More and more of you are choosing the electric scooter to get to your workplace. Unfortunately, the sun is not always there in the morning and you then wonder about the possibility of using your two-wheeler in rainy weather.

Indeed, water and electricity do not go well together and most users often forget the right attitudes to adopt with their electric scooter under the rain. But all are not equal to humidity.

We have therefore selected for you the best waterproof electric scooters as well as a list of tips for traveling safely during bad weather.

Can you ride in the rain with your electric scooter?

Electric scooters are above all designed for use in dry weather. The delicate weather conditions of our temperate European climate can then alter the optimal functioning of this means of transport.

    What road conditions can you ride with peace of mind on an electric scooter?

    In case of damp or slightly wet road, you can definitely consider getting on your machine. The electrical components are more or less protected from splashes of fine drops of water depending on the model. However, you may encounter some difficulties with the grip of your tires. We therefore advise you to slow down to avoid slipping and of anticipate your braking for greater safety during your daily journeys.

    trottinette électrique inoe bloomy ip65

    Can rain damage your electric scooter?

    If it rains more heavily, manufacturers really do not encourage the use of your electric scooter to get around. If you are concerned about the risk of electrocution, be aware that it is very unlikely. The electrical circuit is enclosed inside the scooter and the only connectors within your reach are the braking and acceleration levers. However, these only carry a very low current and are generally quite well insulated.

    However; if you still plan to brave the rain, be aware that you must absolutely avoid driving through puddles of water. Immersing your electric scooter underwater, even briefly, will irreparably damage the battery and the warranty will then not take effect. This being the central element of your machine, you must therefore pay special attention to it.

    Once your trip in rainy weather is finished, we recommend that, if possible, youdrain your electric scooter upright in a dry place at room temperature or, better yet, to dry it with a towel in order to absorb the humidity present.

    trottinette électrique pluie moteur

    How to choose your electric scooter in rainy weather?

    Driving in the rain still doesn't slow you down? We therefore advise you to invest in a waterproof adult electric scooter. Some models are better equipped to face rainy weather.

    Don’t skimp on your own safety either! Effective braking saves you from many dangers. You should not be satisfied with a simple foot brake generally present on the rear wheel. Since this is not very powerful, it is better to rely on drum braking, electromagnetic braking or even better a disc brake system.

    To better navigate the purchase of your waterproof electric scooter, there is a protection index (named: IP) against water and dust. This is therefore a determining factor in the purchase of your device if you plan to drive regularly in the rain. It is an effective investment to extend the life of your scooter and avoid going through the after-sales service box.

    trottinette electrique ninebot f2e pas cherNinebot F2 E Plus Electric Scooter - by Segway

    The waterproof electric scooter: the solution to your problems

    The waterproof standard

    The protection index is the key element to know the waterproof level of your device. There international IP standard is followed by two numbers indicating the level of resistance of your machine to the intrusion of solids and liquids.

    The first number corresponds to the resistance to solid bodies such as dust or other residues, rated out of 6 (the higher the number, the greater the protection). While the second corresponds to that of liquid bodies, this time on a scale of 9. When no criteria is met, the number can is then replaced by an X.

    For information :

    • The number 4 in second means: Protected against splashing water from all directions
    • The second number 5 means: Protected against jets of water from all directions with a hose
    • The second number 6 means: Protected against strong jets of water from all directions with a hose
    • The number 7 second means: Protected against the effects of temporary immersion (up to 1 meter and for 30 minutes)

    Now that you have all the information in mind to make your choice, we have selected the best models of waterproof adult electric scooters.

    The best waterproof electric scooters

    Inöe Sweemie Electric Scooter (IPX7)

    présentation indice protection ipx7 trottinette électrique inoe sweemie étanche

    Brand new to the market in 2023, the Inöe Sweemie, exclusively at Weebot, is the electric scooter with the best waterproofing of the market. 

    As its name suggests, it is perfectly capable of going under the rain with a high level of resistance to water infiltration. Both at the level of motor which is protected on the sides but also the battery who receives a IPX7 certification allowing it to withstand immersion under 1 meter of water for several minutes.

    Although we do not advise you to switch the machine to a karcher, 2023 is by far the the most robust scooter on the market. With its 30 km/h maximum speed as well as the 50 km of autonomy, the Inöe Sweemie has characteristics close to the Ninebot Max, its direct competitor.

    Main differences to the advantage of the Sweemie against the Ninebot Max:

    • A double suspension front fork (no suspension on the Ninebot Max)
    • Rear indicators
    • 500W brushless motor (350W on the Ninebot Max)
    • 190mm wide deck (170mm on the Ninebot Max)
    • Better water resistance (IP65 only on the Ninebot Max)

    Ninebot Max Electric Scooter by Segway

    indice protection ip65 trottinette électrique ninebot max g30 segway

    While being IPX5 certified, there Ninebot Max by Segway is one of the most resistant electric scooters in the rain. The number 5 means that it is protected by jets of water coming from all directions at a level comparable to that of a spear. One of the few in its category to offer you such a level of waterproofing!

    With it, forget the stress of lack of autonomy! Its Samsung lithium battery with a huge capacity of 15,300 mAh will take you on trips up to 65 km in total relaxation.

    On top of all that, the Ninebot Max doesn't skimp on comfort. She is equipped with 10 inch tubeless tires which will ensure very good cushioning of the various roughnesses on the road, while offering excellent protection against punctures.

    With his 300W brushless motor (can deploy up to 700W), you will never lack the power to move its 19 kg even on the steepest climbs (up to 20%).

    Inöe Bloomy and Inöe Tweeky Electric Scooter


    trottinette électrique inoe Bloomy Tweeky pas cher ip65

    The French brand Inöe is developing the most water-resistant electric scooters. If you are looking for a cheap waterproof electric scooter, Weebot advises you to purchase these 2 models.

