Dualtron Victor Electric Scooter - Powerful and High Performance

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Battery: 60V 24AH
Display: EY4

3 à 4 fois sans frais ou jusqu'à 48 fois possible

3 à 4 fois sans frais ou jusqu'à 48 fois possible

Livraison 48/72h

Livraison 48/72h

Garantie 2 ans

Garantie 2 ans


Avantages de la Dualtron Victor 2024

  • Dernière génération 2024 avec tout nouvel écran bluetooth EY3 ou EY4
  • Tous les bugs des versions antérieures ont été rectifiés
  • Prix accessible pour une Dualtron
  • Très bonne vitesse de pointe


Discover the brand new Dualtron Victor IPX5 (IP67 old generation), the high-end electric scooter from Minimotors . With its modern design and cutting-edge features, this third generation offers an EY3 or EY4 screen (New generation) with a Bluetooth application. Equipped with two 2000W motors, it reaches a speed of 80 km/h. Enjoy remarkable autonomy of up to 100km.

Description of the Dualtron Victor Electric Scooter with Dual Motors

The Dualtron Victor is available at Weebot in several variants, this electric scooter offers two display options and two battery configurations. Combining elegance and power, the Dualtron Victor stands out with its EY3 or EY4 LCD screen, a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

trottinette électrique dualtron victor pas cher

The Power of the Dualtron Victor

The Dualtron Victor stands out for its exceptional power, powered by two motors of 2000W each, offering a total of 4000W and impressive performance. With an 85 km range announced on average, this electric scooter is ideal for long journeys. Its optimal driving comfort is ensured by its large wheels with inflatable tires and its powerful lighting improving visibility during nighttime travel. 

Versatile, it is suitable for both city life and more irregular terrain. The Dualtron Victor redefines performance standards in the world of high-end Dualtron electric scooters . It is important to note that this model exists in two distinct formats, with a 60V 24Ah battery offering a range of 70 km, or in a 60V 30Ah version for an extended range of 100 km. In addition, the choice of display is an essential component of your experience with the scooter.

The EY3 or EY4 Display: Clarity and Efficiency

Directly attached to the stem, you can find a display, the EY3 or the EY4. It acts as a dashboard to view your current speed, number of kilometers traveled and remaining range. The EY4 display is a display similar to the EY3, but newer and more user-friendly. This display model offers additional features such as the ability to adjust the brightness and customize the colors of the user interface.

All the bugs of the old versions with the old EY3 screen have been rectified, now discover the 2 new versions

Its new generation EY3 (or EY4) color LCD screen is positioned on the handlebars to allow you to control the speed, the battery gauge, the front and rear light.display dualtron victor

The Hydraulic Brakes of the Dualtron Victor

The Dualtron Victor's brakes are exceptionally powerful, with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. This braking system provides optimal control, ensuring a crisp stop even at full power. This braking performance reinforces the safety and reliability of the Dualtron Victor.

To learn more about this model, find more on our YouTube channel👆👆.

Autonomy and security 

The Dualtron Victor electric scooter is equipped with a choice of a Li-Ion M50T 60V 24 Ah battery for a range of 80 km and a recharge time of 8 hours. You can also upgrade to a larger battery of up to 30 AH. All this in the same deck!

Safety is ensured in terms of braking since the Minimotors Dualtron Victor electric scooter is equipped with Nutt front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. Even at full power the machine will stop suddenly once the hydraulic brakes are engaged. A kinetic energy recovery system is also in place to optimize battery life.

The big new features to note on this Dualtron Victor electric scooter:

  • Possibility of adjusting the suspension (9 levels of adjustment)

  • New generation M50T cells to store up to 30AH of battery
  • LCD color screen and app
  • 10 x 3 inch tubeless tires for better stability
  • The all-new EY3 or EY4 Minimotors display with Bluetooth app


Features of the Dualtron Victor Minimotors Electric Scooter:


Top speed:

25 km/h (80 km/h on private road).

Autonomy: 60V 24AH : 70 Kms ; 60V 30AH : 100 Kms.
Recharge time: 8 hours.
Authorized weight: 120 kg.
Weight : 30 kg : 24Ah ; 32 kg : 30Ah.
Wheel size: 10 inches.
Types of tires: Inflatable with front and rear inner tubes (10x3).
Tire inflation: 2,5 bars.
Engine power: 2 motors of 2000W each (total power of 4000W).
Slopes: Use on slopes up to 35%.
Phares : Front and back.
Lighting: Front and back.
Turn signals: Non.
Battery: Lithium-Ion 60V 24Ah 1440Wh / 60V 30Ah 1800Wh.
Charging port: LP16-3.
Waterproofness: IPX5 New 2024 / IP 67 old generation.
Pliable : Yes.
Folded dimensions: 111 x 61 x 56 cm.
Unfolded dimensions: 111 x 61 x 124 cm.
Braking: Hydraulic ventilated disc brakes front and rear.
Suspensions: Cartridge suspension at the front and spring at the rear.
Screen : New EY3 Bluetooth screen or new EY4 Bluetooth screen (Most recent).
Bluetooth: Yes.
Color : Noir.
Guarantee : 2 years, parts and labor (1 year for battery).
Package contents: 1 Dualtron Victor scooter, 1 manual, 1 tool kit and 1 charger.
Montage : 10 minutes of editing.


Comment débrider la Dualtron Victor?

Demandez le débridage sur votre application mobile Minimotors Dualtron et désactivez le paramètre "System Speed Limit"

Comment plier la Dualtron Victor ?

Pour plier la Dualtron Victor, commencez par localiser le mécanisme de pliage près du guidon, déverrouillez-le en utilisant le levier ou le bouton approprié, puis rabattez délicatement le guidon vers le bas. Vérifiez que le mécanisme se verrouille en position pliée. Si la trottinette dispose d'un mécanisme de pliage secondaire, suivez les instructions du fabricant pour le replier. Assurez-vous toujours que la trottinette est compacte et correctement verrouillée en position pliée, facilitant ainsi le transport et le stockage. Il est essentiel de consulter le manuel d'utilisation spécifique à la Dualtron Victor pour des instructions détaillées et assurer un pliage sécurisé.

En quoi l'application mobile de la Dualtron Victor améliore-t-elle l'expérience ?

L'application Minimotors offre une connectivité Bluetooth qui permet aux utilisateurs de synchroniser leur smartphone avec la Victor, offrant un tableau de bord en temps réel et des fonctionnalités avancées pour personnaliser l'expérience de conduite.

Combien est le temps de charge de la trottinette électrique Dualtron Victor ?

Le temps de charge est de 8 heures.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 339 reviews
Christophe G.
Dualtron Victor

Produit impeccable, bonne adhérence sur la route seule chose qui manque la légèreté. De suspension

Gabriel C.
Dualtron victor 24ah

Produit de bonne qualité sauf au niveau de la bague de serrage qui faut déjà changer car elle craque mais bon je le savais, comme sur toute les dualron, c'est dommage pour toutes les dualtron, dommage aussi que il n'y est pas de klaxon ni de clignotant sinon sa marche très très fort j'en suis très content.

alexandre sarcey
Trottinette Victor

Superbe trottinette

andres perrin
Dualtron thunder

La meilleure trottinette de ma vie meme si j’aurai dû prendre une storm elle reste quand même une super trottinette

Jérémie P.
Presque parfaite

Petit souci sur une poignée de frein au déballage, parfaitement prise en charge par le SAV, les défauts relevés dans différentes vidéos en ligne se révèlent vrais. Les poignées tournent, la colonne grince.
Les performances sont au rendez-vous, je prends vraiment mon pied !
Enjoy !

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