After the 2000W electric scooters , we have chosen to tell you about the 500W scooters. Intended mainly for city driving, these two wheels are a good compromise between power and compactness. Find out why these models are more interesting than Xiaomi scooters with our ranking of the 5 best 500 watt electric scooters.

Why choose a 500W electric scooter?

Sold restricted to 25 km / h like all electric scooters in France, these machines still have other advantages. We are talking here about a mid-range electric scooter offering superior performance to entry-level models.

The 500W electric scooters selected by Weebot offer better manufacturing quality and therefore better product longevity. but that's not all, thanks to front or rear suspensions or both, an electric scooter in this category offers much greater comfort on the road.

The vast majority of two-wheelers in this category have 8-inch or 8.5-inch wheels, inflatable or puncture-proof solid tires, except for the Inöe Sweemie and its large 10-inch wheels. The larger the wheel size, the better the driving stability but also the greater the comfort.

cheap urban electric scooter weebot anoki suspensions

Perfect engine power for the city

A 500 watt electric scooter has more than enough power around town to navigate through traffic. The best models can run at a maximum speed of around 40 km/h and even 45 km/h for the Dualtron Mini .

Enough to be covered by insurance offering the top speed of 45 km / h as possible, even if still not legal to drive on public roads. A speed as fast as scooters in a small footprint and which allows you to make your journey faster than on the metro .

How much autonomy for a 500W electric scooter?

More and more people have chosen the scooter to get to their workplace. The 500W electric scooter is then an ideal means of transport. It offers enough autonomy in a compact model to reach its place of activity.

From 10Ah on a battery, it is possible to make a course of about 20 to 30 km. Sufficient range for most daily urban journeys. To avoid recharging each evening, models allow an extension of autonomy. Unfortunately the weight of the device is also climbing, as is the price.

Another solution is to invest in an additional charger . By having a second charger it is possible without having to carry it everywhere, to have enough to start work with the "full".

Everything is then a question of compromise between your budget, but also the level of equipment required to convince you to buy a 500 watt electric scooter.

TOP 5: Electric scooter 500W

characteristic table best electric scooter 500w dualtron weebot darty revoe etwow

To afford a mid-range scooter, the entry price starts at around 600€ and more. But this can quickly climb in the case of a model with a large battery. How to make a good choice among the devices on offer? What are the differences between these products? We have selected for you the 5 best 500W electric scooters on the market .

Weebot Anoki: Excellent reliability

feature cheap weebot anoki electric scooter

Classified both in our category of the best light scooters as well as the inexpensive one, the Weebot Anoki is a model very popular with our customers. Although imperfect, this machine meets most user criteria. It is a particularly reliable model and offers excellent driving comfort thanks to the flexibility of its front fork to absorb vibrations.

It is an ideal 500w electric scooter for getting around town. Comfort is provided by front and rear suspensions, as well as 8.5-inch inflatable tires. This allows the Weebot Anoki to be one of the best electric scooters of the year .

With a maximum speed of 45 km/h on the 48V 16Ah battery (40 km autonomy), the performance is excellent for this scooter with a contained weight of 18.5 kg. Practical both in public transport and for storing it at home, the Anoki is easily foldable, at the level of the stem, but also of the handlebars for more compactness. The drum brake on the rear wheel provides effective braking in all circumstances.

Highlights of the Weebot Anoki electric scooter

  • A scooter with few faults
  • Very few returns of this product to our after-sales service
  • Very comfortable to drive
  • One of the best value for money on the market
  • A maximum speed of 45 km/h
  • 100 euros of accessories offered (smartphone support, carrying bag and mirror)

Weebot Anoki Electric Scooter Weaknesses

  • The metal front fender that needs adjustment
  • Pay attention to the motor cable on the side (in the event of a side impact, it may become disconnected)

Dualtron Mini 21Ah: Fast and long battery life

characteristic electric scooter dualtron mini 21ah model 2021

In this comparison of the 500W electric scooter we have chosen the 52V 21Ah model of the Dualtron Mini . Although this one is much more expensive than the others, it has the advantage of offering a great autonomy climbing up to 65 km (in eco mode).

The Dualtron Mini 21Ah has just been released in 2021 with some slight cosmetic changes but also the addition of a second drum brake . With 2 brakes (front and rear) it is much safer to drive this machine reaching a top speed of 45 km/h.

The 500 Watts of the electric motor are perfectly exploited to offer the best performance in the category.

The other side of the coin is in its weight of 24kg all inclusive, much heavier than the average. It also offers LEDs on the stem and on the deck for lighting enthusiasts.

It is therefore impossible not to be seen when the weather darkens. A plus for some while other users hate it. Everyone has their own weight of opinion on the matter.

