Update: November 2022

1- Introduction

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of this website and the contract between you and us. These conditions establish the rights and obligations of any user and Weebot in relation to the goods / services that we offer through this website. Before you click on the "Authorize payment" box at the end of the ordering process, please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By using this website or placing an order through it, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with all of these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement, do not place orders. These General Conditions may be subject to modification; therefore, you are requested to read them carefully before placing orders.

2- Use of the site

These General Conditions are the only conditions applicable to the use of this site and replace all other conditions, except with the express prior written consent of the Seller. These Terms and Conditions are important both to you and to us, having been drawn up to form a legal contract between us protecting your rights as a consumer and our rights as a trader. You agree, by placing an order, to be bound without reservation by these General Conditions, after having read them. You agree: - To use the website only for legitimate requests or orders. - Not to place speculative, false or fraudulent orders. If we have reason to believe that such an order has been placed, we reserve the right to cancel it and inform the competent authorities. - To undertake to provide an e-mail address, postal address and / or any other information allowing us to contact you, in an exact and precise manner, and to acknowledge that we can use this information to contact you if this proves necessary. - If you do not give us all the information we need, we will be unable to process your order.

3- Order refusal

We reserve the right to withdraw, at any time, any product from this website, and/or to replace or modify any content or information appearing on this website.

A quote is valid for 24 hours from the time the quote is sent. After this period, Nanolab Weebot has the right to refuse the order placed.

4- Presentation and description of the products

The characteristics of the products offered for sale are presented in the "product sheets". The prices of the products are indicated in Euros (€) all taxes included, excluding shipping costs. The amount of VAT paid by the customer as well as the amount of shipping costs corresponding to the delivery method chosen are displayed on the screen in the summary page of the customer's selection. In the event that one of the product sheets is incomplete, it is up to any interested party to send an email requesting additional information on a product to customer service. The customer who places an order without having exercised this option therefore declares to be in possession of all the information necessary to finalize his order. All the texts and images presented on the seller's online sales site are reserved, for the whole world, under copyright and intellectual property rights; their reproduction, even partial, is strictly prohibited.

5- Order procedure

After having accessed a first summary of the preselected items on the shelves and added to the basket, the customer is invited to confirm his selection before accessing the payment page on which he enters all the information necessary for the payment of the price requested by the seller. Orders are confirmed by e-mail: the seller sends an e-mail to the address entered by the customer when ordering (or registering on the site) to summarize the exact terms of the contract entered into. The information relating to the delivery of the products is entered by the customer. In the event of a material input error by the customer, the latter has a maximum of 24 hours to notify the desired delivery address to customer service. After this period, the seller cannot guarantee that the modification will be taken into account. The data recorded by the seller constitutes proof of the nature, date and content of the contract. This contract is archived by the seller on its computer servers and the customer can access this information by contacting by mail the archiving service for online sales contracts – Weebot Company – 8 Rue Esnault Pelterie, 92100 Boulogne.

6- Delivery of products

The seller agrees to deliver the packages containing the products ordered to the carrier chosen by the customer when ordering. Delivery is made, except in cases of force majeure beyond the control of the seller, within a usual average period of 4 days for France and Europe and 5-6 days for the rest of the world from the confirmation of order and full payment. The products remain the property of the seller until full payment of the price and/or receipt of the amount paid. However, from the receipt of the order by the customer, the risks of the delivered goods are transferred to the customer.

An order can, in rare cases, be canceled and fully refunded if we cannot find a delivery service provider (especially internationally).

Weebot Nanolab cannot be held responsible for a delay in delivery or its direct consequences.

The limit of liability is the full refund of the sums paid by the customer, no additional compensation for late delivery can be requested.

Any product used cannot be returned or exchanged.

In accordance with the regulations in force, it is up to the Customer or the recipient to check, in front of the delivery person, the content and visual appearance of the package(s) to check that no item is damaged or missing; otherwise, the Customer or the recipient must systematically make reservations on the delivery note, specifying the nature of the damage observed. To be admissible, these reservations must be confirmed in writing (registered letter with AR) within three (3) days, not including public holidays, by the Customer or the recipient with the carrier and by email with WEEBOT within the same deadlines.

7- Payment

Once the basket has been validated and the delivery method chosen, Weebot offers the Customer a 100% secure payment method by credit card: Paypal and Stripe. With Paypal, the Customer can pay in two different ways: 1. He already has a Paypal account: Nothing could be simpler, the Customer connects to his paypal account and follows the instructions to make the transaction. 2. He does not have a Paypal account: The Customer can pay with his credit card. Our Paypal service gives the possibility of paying via various payment cards: - Carte Bleue - Mastercard - Visa With Paypal, the Customer's bank card number is in no way transmitted to the Weebot company and each purchase is confirmed by a receipt. .

