranking. Offered at a canon price of around 300 euros , the device offers, as its name suggests, the essentials to have on a cheap electric scooter.

Without compromising on quality, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi offers for a weight of only 12 kg , an ideal transport vehicle for short trips. Foldable very simply, the Xiaomi Essential has a 250W brushless motor allowing it to run at a maximum speed of 20 km/h . If this makes it one of the slowest electric scooters, this is sufficient for most of the routes for which it is intended.

Be careful, if you are a big guy, the speed may be lower than expected. This electric scooter is intended above all for small builds and teenagers.

Xiaomi has chosen a slightly lower speed (just like the range of only 20 km ) to be able to offer quality equipment on the rest of the device. There is thus an LCD control screen integrated into the handlebar offering various information, such as speed, driving mode, remaining battery level, etc... Its 8.5-inch inflatable wheels with air chamber are now much more resistant than previous models of the Xiaomi M365.

But the advantage of this low-cost electric scooter is to have a rear disc brake to ride safely on the road. Equipment found on models that are generally more expensive.

This makes it an excellent scooter for beginners but also and especially for a teenager. What could be more reassuring for a parent than knowing that their child can move independently and safely. A quality investment for a low cost which is one of the best sellers in France of cheap electric scooters at Xiaomi as we have seen in our comparison .

Advantages of the Xiaomi Essential Electric Scooter

  • a cannon price
  • Xiaomi build quality
  • easily found on the internet and in supermarkets

Disadvantages of the Xiaomi Essential Electric Scooter

  • a limited speed
  • foam handles not very pleasant for the hands
  • a somewhat weak engine, especially uphill

Ninebot E22E: An external battery to double the autonomy

ninebot e22e segway electric scooter

If the resemblance may seem obvious with the Xiaomi Essential, the Ninebot E22E electric scooter has several differences with its cousin. The main one being the location of the battery directly integrated into the stem rather than the deck. This gives it a feeling of superior sturdiness , especially when carried folded up.

If the technical characteristics are very close with 20 km/h top speed as well as about twenty kilometers in autonomy , the Ninebot E22E allows, thanks to the addition of an external battery, to offer an additional 5 km / h at maximum speed but above all a total of 45 km of autonomy .

This battery almost transforms it into Ninebot E25E and can therefore be a good choice for a beginner wishing to discover the joy of the electric scooter. It is then possible to evolve, without changing the model by having additional power if you come to use your Ninebot E22E more often.

On the other hand, the Ninebot E22E does not have the powerful disc brake and is satisfied with the electromagnetic front brake. On the Ninebot E22E cheap electric scooter, the 9-inch wheels are full of soft rubber and it is therefore impossible to puncture on the road.

Advantages of the Ninebot E22E electric scooter

  • an additional external battery
  • good build quality
  • interesting price: 399 €

Disadvantages of the Ninebot E22E electric scooter

  • a look very close to the Xiaomi and therefore not necessarily original
  • difficult to find on the French market

Weebot Anoki: French quality brand

electric scooter weebot anoki 36v 13ah comfort and power

New model among the best cheap electric scooters, the Weebot Anoki is designed for daily trips in urban areas. Available in 2 battery models , it is ideal for moving quickly, easily and comfortably.

A little lighter ( 17 kg ) than the previous models, the Anoki from Weebot offers better power, better autonomy, as well as better comfort. With its 36V 10Ah lithium battery , the maximum speed of 35 km/h allows you to travel about 30 km .

As for the 48V 13Ah lithium battery , it is possible to reach 40 km/h at top speed with a maximum range of 50 km . More than adequate performance for a cheap electric scooter model.

Comfort is provided by front and rear air suspensions , as well as 8.5-inch inflatable tires . This allows the Weebot Anoki to be one of the best electric scooters of the year . By controlling the manufacturing quality from start to finish, the French brand Weebot allows its customers to obtain a very good model of inexpensive electric scooter at the fairest price.

Practical both in public transport and for storing it at home, the Anoki is easily foldable , at the level of the stem, but also of the handlebars for more compactness. The drum brake on the rear wheel provides effective braking in all circumstances.

Advantages of the Weebot Anoki electric scooter

  • the impressive comfort of its suspensions
  • excellent top speed (35 km/h)
  • a reliable electric scooter
  • a quality after-sales service in France

Disadvantages of the Weebot Anoki electric scooter

  • comfort has a price: 569 €
  • fixing the front fender

E-Twow Booster V: The lightest scooter

lightweight electric scooter e-twow booster v

For those looking for lightness above all, the E-TWOW Booster V electric scooter underwent a restyling in 2021 by bringing, in addition to a more current look, an extended deck and a kickstand. Recognized for the reliability of their electric scooters, the E-Twow brand is also known for their extreme lightness.