Highlights of the Dualtron Mini 21Ah electric scooter

  • Interesting power to weight ratio
  • The lightest of the Dualtron electric scooters
  • Good road holding
  • the fastest electric scooter in its class
  • the only 52V model in the category
  • Can be used off-road

Weaknesses of the Dualtron Mini 21Ah electric scooter

  • Somewhat firm suspensions (but it is possible to change the damping)
  • The price of Dualtron (too expensive for our taste)
  • Beware of battery and motor oxidation if you ride in light rain or wet road

Inöe Sweemie: the most water resistant

inoe sweemie electric scooter ipx7 water protection rating

Brand new on the market, the French brand Inöe offers with the Sweemie the most water-resistant electric scooter on the market! It is the only one to have an IPX7 certification on its 36V 13Ah lithium battery.

Its excellent design makes it possible to effectively protect the battery from water, but also its rear motor well caged between the indicators and rear light of the machine.

Although we do not advise you to do so (because it would not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty), this scooter was able, according to our tests, to withstand an immersion of its entire deck under water. This is to say the level of effectiveness of the sealing on the Inöe Sweemie .

This 500W electric scooter directly competes with the Ninebot Max (G30). It also has a front fork to absorb shocks as well as large 10-inch tires. Perfect for comfort on the road but also for safer driving.

However, pay attention to the weight of this vehicle. If the Sweemie does not offer a large battery like the Dualtron Mini, it can be used for around 40 km at around 35 km/h and still weighs 22 kg .

electric scooter paris inoe sweemie eiffel tower place mexico

Highlights of the Inöe Sweemie electric scooter

  • The most resistant electric scooter in the rain
  • Good top speed
  • An original doorbell
  • A fairly complete smartphone application
  • 10 inch wheels

Weaknesses of the Inöe Sweemie electric scooter

  • A weight of 22 kg
  • Be careful when braking with the drum brake placed at the front

Revoe RS 500: Darty's electric scooter

electric scooter darty revoe rs 500w fnac

The Revoe RS 500 is an electric scooter from Darty . Easily found in stores, this is a correct product with an attractive price. The characteristics of the Revoe RS 500W are in line with user demand. Namely solid puncture-proof tires, sufficient autonomy and a maximum speed of 35 km/h.

For its price of €599, the Darty Revoe RS 500 has its place in our comparison of the best 500W models. We invite you all the same to test it before, because according to feedback from users, it would have brake handles that are difficult to grip.

Not the safest in the event of emergency braking. The same goes for the height of the stem, certainly adjustable, but apparently much smaller than on a Xiaomi electric scooter .

Highlights of the Revoe RS 500 electric scooter

  • The cheapest in our comparison (under 600 euros)
  • The Darty and Fnac distribution network
  • Puncture-proof solid tires

Weaknesses of the Revoe RS 500 electric scooter

  • Brake handles very far from the fingers, even for large hands
  • The adjustable stem but still too short at most
  • Barely faster than a Xiaomi electric scooter after all
  • Fair autonomy

E-Twow Booster V: Ultra-light electric scooter

ultra light 500w electric scooter e-twow booster v

For those looking for lightness above all, the E-TWOW Booster V electric scooter underwent a restyling in 2021 by bringing, in addition to a more current look, an extended deck and a kickstand. Recognized for the reliability of their electric scooters, the E-Twow brand is also known for their extreme lightness.

With a weight of 10.8 kg, the Booster V is one of the lightest electric scooters on the market. It offers a maximum speed of 30 km/h with a range of approximately 25 to 30 km.

Like all E-Twows, the Booster V is fitted with 8-inch soft rubber solid tyres. This makes it indestructible and it will be easy to use it daily. However, be careful when driving with solid wheels , especially on wet roads, which tend to slip.

The fast recharge is done in 2 hours to easily start a full charge. Easy to handle, many users do not hesitate to transport their inexpensive E-Twow electric scooter on public transport due to the compactness and lightness of the device.

Highlights of the E-Twow Booster V electric scooter

  • Extreme lightness for a 500W electric scooter
  • One of the most trusted brands on the market
  • Very easy to fold
  • The only one that can be taken on public transport
  • The indestructible wheels

Highlights of the E-Twow Booster V electric scooter

  • The battery is not resistant to rain
  • The speed displayed on the display a little too "generous"
  • Solid wheels that can slide easily

Which 500W scooter to choose?

How to choose among these 5 models? Most of these 500W scooters have their own qualities. Whether for their long-range lithium battery, for their puncture-proof solid tires or their price, these products are of quality.

If you are looking for a rainproof scooter

choose inoe sweemie electric scooter rain resistance

If you are looking for long battery life on a 500W scooter

choose electric scooter dualtron mini 500W 21ah

If you are looking for a comfortable and not too heavy scooter

choose comfortable cheap weebot anoki electric scooter

If you are looking for the lightest electric scooter

lightweight electric scooter e-twow booster v 11kg

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