EROZ: An innovative brand with powerful electric scooters

The new electric scooter brand EROZ is making a remarkable entry into the electric scooter market. A bold entry in terms of quality and price, which delights enthusiasts looking for power and performance.

With the 3 products in its KAPACITY range and its brand new Pulsar model, Eroz is one of the most promising brands in the world of electric mobility.


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A French brand with incomparable value for money

Specialized in the manufacture of electric scooters, this new brand is born in France in 2021 , taking the challenge of manufacturing powerful electric scooters at fair and affordable prices.

No superfluous model, EROZ focuses on the quality and performance of its scooters and enters the market with the EROZ KAPACITY range.

Powerful electric scooters with a simple and elegant design.

EROZ, powerful electric scooters

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The KAPACITY range

KAPACITY electric scooters are scooters cut for the city and the countryside. These are all equipped with abrushless motor with a power that increases from model to model.

Thus, you can reach a top speed ranging from 30 to 55 km / h (on private roads of course).

Equipped with Lithium Ion batteries, KAPACITY scooters offer a range of 30 to 55 km depending on the scooter.

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A choice of scooter that has something to suit all types of users.


On the strength of this first momentum, EROZ has recently entered the top of the range with the PULSAR model! A sporty, powerful and modern electric scooter that reaches a maximum speed of 70 km/h thanks to its dual 2 x 1200 W motor.

All-terrain, it sports a very futuristic design and has a range of 80 km.
Enough to go around Paris if you feel like it.

Outstanding driving comfort

Ride on the cobblestones without fear! EROZ scooters are all equipped with inflatable tires that absorb blows and shocks. In addition to the double suspensions, they make driving more flexible and pleasant.

A value for money that defies all competition.

EROZ has every intention of making its place among the best electric scooters for adults. And this while being very aggressive on the price .

The brand has decided to position its high-end scooters in price ranges usually intended for mid-range or even entry-level scooters.

This gives them excellent value for money.

EROZ scooter models



The Eroz K8 or Kapacity 8 electric scooter is intended for urban users.

Available in EK8 version with a 36 V 10 Ah battery and in EK8+ version with a 48 V 13 Ah battery.

This lightweight electric scooter, weighing 16.8 kg , is above all cut out for the city.

It has 8-inch solid tires at the rear which will allow you to avoid punctures and 8-inch inflatable tires at the front which absorb the shocks of the road better.

Its 400 W or 600 W brushless motor depending on the version, propels you to the maximum speed of 30 to 40 km/h.


EROZ KAPACITY 9 Electric Scooter

The Eroz EK9 or Kapacity 9 electric scooter is intended for users wishing to be as comfortable in the city as in the countryside.

Its weight of 19.5 kg keeps it in the category of light electric scooters.

Equipped with a 600 W brushless motor, the EK9 propels you to the maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Equipped with a 48 V 16 Ah Lithium Ion battery, it has a range of 40 km.
The Eroz Kapacity 9 has 8.5-inch inflatable tires, both front and rear, for even more comfort and precision in driving.


EROZ KAPACITY 10 Electric Scooter
The Eroz EK10 or Kapacity 10 electric scooter is also ideal for riders who want to be comfortable in town and in the countryside.

Its 800 W brushless motor reaches a top speed of 50 km/h and its 52 V 18.2 Ah Lithium Ion battery has a maximum range of up to 55 km.

Equipped with 10-inch inflatable tires at the front and rear , comfort and driving precision are even more enhanced.


EROZ PULSAR Electric Scooter

The Eroz Pulsar electric scooter is the new top of the French range in terms of sports electric scooters . Powerful and at the same time relatively compact. With these two 2 x 1200 W motors, it can reach the maximum speed of 70 km/h.

Autonomy is 80 km thanks to its 60 V 21 AH Lithium Ion battery.

Equipped with 4 adjustable suspensions offering a smooth and perfectly comfortable ride , it is fitted with 10-inch inflatable tires at the front and rear.

In terms of design, the EROZ pulsar adopts the same black color as its predecessors, this time adopting a totally futuristic look.

Ultra-modern, the Pulsar is equipped with a large hexagonal screen in the middle of the handlebars. It's a change from the small LCD screen on the competition's throttle trigger.

Challenge met

EROZ _Electric_Scooter_PULSAR

The EROZ brand has taken up the challenge it set itself. The electric scooters on offer are solid and the value for money is second to none.

The 4 models of scooters in the KAPACITY range (EK8, EK8+ EK9 and EK10) meet the needs of all types of users and are available for less than 1000 €. A price well below those usually reserved for scooters of this quality.

As for the PULSAR model, it enhances the EROZ collection with the power of these two engines, the flexibility of its driving and the originality of its design.

So what is your favorite EROZ electric scooter? Rather Kapacity or Pulsar?

We have tested them for you! Stay connected, we will share the videos very soon on the networks!

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