    THE Inöe Bloomy And Inöe Tweeky have a relatively light weight of 16.5kg and 17kg kg. They are perfectly adapted to urban traffic with respectively 30 km and 36 km km of autonomy.

    Foldable with just one press, these Inöe electric scooters are practical for storing in a car trunk. They can also follow you on public transport. Due to their small size, they are ideal as a complement to courses for example.

    These two models of lightweight electric scooters have an IP65 protection rating. Which places them directly in second position in our ranking of the most rain-resistant electric scooters.

    Discover without further delay this brand of French electric scooter for affordable prices of 489€ and 539€ !

    Electric Scooter Xiaomi 1S - Xiaomi Pro 2 - Xiaomi Essential

    indice protection ip54 trottinette électrique wiaomi 1s essential pro2

    The Xiaomi Essential, 1S and Pro 2 electric scooters are the best known on the market. These came to replace the aging Xiaomi M365 Original

    It should be noted that the Xiaomi Essential is the most affordable scooter in our water-resistant selection. You have to be careful, because these models from Xiaomi have lots of counterfeits extremely similar but not meeting the requirements of the Xiaomi brand. The models we sell are well the originals certified IP54 in test on our blog.

    The 1S, like its variations, is an inexpensive waterproof electric scooter with weight of only 14 kg. This will allow you to carry it everywhere with ease. With a 6500 mAh LG battery, the Xiaomi offers you approximately 30 km of autonomy.

    Be careful because electric scooters are prone to punctures. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our tire shop in case of punctures.

  • How to make your electric scooter waterproof

  • If your model is not sufficiently water resistant, or if you simply want to improve the waterproofing of your electric scooter, there are solutions you can do yourself.

    Anticipating breakdowns is still the best way to avoid costly repairs. We must point out to you first of all that major modification of the interior of your machine may expose you to a loss of warranty.

    First step: maintaining your scooter

    You must first know that on the road your machine is subject to many vibrations. Between cobblestones, speed bumps and sidewalks, your scooter will then be subjected to various mechanical stresses having an impact on the screws and bolts of your device.

    It is therefore important to regularly check the condition of the screws (at least once a month) on the handlebars, the wheels, but especially the deck! This present under your feet often contains the battery and is therefore much more vulnerable to water.

    Then use a screwdriver or an Allen key to check if the screws are not loose, without ever forcing to avoid damage to the structure.

    To hold your screws more effectively, we advise you to apply thread lock on the threaded part of the latter. But what is thread lock? It is a glue used to limit the play and possible leaks at the level of a screw.

    You've probably seen it without knowing what it was if you've ever assembled an Ikea piece of furniture. This is the blue part found on some of the brand’s screws. You can also replace it with nail polish, if that's all you have on hand.

    Protect your battery

    Use a simple bathroom silicone seal to reinforce the exterior assembly of your tray. By applying the seal to the edges of the battery cover, this will further prevent rainwater from infiltrating this part. Please do not add too much to still be able to access your battery.

    Note that a sealing kit is available for Xiaomi's M365 model.

    Waterproofing electronic circuits

    The use of a tropicalization spray for electronic circuit, gives you the possibility of protecting the electronic components located on the handlebars. It is used as a spray directly on the printed circuit present in the display of your electric scooter.

    It is still important to remember that all of these methods will never give you 100% waterproofing. It is therefore essential to use common sense in order to keep your electric scooter in good condition.

    trottinette électrique pluie coté

    Our best products to maintain your electric scooter

    To keep your electric scooter as long as possible, you have to take care of it. Discover the best maintenance products selected by Weebot. 

    Equipment for riding in the rain

    If you plan to ride an electric scooter in the rain, it is important to use good accessories to guarantee optimal protection against bad weather.

    The mudguard

      Most models are already equipped with mudguards, but in case of absence, this accessory will quickly become an essential. It is a light and compact accessory that will allow you to keep your electric scooter and your clothes in good condition in bad weather.

        The helmet

          Even if the helmet is not (yet) obligatory, it is nevertheless strongly recommended for electric scooters. Especially in rainy weather when it is not uncommon to see several users slip on the wet road, a manhole cover, or even dead leaves fallen on the road.

          We therefore offer different models of helmets for your electric scooter in our store. The model Hyban with Abus brand visor gives you, in addition to good protection, additional visibility with its LEDs placed at the back of the helmet. The integrated visor provides additional comfort by protecting you from rain at eye level.


          You also find, always on our website, a selection of gloves protecting you from the cold, the rain and in the event of a fall. It all depends on the style you are looking for, or the level of protection you expect.


          Rain exposes you to a lack of visibility, but also that of others on the road. To be both clearly visible, the reflective sleeveless vest also offers you a wind and rain protection. A cold snap quickly arrived while driving at 25 km/h! Very light and practical to store, it can be used over your clothes. with its fluorescent and retro-reflective fabric suitable for day or night driving.

          The backpack

          trottinette électrique pluie galuchon sac

          In order to always optimize your journey in rainy weather, backpacks The Galuchon, also available in size XL, allow to keep your personal belongings dry but also to signal to other vehicles your changes of direction. The LEDs present on the shoulder straps as well as the back of the bag serve as indicators by being controlled from your smartphone.

          A waterproof phone holder

          If your phone is not water resistant, there are waterproof supports allowing you to use it whatever the weather. Both to guide you on your way, but also to interact with the various connected accessories of your waterproof electric scooter.

          Conclusion on waterproof adult electric scooters

          You now have all the information to ride an electric scooter in the rain without risk of damaging it. Always keep in mind that there is a big difference between water resistance and waterproofing. Must therefore be extra vigilant during rainy weather. You are now ready to ride well equipped and safely in the rain.

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