You can also pay by Stripe.

Payment of your order in 2 to 12 instalments /

Our partner offers you a financing solution
called [Payment in x installments / Deferred payment], which makes it possible to pay
your order without amount limit over X months / X days.

Deferred payment to pay for your order. If you wish to subscribe to this service, your contact details will then be sent to our partner who, subject to acceptance of your file, will offer you to pay over X months / X days and will indicate a payment schedule summarizing the amount of the various monthly payments.

Depending on your file, supporting documents may be
requested to validate your funding request. For payment in
several times: as soon as our partner accepts your file, you will have to pay the amount of the 1st monthly payment including a fee of X% of the total amount of the order.

You will be debited for the other monthly payments according to the payment schedule that will have been communicated to you.
For deferred payment: as soon as your file is accepted, your order will be validated and a fee of X% of the total amount of the order will be charged, if the fee is not offered. You will then be debited for the full amount X days after your order.
If you request to benefit from a financing solution offered by our partner, the information relating to your order will be transmitted to our partner, who will use it for the purpose of studying your request for the granting, management and funding recovery. Our partner reserves the right to accept or refuse your funding request. You have a withdrawal period of 14 days to renounce this financing.
Operation Payment in X installments: Payment in X installments allows you to pay for the order made on Weebot as follows:
A mandatory contribution, debited on the day of confirmation of the order,
corresponding to part of the order and a fee of X% of the total amount of the order, if the fee is not offered.
A distribution of the rest of the amount of the order on the number of
remaining monthly payments according to the payment schedule that will have been communicated.

Operation Deferred payment of X days: The Deferred payment of X days allows you to pay for the order placed on [Name of merchant] as follows:
A fee of X% of the total amount of the order is deducted from the order, if the fee is not offered.
The amount due is debited X days after the validation of the payment and the
confirmation from our partner.

Insurance: moov'zen insurance is a collective insurance contract taken out by BOOST Solutions, SAS with a capital of 5,000 Euros, 655 avenue Roland Garros BP107 78530 Buc RCS VERSAILLES 800077687, insurance brokerage company n°ORIAS 14002488 with Cowen Insurance Limited, a public limited company with a capital of 10,000,000 euros, an insurance company governed by Maltese law authorized to operate in France under the Freedom to Provide Services, registered with the Malta Trade and Companies Register under number C 55905, and whose registered office is located at Axeria Business Center, 380, Level 2, Canon Road, Santa Venera, SVR 9033, Malta, distributed by the intermediary agents of Boost Solutions, and managed by SPB SAS de brokerage d'assurances with a capital of 1,000. 000 Euros, having its registered office at 71 Quai Colbert, 76600 Le Havre, RCS Le Havre 305 109 779 and ORIAS number 07 002 642 - www.orias.fr

8- Legal withdrawal period

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code: Article L120-20: "the consumer (here the customer) has a period of fourteen clear days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify reasons or pay penalties, with the exception, where applicable, of the cost of return”.

9- Returns

  • 1. The seller accepts returns from customers within fourteen clear days on the condition that the products have not been used, worn, damaged and that they include their labels and/or accessories supplied with the product.
  • 2. It is advisable to use the original package for making returns as the envelopes available do not offer the optimum protection for the returned items. Similarly, it is mandatory to return the products in follow-up against signature at least. Responsibility for the return transport of a product is always the responsibility of the sender.
  • 3. The seller reserves the right to refuse a return for any reason that does not comply with the conditions laid down in paragraphs 1 and 2. Thus, the non-compliant checked package will be sent back to the customer at his expense.
  • 4. All our eco-mobility products have a Lithium battery. It must not be left to stand at a temperature below 10° , and above all, in order to preserve its maximum capacity, it must be recharged at least once a month .
  • 5. In the event of a compliant return, the seller offers the customer: A full refund of the products ordered.
  • 6. For fast processing of returns, it is strongly recommended to enclose a copy of the invoice and an explanatory note inside the package.
  • 7. The Weebot company will not be held responsible in the event of negligence on the part of the customer in the procedures which will be communicated to him.
  • In the case of a refund, the accessories offered or offers made to the customer will be deducted if the products are not returned in new condition. For any product offered as part of the sale and used, its price will be deducted from the amount of the refund.
  • In accordance with Article 121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts for the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or personalized or which, by their nature, cannot be reshipped or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly. In the case of registration or engraving, the product concerned cannot be eligible for return.
  • Faced with the plurality of different possible batteries and in order to offer you the most recent and efficient cells, we create each battery to order. This implies that it is a personalized product not eligible for return or the right of withdrawal.

