Specialist in the electric scooter market, Weebot offers you the possibility of ordering spare parts in fast delivery. If you have the soul of a handyman to replace the consumables and accessories of your electric scooter, or if you simply want to benefit from the best price for your products , Weebot takes care of sending you your spare parts in fast delivery .

The best spare parts for electric scooters

We have in stock all the references for the best-selling electric scooters in France. You will find the largest selection of parts for scooters in our online store. Disc brake, brake pads, inner tube, tire, standard or fast charger, mudguards, display, are all available for sale.

Weebot, the reference on the market

As the European leader in electric mobility, we are specialists in electric scooters in France. We carefully select the best products to repair your electric scooter .

In addition to our After-Sales Service , we suggest that you order spare parts of superior quality yourself to enjoy your passion in complete safety. We have a wide range of parts from all Minimotors, Zero, Xiaomi, E-Twow brands that fit most electric scooters on the market.

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How to choose your spare parts?

Whether it is to customize your scooter or replace worn parts, everything is at your disposal for a quick delivery order.

Discover the compatibilities of our spare parts

On our various products, you will find compatibility with all models of electric scooters available. Whether by our search bar at the top of the site or by exploring our different categories , you will inevitably find the product of your choice.

Our team of experts to help you

Our technical experts are there to answer your requests for spare parts on order. We are qualified to direct you to the right product for each electric scooter.

You can reach us by e-mail at sav@wee-bot.com (with response within 24 hours) or by telephone from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at 01 80 89 45 52 for any question relating to purchase of spare parts.

Buy extra charger

By buying an additional charger in spare parts, you can for example choose to leave the charger supplied with the electric scooter at home and leave the second one at your work. We also advise our customers when buying their electric scooter to equip themselves with a second charger, which is always very useful.

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Reduce charging time with a second charger

If your electric scooter has a second charging port, it is possible to connect a second standard charger to halve the charging time of your electric scooter. Today, many models are adapted and accept the double charge.

This saves you for example from buying a powerful fast charger much more expensive than a standard charger, while having 2 chargers available. In case of breakdown or failure of a charger, you always have one to recharge your electric scooter.

Inner tube on delivery in the event of a puncture

The biggest breakdown on electric scooters is punctures. When driving with under-inflated tires, the risk of a puncture on the road is much higher. Fortunately, Weebot is there to provide you with the right inexpensive inner tube reference for your two-wheeler.

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We can replace the punctured inner tube by making an appointment during the day in our workshops in Boulogne-Billancourt and Lyon.

If you are not from the region, it is possible to order your inner tube in spare parts and receive it as soon as possible. Our fast delivery stock allows you to enjoy your electric scooter again in record time.

Replace an electric scooter display

Each product that we sell on our site has spare parts in case your product breaks. If the display of your scooter is fractured after a fall, we have the original model to replace it very easily by you, without going through our after-sales service.

Cheap brake pads in fast delivery

As consumables, brake pads inevitably wear out. Changing the brake pads yourself is a very simple operation that only takes a few minutes. With new brake pads purchased from Weebot in fast delivery, you benefit from better braking and therefore optimal safety on the road!

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Don't forget also our brake caliper category with versions to switch to hydraulic braking!

Change fender

In case of mudguard breakage, we have the original models of electric scooters. Some scooters even have longer and wider mudguards to provide better protection against wheel spray. Spare parts easy to install on your electric scooter in fast delivery!

Engine failure?

It is now possible to buy a brushless electric scooter motor directly from our online store. Discover our selection in case of breakdown or oxidation of your engine.

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