The demand for the electric scooter has been booming since its arrival on the urban electric mobility market. Adaptable to individual needs and respectful of the environment, the electric scooter has been adopted by more than two million users to date and is seeing its sales increase year on year.

So much so that many car manufacturers have decided to position themselves in the electric scooter market. Discover the comparison of these two wheels of world famous brands.

When the automotive world takes to the scooter

Faced with the growing place occupied by the electric scooter on the urban mobility market, the automotive world has every interest in taking part in the success of this transport alternative. Many car manufacturers have challenged themselves to enter the electric scooter market by offering their own product models.

Seat, Mercedes and Lamborghini are among the car manufacturing giants that have decided to target electric mobility. By integrating the electric scooter into their car production, these brands want to make two wheels a complementary vehicle.

trottinette electrique ninebot f2e pas cherNinebot F2 E Plus Electric Scooter - by Segway

xiaomi pro m365 electric scooter car Position yourself as a complement rather than a competitor

It is true that the electric scooter is an independent and individual travel alternative with considerable personal and environmental benefits for daily commuting.

Being able to move quickly without being stuck in traffic is a significant advantage in the urban jungle. In addition, it is preferable to travel with a light and practical vehicle that does not emit Co2 into the atmosphere.

However, unlike your car, the maximum legal driving speed for an electric scooter is 25 km/h on public roads. This is then especially favorable for short-distance journeys.

kacke-scooter electric scooter trunk

If the electric scooter cannot compete with the motor vehicle for all uses, it can on the other hand be complementary to it. This is why car manufacturers offer their customers the possibility of purchasing an electric scooter of their own brand in addition to their car.

Comparison of electric scooters from car manufacturers

The AMG Xiami Pro 2 Lewis Hamilton electric scooter

characteristics electric scooter amg xiaomi pro2 lewis hamilton

The AMG range of car manufacturer Mercedes Benz offers the Xiaomi Pro 2 Lewis Hamilton version electric scooter. Its sporty design in the colors of the Mercedes F1 team sets it apart from any other electric scooter model. With its maximum power of 600 W, its autonomy of 45 km and its size facilitating its transport, the AMG electric scooter based on the Xiaomi Pro 2 takes an important place in the electric scooter market.

What scooter does Lewis Hamilton ride?

The Formula 1 world champion has often been seen moving around the circuits on board his Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter. This new individual mobility vehicle is available on the market. Designed in the image of sports vehicles, its non-slip tires and shock absorbers are appreciable.

Advantages of the AMG Xiaomi Pro 2 Electric Scooter

  • Very interesting price
  • Maximum power of 600 Watt
  • Great autonomy capacity

Disadvantages of the AMG scooter

  • More expensive than the original Xiaomi Pro 2

The Audi Electric Kick Scooter electric scooter

features electric scooter audi electric kick scooter

The Electric Kick Scooter is the urban mobility alternative developed by Audi in collaboration with the world leader in EDPM (Personal Motorized Transport Vehicles) Segway. Launched in 2020, Audi's electric scooter stands out for its sophisticated design and the renowned quality of the brand's cars.

The Electric Kick Scooter has a drum brake at the front and a regenerative brake at the rear, which allows it to have a range of up to 65 km. The electric scooter is a mobility device more suitable for dry weather, Audi offers certified water resistance for the frame and components of its scooter (IP 54).

Advantages of the Audi Electric Kick Scooter

  • Autonomy above the industry average
  • Stylish yet practical design (Ninebot Max)
  • Integrates the charger inside the electric scooter
  • 551Wh battery
  • 10 inch tires

Disadvantages of the Audi scooter

  • A weight of 19.1 kg
  • High price

The BMW E-Scooter

bmw electric scooter features

The German car manufacturer has decided to join forces with the Micro company and has been offering its E-Scooter since autumn 2019. Powered by a lithium battery and equipped with a 150 Watt motor, the BMW electric scooter has a range of 12 km. The brand has optimized the safety of its product by integrating lights and a braking system at the front but also at the back of the scooter.

Advantages of the BMW E-Scooter

  • Safety assured with its double braking system
  • Its weight facilitates its transport: 9kg

Disadvantages of the BMW electric scooter

  • Tire size
  • No suspension
  • Price too high for the features

The Seat EKickScooter 65 electric scooter

characteristics electric scooter seat ekickscooter 65

In 2020, Seat is launching a whole range of electric mobility devices consisting of the MO eScooter equivalent to the Silence S01 , but also a scooter: the EKickScooter 65. This stands out for its great autonomy capacity of up to 65km .

Despite its undeniable power, its weight of 19kg does not facilitate its practicality on a daily basis.

Advantages of the Seat EKickScooter 65 electric scooter

  • High autonomy: 65 km
  • A consistent look with the Seat range

Disadvantages of the Seat scooter

  • Its significant weight

The Mercedes Benz EQ electric scooter

characteristics electric scooter eq mercedes benz

Mercedes has made a name for itself in the sustainable mobility market. In particular by launching its range of essentially electric vehicles EQ. From the Smart to the SUV model, the brand, always faithful to its values ​​of performance and technology, has decided to bet on the electric scooter in addition to its vehicles.

With its low weight and folding mechanism, the EQ electric scooter has also been designed to be transported in car trunks.

Benefits of the Mercedes Benz EQ Electric Scooter

  • Very good autonomy
  • Weight favorable to its practicality
  • Intuitive folding system and folding handles

Disadvantages of the Mercedes Benz scooter

  • Super high price

Lamborghini's AL1 electric scooter

characteristics electric scooter al1 lamborghini

The Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini launches its electric scooter named AL1. Surprisingly very different from the aesthetic codes of the brand, the scooter has a very sober design. This offers a range of 30km and a power of 350 Watt.

Its weight and dimensions make the AL1 scooter a very practical mobility aid that is easy to transport in the trunk of a car (and not necessarily a Lamborghini) or on public transport.

Advantages of the Lamborghini AL1 electric scooter

  • Reasonable weight making it easy to transport
  • Autonomy of up to 30 km
  • Puncture-proof solid tires

Disadvantages of the Lamborghini electric scooter

  • Full charge time up to 5h
  • A single shock absorber at the base of the stem

The Hyundai electric scooter

hyundai electric scooter features

The car manufacturer Hyundai unveiled in 2019 the prototype of its electric scooter.

A compact model, foldable in three and designed by Hyundai to be integrated into future cars of the brand and Kia.

The brand has focused on innovation by creating a scooter capable of charging automatically thanks to the electricity produced while driving.

Advantages of the Hyundai electric scooter

  • Easy to transport thanks to its weight and its folding system
  • Atypical design

Disadvantages of the Hyundai scooter

  • Very small tire size

Peugeot's Micro E-Kick

characteristics electric scooter peugeot micro e-kick

Like BMW and Mercedes, Peugeot's electric scooter was born from a collaboration with the Micro company.

The Micro E-Kick is very light, which makes this electric scooter a good complement of mobility to cover the first or last kilometers of the journey. Big winner of the Reddot Design Award 2017 , this one has an elegant and original design.

Advantages of the BMW Micro-E-kick electric scooter

  • Weight facilitating its transport

  • 500 watt power

Disadvantages of the BMW scooter

  • Considerable price


Roads have been going through a major ecological transition in recent years and car manufacturers have very quickly understood that it is of great importance to take part in this change. They have been developing 4-wheel electric vehicles for the past few years and are also embarking on electric mobility.

Much more than a travel alternative, the scooter represents a daily complement to the use of electric motor vehicles offered by these major brands.

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