10- After-sales service and warranty

The relationship between the seller and the customers is governed by this contract. Customer service is open Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., you can contact the after-sales service on 01 80 89 45 52. You can also contact the after-sales service by email at the following address: (contact@wee- bot.com) or by mail to Weebot, 8 Rue Esnault Pelterie, 92100 Boulogne

  • The products are guaranteed for 2 years according to European law and the batteries are guaranteed for 1 year.
  • The warranty on hoverboards is 2 years all parts included, however if the product is not used for a long period (1 to 2 months), it may damage the battery and certain components, and repair costs may be charged .
  • For any sale to a professional, the product warranty starts on the date of the invoice between Weebot and the professional.
  • In the event of a problem encountered with the device, or any malfunction, the procedure is to contact the after-sales service.
  • The guarantee will be automatically lost if the customer himself carries out any interior manipulation of the device (unscrewing of the fairings included)
  • Any significant modifications made to the product concerning the mechanical or electronic part without the explicit agreement of Weebot leads to a total loss of the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Opening the product or modifying major parts without our consent will result in a total loss of warranty. The addition of simple aesthetic accessories (lamp, seat kit, carrying handle for example) concerning only the exterior of the product is not affected by the loss of warranty.
  • A used product cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Regarding new products, 3D photos or photos of previous versions may potentially be presented. They are not contractual.
  • On all of our products, water damage is not guaranteed.
  • Commissioning fees may be applied for product recovery within our stores or premises.
  • Our products benefit from the manufacturer's warranty, the duration of which varies according to the manufacturer. The decision to take out the guarantee is solely the responsibility of the manufacturer. Certain so-called functional wear products are only very exceptionally examined under warranty.
  • It is important to recover repaired products from the workshop quickly to avoid penalizing other customers due to lack of space. Parking fees of €5 per day could be charged to customers who do not come to pick up their product after being informed of the end of the repair. These costs will be payable when the product is collected or on the next invoice. Customers who do not come to collect their product within 15 days following a registered letter informing them of this obligation could see their product entrusted to a recycling company for destruction.
  • All the details provided by the WARRANTY AND SAV page are authentic in the GCS.
    We strongly urge you to consult them.

12- Limitation of the seller's liability

  • 1. It is the responsibility of the customer wishing to track his parcel to ask the seller for the parcel number by email to customer service.
  • 2. The products are offered for sale "subject to availability" and the seller cannot under any circumstances be required to pay damages in this regard, or any other financial compensation.
  • 2.1. In case of unavailability, the customer will be informed of the situation by email, telephone or mail. If the product is definitely unavailable, the customer can choose another product of equivalent value or request a refund of the amount already paid by him.
  • 3. The seller cannot be held liable in the event of a typographical error on his part as to the price or description of the products or on the part of the customer in the information he has entered.
  • 3.1. Similarly, the seller cannot be held liable in the event of a typographical error on the part of the customer when entering his address or his e-mail address which would prevent the seller from successfully carrying out the services to which he has committed.
  • Nanolab's liability is not engaged if there is a direct external dispute between Nanolab and an external transport or payment service provider.
  • 3.1.1 By way of non-exhaustive example, a parcel returned to the sender with the mention by the carrier of an error on the part of the customer which makes delivery impossible will not be reshipped to the customer without full payment of new shipping cost.
  • 4. The sale is subject to the condition of acceptance by the seller of the terms of the sale, this acceptance is manifested either by the preparation and dispatch of the order or by the debit of the credit card used by the customer when of his order on the online sales site.
  • 4.1. A refusal of order is manifested by a rejection of payment by the seller.

13- Data confidentiality

The personal data provided by the customer is not disseminated to third parties; they are, unless expressly opposed by the customer, integrated into the customer file of the Weebot brand. Bank details are not accessible by wee-bot.com. In accordance with law 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the customer has at any time a right of access and rectification. To exercise this right, simply contact the brand's Customer Relations Department by email at contact@wee-bot.com.

14- Conciliation of the parties in the event of a dispute of any kind

In the event that a dispute arises between the seller and the customer, the latter undertakes to initiate a conciliation procedure (according to the conditions provided for in Title 1 of Book VI of the Consumer Code) directly with the seller in order to settle the dispute without the intervention of a third natural or legal person. This procedure replaces any other form of existing resolution for a period accepted by the customer of 30 working days.

In the case of a sale or a commercial relationship with a French or foreign professional, French law applies and the competent jurisdiction will be that of the commercial court.

The customer has the possibility of having recourse to a consumer mediator under the conditions provided for under 1st Book VI of the Consumer Code and the contact details of the competent consumer mediator(s).

Nanolab Industries is registered with the RCS of Nanterre under the number: 813.537.982. Head office 8 rue Esnault Pelterie 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Intra-community VAT number: FR62 813 537 982

Address: 8 Rue Esnault Pelterie 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Phone: Email: contact@wee-bot.com