Weebot is one of the first stores specializing in the repair of electric scooters. The company is expanding its activity throughout France in order to meet the needs of an increasingly large clientele. First in Paris and Lyon, our Weebot electric scooter repair center is coming to Bordeaux! In our service centers, our technicians take care of maintaining and repairing your scooters in a fully equipped workshop with the best parts on the market.

Just go to our stores and our repairers will take care of your two wheels in record time. Whether it 's a wheel, battery or motor problem, a puncture, a brake adjustment or a change of parts, our professionals take care of everything! Our electric scooter repair team in Bordeaux is at your disposal to take care of your vehicle! Weebot says more!

Weebot: A company specializing in electric scooters

When you want to repair your scooter, you can carry out the repairs yourself or turn to a professional. You can ask for a quote or simply for information on the type of breakdown encountered. To do this, it is best to go to a specialized center like ours! Weebot has been specializing in electric scooters since 2015.

Repair of your consumables during the day

Our Weebot professionals take care of all your repairs and part changes. To do this, you can bring parts and have them fitted by our experts. Are you worried about not having the original spare parts needed to repair your electric scooter? This is not a problem ! You can go to our Weebot website which has an online spare parts sales platform . You will find all the accessories necessary for the maintenance and repair of your two wheels. In addition, if you do not know which part you are turning to, you can contact our customer service who will guide you in your purchase. We have a wide choice of spare parts on our sales platform.

Finally, if you do not have any spare parts available, our experts will do their best to find the best parts to repair your electric scooter! Indeed, our workshops are perfectly equipped to take care of your vehicle, whatever its components!

Complete repair of your vehicle

Our entire team is at your disposal to carry out the repair or complete overhaul of your electric scooter. All you have to do is contact us by phone or email so that our team can assist you in your efforts or if you have any questions.

Whether it is a breakdown, a problem of wear, a puncture, oxidation or the loss of a part, our workshops will be able to take care of your vehicle perfectly thanks to their equipment.

As explained above, workshops have many good quality spare parts to repair your electric scooter. You will benefit from an effective repair at the best price.

Spare parts purchased on our site have a two-year warranty and one year if it is a battery. Also note that technical failures from daily use will be guaranteed.

You will also be able to have a piece purchased by you mounted. Our Weebot experts take care of everything!

Our rapid repair prices

Weebot has a multi-brand repair service, whether you bought the product from the competition or from our site. To ensure that your vehicle retains its performance throughout its use, we select the best spare parts on the market. In addition, our repairs are guaranteed and monitored by our teams to ensure that you have the best possible service. Here are our different repair prices:

Repair price

trottinette electrique ninebot f2e pas cherNinebot F2 E Plus Electric Scooter - by Segway

Our electric scooter repair center in Bordeaux

Our Weebot electric scooter repair center in Bordeaux welcomes you at the following times: Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. then from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. All you have to do is join us at 59 Quai Richelieu, 33000. Our central service in Bordeaux is on hand to help you repair your electric scooter in record time!

Benefit from a quality diagnosis!

To ensure that you have access to a service that suits you, we invite you to contact our technical team by email (sav@wee-bot.com) or by telephone on 05 64 88 03 00. This interview will allow you to carry out a first free diagnosis on your electric scooter.

Indeed, even remotely, our Weebot team can provide you with technical assistance via videoconference in order to guide you as best as possible. This diagnosis will allow us to provide you with a list of possible faults.

You can contact us with or without an appointment. We will make sure to find the most favorable reception moment for the repair of your vehicle.

We are able to support many brands of electric scooters such as: Xiaomi, Ninebot, Dualtron, Weebot, Kaabo, Zero, Vsett, Egret, Speedtrott, E-Twow, Xiaomi, Futecher, Inöe, Eroz, Weped, Speedway etc

A service adapted to each brand

Whatever the brand of your scooter, you will have a service adapted to your vehicle. The repair of your vehicle will be ensured whether you bought your electric scooter on our platform or from the competition.

Our team strives to support you in each step of the repair of your vehicle: from diagnosis to payment. Our experts only need to identify the problem to be able to solve it! Thanks to our team, your scooter will last longer.

Each electric scooter has its own operating system, which is why our teams are trained to carry out a quick and efficient overhaul of your electric scooter. All of our repairs are also under warranty to ensure that you have the service that suits you.

When to have your vehicle serviced at Weebot?

To ensure the proper functioning of your electric scooter and avoid possible breakdowns, you must carry out complete and regular reviews. Indeed, as with a car, you must check your electric scooter on a daily basis. Whether it's the lighting system, brakes or your tires, all of these elements are necessary for the proper functioning of your electric scooter and for your safety.

Finally, although each scooter has its own operation, each can face the same types of breakdowns. To avoid frequent breakdowns on your electric scooter, it is essential to maintain it properly. Here are the periods when you will have to carry out the revision of your electric scooter:

  • between 300 and 500 km for an electric scooter, an electric bike or a balance bike
  • between 200 and 300 km for a hoverboard and gyropod (about 30 complete shocks)
  • between 200 and 300 km for an electric skateboard

Why choose to repair your vehicle at Weebot?

Our electric scooter repair centers have several services adaptable to many brands. The entire Weebot team is at your disposal to assist you in repairs and changing parts.

Weebot is committed to ensuring that every repair benefits the long-term maintenance of your electric scooter. Your parts will always be the best on the market, whether original or branded. Each repair is guaranteed and will allow you to keep your vehicle longer.

Every product you purchase from Weebot comes with a two-year warranty. This offer is only valid if you have purchased products that are not second-hand. Your battery is under warranty for one year but will not be supported if it reaches the end of its life.

If during the use of your electric scooter, you encounter breakdowns, they will be taken care of by our Weebot experts. Our workshops are both perfectly adapted and perfectly equipped to take care of your electric scooters. Our professionals are trained to deal with several types of breakdowns such as breakage, oxidation, wear, punctures, deep battery discharge or loss of parts.

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