Mainly known for its affordable smartphones, Xiaomi launched its M365 electric scooter internationally in 2018, which was a resounding success with the general public. The Chinese group has surfed the growing wave of ecological means of transport to establish itself as a leader with only 2 models.

It was at the end of 2020 that Xiaomi decided to update its range with not one, but downright 3 new models of electric scooters .

But what do these novelties bring when competition is increasingly fierce in the market for light electric scooters ?

xiaomi essential 1s pro2 electric scooter

Comparison of the 3 new Xiaomi Essential models - 1S - Pro 2

By completing its renewing range with three models of electric scooters , Xiaomi has updated its products to occupy a larger share of the market. If the look has changed relatively little compared to the old models, the new Xiaomi each have advantages compared to the previous generation.

What are the differences with the old models

We can't really talk about a revolution with this new generation of Xiaomi electric scooter . The Chinese brand has mainly contented itself, in addition to offering an even cheaper model, with updating its scooters to comply with the new law of July 2020 on the use of these NVEIs (new individual electric vehicles ) in urban areas.

Note the addition of orange reflectors on the sides of the vehicle, more effective than the old red stripes present on the M365 , as well as a much brighter LED front headlight for better night visibility, without dazzling other road users. .

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If Xiaomi has chosen to still ignore physical suspensions, it entrusts the damping of road vibrations to 8.5-inch inflatable wheels . But Xiaomi has retained the error of previous models that are very sensitive to punctures by offering its new electric scooters much more resistant inner tube tires.

It is still important when using your electric scooter to inflate your tires enough to further reduce the risk of a tire blowout . Remember to check the pressure regularly as we indicated in our maintenance guide for an electric scooter .

What are the differences between these three new models?

In appearance, Xiaomi's 2021 models look exactly alike by being based on the same structure. But inside these are slightly different in order to stick as closely as possible to user requests and thus approach the most affordable price possible.

All new Xiaomi electric scooters have an LCD display as on the old M365 Pro but this time with a slightly larger screen in order to be able to give more useful information (such as driving mode, remaining autonomy etc.) …), without having to go through the Xiaomi mobile application .

xiaomi essential electric scooter

Xiaomi Essential does everything to please new users

Xiaomi's tour de force with this Essential model is to offer an electric scooter for less than €300 . For this it was necessary to make some concessions , while keeping what made the success of Xiaomi electric scooters.

Equipped with a foam handle and a smaller battery (36V 5.1Ah) the Xiaomi Essential is satisfied with 20 km of autonomy with a top speed of 20 km/h but in return the charging time is shortened to only 3-4 hours. In addition to this, it benefits despite its low price from the new generation LCD display , as well as a rear disc brake and the new brighter front headlight (2W instead of 1W).

Advantages of the Xiaomi Essential

  • An extremely affordable price
  • An LCD screen for display
  • Rear disc brake

Disadvantages of the Xiaomi Essential

  • Performance down compared to the old M365 (20 km/h only)
  • Really don't like inclines (only 10%)

xiaomi essential electric scooter handlebar information

The Xiaomi 1S fixes the old M365

To put it simply, the Xiaomi 1S electric scooter directly takes over from the old M365. Like the Xiaomi Essential, it sees the addition of a rear disc brake to reduce braking distance, as well as a handlebar display indicating the operating speed, among other things.

Apart from that, it offers the same power characteristics as its predecessor the Xiaomi M365, with its 250W brushless motor offering 25 km/h of maximum speed. The better capacity battery (36V 7.6Ah) offers a range of use over about thirty kilometers.

Advantages of the Xiaomi 1S

  • Much more reassuring braking than the M365
  • Manufacturing quality
  • Comfortable ride

Disadvantages of the Xiaomi 1S

  • The app to improve

Xiaomi Pro 2, the new top of the range

Just like the Xiaomi 1S with the M365, the new Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter model takes over from the M365 Pro. Finally , very few differences with the previous generation, except for the front headlight with doubled power to better illuminate its night journey.

