The Weebot Eroz Pulsar electric scooter is the first fully designed two-wheeler from the alliance of the Weebot and Eroz brands .

Remember, we introduced you to the French brand EROZ, which had decided to disrupt the market with high-end electric scooters at more than reasonable prices.

We tell you everything about this electric scooter that arouses your curiosity so much!

Weebot and Eroz: A bold alliance

No need to introduce you to the Weebot Zéphyr electric scooter or the Weebot Anoki . The specialist brand in micromobility has not finished innovating and diversifying.

It is now associated with the Eroz brand. A brand that had made a remarkable entry into the electric scooter market with its Eroz KAPACITY range. The two manufacturers combine their skills and create the powerful electric scooter EROZ PULSAR .

Inspired by the many feedbacks from thousands of trotters, this top-of-the-range electric scooter meets the needs of two-wheel riders by offering the best driving experience .

Weebot Eroz Pulsar Rooftop electric scooter


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An inexpensive high-end electric scooter

High-end yes, but affordable? Well, yes too! It is the pricing policy of the Eroz brand that delights enthusiasts with its high quality products at low prices.

The strength of a powerful dual motor

The EROZ Pulsar has two motors with a combined rated power of 2400W. This double motor peaks at 3200 W of instantaneous power for a maximum speed of 75 km/h on private roads.

This versatile electric two-wheeler has the power to tackle the toughest hills on your way.

Combined with a 25 amp controller, this power makes it easy to climb steep grades up to 25%.

Great autonomy

The Eroz Pulsar has a 60V 21Ah battery which gives it a range of up to 70 km .

More than enough to make your daily journeys or to enjoy the sensations offered by this racing car during long rides.

Depending on your budget, Weebot offers you several solutions to make your old battery perform again! All you have to do is answer a simple , very quick questionnaire by clicking below so that we can provide you with a solution very quickly!

Custom Service Weebot Internal Battery Electric Scooter

High-end electric scooter Weebot Eroz Pulsar

Equipment that makes the difference

A large hexagonal screen as a display

The Hex screen is probably one of the coolest and most modern features of the Pulsar electric scooter. It is very elegant and intuitive with many options at your fingertips that facilitate the user experience.

This large hexagonal luminous display is positioned in the very center of the handlebars. All it takes is a blink of an eye to see its speed or its settings. So you don't have to take your eyes off the road.


All important information can be viewed directly on the screen at any time.

This oversized Hex display is far ahead of standard displays such as the QS and EY which are much smaller and therefore harder to read.

The little extra that we love is the possibility of seeing the estimate of the remaining mileage according to the battery voltage.

A thumb throttle trigger

Unlike most fast electric scooters , the Weebot Eroz Pulsar has a thumb throttle trigger tuned to a key ignition system.

More ergonomic, it is the most comfortable for driving an electric scooter.

This type of trigger takes up less space on the scooter and leaves more room for other accessories on the handlebars.

One of the main benefits of a thumb throttle trigger is increased safety .

It allows your hand to maintain grip with all fingers while the thumb controls the throttle.

A foldable electric scooter

A sophisticated folding system

The Eroz Pulsar has a heavy-duty triple folding mechanism .
This folding system works with a single latch, locking ring and reinforced safety pin. Quick to use, it is incredibly efficient and eliminates any risk of stem flex.

The handlebars and stem are very strong which further reduces the play of moving parts on such a high performance electric scooter.

How to quickly fold the EROZ Pulsar:

  1. Slide lock ring
  2. Remove the metal safety pin
  3. Push the joystick down
  4. Fold the scooter down and lock it into the rear footrest opening for easy transport
  5. Put the metal safety pin back in the hole so you don't lose it

All the features of a comfortable ride

Weebot Eroz Pulsar Powerful Electric Scooter

The fruit of this co- branding offers a sensational driving experience . Cornering is controlled, even when leaning at high speed.

The Pulsar has a large ground clearance of 18 cm which allows you to freely cross obstacles such as curbs.

Adjustable suspensions that adapt to all

Larger drivers will no doubt appreciate this machine.
The Eroz Pulsar has been designed to support up to 140 kg .

Unlike the electric scooters in its range, it has incredible four-spring suspensions . Large adjustable spring suspensions that you can adjust and customize to suit your weight or preference.

electric scooter eroz pulsar 3200W high quality front suspension

Large tires for more comfort

The Weebot Eroz Pulsar is equipped with 10-inch inner tube tires , placed on half-rim rims.

These large tires are 3.25 inches wide. With a larger contact patch, they provide better grip on the road .

A functional deck

Its 51 cm long and 17.4 cm wide deck offers ample space for the feet.
The footrest at the back of the deck is particularly useful for balancing during sudden acceleration or braking.

Riders will also appreciate the extra space for their feet. Essential elements for any performance electric scooter unfortunately far too often neglected by manufacturers.

electric scooter eroz pulsar 3200W rear wheel mudguard footrest

A solid structure

The curved handlebar of the Pulsar is particularly robust and comfortable, in particular thanks to its ergonomic grips .

On the weight side, be aware that portability and high performance rarely go hand in hand in the world of electric scooters. With its weight of 35 kg, the Eroz Pulsar is certainly not a featherweight.

It is a powerful electric scooter with two motors with features that increase its weight such as larger suspensions or larger wheels to make it a quality machine .

A suitable braking system

Who says powerful engines, says equally powerful braking. The Pulsar is equipped with ventilated hydraulic disc brakes .

Weebot and Eroz decided to bring oversized 160mm rotors to the Pulsar to amp up braking performance and have better heat distribution.

This contraption also features regenerative manual braking that effectively and smoothly slows the electric scooter down while recharging the battery in the process.

electric scooter eroz pulsar 3200W non-slip silicone deck

An efficient lighting system

Because visibility on the road is essential for safe riding, Weebot and Eroz have equipped the Pulsar with an ultra-bright 1000 lumen headlight as well as front and rear deck lights .

From the screen you can see what is enabled and what is not. On the left side of the handlebars are two buttons that activate the turn signals.

You can even activate both indicators at the same time as a warning in case you find yourself in a situation that requires warning other users.

IP54 sealing

The Pulsar has an IP54 protection rating . The first number, "5", means that all essential components are protected against solids such as dust. The second number, "4", means that the scooter is protected against splashing water from all directions.

The Pulsar can therefore withstand light to moderate rain or the occasional puddle. But as always, we recommend that you avoid the rain as much as possible and wipe off any traces of water on the scooter after use.

A sensational fusion

Weebot Eroz Pulsar Powerful Roof Electric Scooter

The EROZ Pulsar is a complete vehicle. EROZ and Weebot have pooled their experiences and we can say that this co-branding is really dog!

The Pulsar electric scooter is placed in the high-end category of electric two-wheelers.

Powerful, it offers a top speed of 70 km/h with these 2 brushless motors of 2x 1400W . This machine is built so that it can be controlled at full power, in a straight line, as well as in turns.

Its autonomy of 70 km provided by a 60V 21Ah battery allows you to leave serenely for long walks.

The hexagonal display is a game-changer with its impressive lighting setup and flashing function.

And since it's EROZ, the brand of cheap quality electric scooter , the Weebot Eroz Pulsar is no exception to the rule!

The alliance is formidable and may well place this electric scooter among the best scooters on the market !

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