With a weight of 10.8 kg the Booster V is one of the lightest electric scooters on the market. It offers a maximum speed of 30 km/h with a range of approximately 25 to 30 km . Like all E-Twows, the Booster V is fitted with 8-inch soft rubber solid tyres. This makes it indestructible and it will be easy to use it daily. However, be careful when driving with solid wheels, especially on wet roads, which tend to slip.

The fast recharge is done in 2 hours to easily start a full charge. Easy to handle, many users do not hesitate to transport their inexpensive E-Twow electric scooter on public transport due to the compactness and lightness of the device.

Advantages of the E-Twow Booster V electric scooter

  • a reliable and quality scooter
  • good top speed
  • extreme lightness
  • best power to weight ratio

Disadvantages of the E-Twow Booster V electric scooter

  • the price a bit expensive: 699 €
  • slippery solid tires
  • missing comfort

Inöe Bloomy: IP65 offering good resistance to rain

electric scooter ip65 inoe bloomy cheap

The Inöe Bloomy is made for you if you are looking for a cheap and water-resistant electric scooter model. Many customers regularly drive in the light rain and discover after some time that their product no longer works.

Driving in the rain eventually leads to oxidation of the battery. If the Inöe Sweemie (at 699€) allows you to ride in puddles, the Bloomy is content to offer good protection in the rain, without being waterproof.

The other huge advantage of the Inöe Bloomy are its 10-inch inflatable tires . They provide a much safer and more comfortable ride than smaller sized tires. It is also part of our top 5 of the best lightweight electric scooters for the city.

It has a drum brake at the front for better safety and shorter braking distances compared to the electromagnetic brake present in the 250W motor.

With good driving dynamics , the Bloomy is comfortable for everyday journeys up to 25 km/h with its 30 km range. Energy-efficient, this Inöe is one of the most autonomous in our comparison of low-cost electric scooters despite its 36V 8Ah battery.

electric scooter inoe bloomy cheap angle side view

Advantages of the Inöe Bloomy electric scooter

  • a French brand scooter
  • good resistance to rain (IP65 but not waterproof)
  • better driving thanks to large 10 inch tires
  • reasonable price of 489 €
  • sold exclusively at Weebot

Disadvantages of the Inöe Bloomy electric scooter

  • the weight of 16.5 kg
  • a larger size than the Xiaomi

Summary of our TOP 5 of the best models

Here is a summary guide to help you make the right choice when buying an entry-level electric scooter. We have selected the most interesting models on the market, all of which have a quality to show off.

The electric scooter of your dreams may be hiding among our TOP 5.

cheap electric scooter comparison

The economical solution: Our second-hand shop

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If the price is still too high for you on these cheap electric scooters, there is the solution of turning to the second-hand market . We resell some of our products that sometimes have very low kilometers, or even hardly used for the presentation models to our customers.

Do not hesitate to regularly inspect our second-hand section of the site, in order to take advantage of good deals according to our stock of cheap used adult electric scooters.

Our refurbished electric scooters are tested to be in good condition and come with a 3 month warranty from Weebot. It is thus possible to take advantage of even better reductions for small budgets.

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What are the best brands of cheap electric scooters?

The two best-selling electric scooter brands in Europe are Chinese brands. Small point to introduce you to these two manufacturers with the quality recognized by many users.

Xiaomi electric scooters

Cheap does not necessarily mean poor quality. By choosing the entry-level electric scooter, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi offers a electric scooter with excellent design for urban users. The Xiaomi brand has democratized the use of electric scooters in the world after the release of its Xiaomi M365 in 2017.

Easy to transport, the new Xiaomi models of 2021 have a good level of equipment as well as more than correct performance. They are among the best-selling light electric scooters with less than 13 kg on the scale.

Ninebot-Segway electric scooters

Since it bought the American Segway (known for its gyropods), Ninebot has become the world's largest manufacturer of electric scooters. You should know that the other Chinese brand Xiaomi is an investor in the company Ninebot as we reported in our comparison of new Ninebot . This is why the similarities between the products of the 2 manufacturers are so close.

Ninebot produces, among other things, electric scooters for self-service rental , such as Lime with the old Ninebot ES4. The biggest difference with Xiaomi's products is in the battery placed in the stem (instead of the deck). It is thus possible on the Ninebot electric scooter to add an external battery at the level of the stem and thus increase its autonomy (and even the performance of the vehicle).

If, however, the internal battery of your electric scooter becomes less efficient, you can change it! Find all our internal batteries for electric scooters on our website!


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