Compared to the 1S and Essential model, which are slightly smaller in terms of the total dimensions of the structure, it is possible with the Pro 2 to climb slopes of up to 20% on its route thanks to its motor deploying up to 600W of power , which is not negligible even in extra-urban areas.

Advantage of the Xiaomi Pro 2

  • Brighter front headlight (2W instead of 1)

Disadvantages of the Xiaomi Pro 2

  • Very few changes compared to the old M365 Pro
  • Application to improve

xiaomi 1s foldable electric scooter

A success as big as the old M365?

The objective of the Xiaomi brand has been the same for several years: To make cutting-edge products accessible to as many people as possible at affordable prices. Initially reserved for the Chinese market, it was in 2018 that Xiaomi began to distribute the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter outside its borders.

Advantages of the Xiaomi M365

With a minimalist and elegant look, the Xiaomi M365 immediately caught the eye of users wishing to move easily in their urban area. Its matte aluminum frame and neat finishes in high quality PVC immediately inspired confidence once in hand. Xiaomi therefore contented itself with taking up the style that had once been all the rage for its Xiaomi Essential , Xiaomi 1S and Xiaomi Pro 2.
Light and handy, it was, from 2018, offered at a very attractive price, which made it possible to democratize the use of the electric scooter among the general public. Sufficient performance for the majority of users traveling only in the city center.

Disadvantages of the Xiaomi M365

If the Xiaomi M365 has many advantages, the repeated puncture problems suffered by many users have put some people off. This is why the Chinese company has revised its copy on the new generation Essential, 1S and Pro 2 .

The braking system was also an axis of improvement filled once again by these new models. Equipped only with a single electromagnetic brake integrated into the motor, the braking distance was not the most effective at high speeds . A problem that no longer exists, even on the entry-level Xiaomi Essential model which has an additional disc brake on the rear wheel.

The M365 Pro released a year later already filled in some gaps

Taking advantage of its immediate success, the Xiaomi brand subsequently released a slightly more efficient model with the M365 Pro electric scooter . This had a larger capacity battery (12.8 Ah like the Xiaomi Pro 2) allowing it to reach 45 km of autonomy as well as already a rear disc brake.

If we find this time, from the Xiaomi Essential a complete LCD display, the old M365 Pro also had a screen to display driving information.

xiaomi pro2 electric scooter folded

Comparison table of Xiaomi electric scooters 2021

comparison table xiaomi electric scooter


Why replace my M365 Pro with the new Xiaomi Pro 2?

Very few differences between the Xiaomi M365 Pro and the Pro 2 except for legal compliance with reflectors on the sides of the electric scooter which makes it more visible due to lack of external light. However, if your M365 Pro has many kilometers on the clock, it may be useful to change to the recent model with a new battery at 100% capacity.

How do I know if my Xiaomi is an original model?

Indeed, a victim of its success, the Xiaomi M365 has seen many clones come out to take advantage of its success. Unfortunately Xiaomi 's level of requirement was not necessarily respected, mainly in terms of batteries . By ordering from Weebot you make sure you get an original model and not a counterfeit.

Which mobile application for the Xiaomi electric scooter?

The Xiaomi Home application available on Android and iOS manages all connected products from Xiaomi.

xiaomi app mi home electric scooter


There is therefore no chance of being lost when switching from old to new models of Xiaomi electric scooters . With a previous generation already very well designed , Xiaomi only needed to make minor changes to offer interesting products with an unbeatable price/quality ratio.

The Chinese brand has wisely brought a new entry-level model at a record price for an electric scooter with the Xiaomi Essential in order to attract new users. The other two models Xiaomi 1S and Xiaomi Pro 2 update the old generation of M365 without changing the performance characteristics which were already very correct.

If you haven't yet succumbed to urban sliding, this new generation may make you change your mind. Although they are not totally revolutionary, the Xiaomi vintage 2020 electric scooters seem to us to be excellent products full of maturity for exploring the city with ease.

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