In the electric scooter market, Inöe electric scooters stand out with models that are both elegant and comfortable. Despite its low prices, the quality of Inöe scooters is indisputable. Although recent, the brand is very successful thanks to pleasant and safe driving scooters. The three models offered by Inöe (Bloomy 2, Tweeky and Swemmie 2) are all different and correspond to all types of users regardless of their profile. Before making any purchase, this comparison will allow you to turn to the model that suits you best.

Comparison of Inöe electric scooters: Bloomy 2, Tweeky and Sweemie 2

The Inöe brand is entering the French market with a range of very affordable electric scooters. With these three entry-level adult electric scooters, you can enjoy performance and features worthy of the best scooters on the market. In this comparison of Inöe electric scooters, Weebot tests and reviews the three models of the brand: the Bloomy 2, the Tweeky and the Sweemie 2.

Inöe Bloomy 2: the entry-level model

Inöe Bloomy electric scooter

Tested by nearly 10,000 users , the Inöe Bloomy 2 has a motor with a power of 350W unlike its predecessor the Inöe Bloomy which had a power of 250W. These qualities do not stop there! This electric scooter has a front suspension which is added to 10 inch tires for optimal driving comfort.

Thanks to its high IPX5 waterproofing standard, you can drive quietly under overcast skies or light showers without fear of affecting the proper functioning of the vehicle. It reaches a top speed of 25 km/h in line with the regulations in force. This scooter is suitable for both short and long journeys with a range of 30 kilometers.

Inöe Tweeky: the city car at a low price

Inöe Tweeky electric scooter

The Tweeky scooter is one of the few city cars to offer such a low price for such quality. It is specially designed for urban use thanks to its 10-inch wheels that can absorb all shocks. It is also very light and very easy to transport : ideal if you have to store it temporarily while strolling around town.

Thanks to its 36V 10Ah battery, you will have a range of 36 km while enjoying pleasant and fast driving. The Tweeky also has great water resistance ! Indeed, this electric scooter is IP65 certified. This means that it is protected against splashing water and resistant to dust build-up!

Inöe Sweemie 2: the waterproof and high-performance scooter

Inöe Sweemie electric scooter

The Sweemie 2 scooter is specially designed to be waterproof. Its 36V 13Ah battery is IPX7 certified making it one of the most water resistant on the market. This city car will be able to face any type of road while guaranteeing you a comfortable driving experience thanks to its front shock absorbers and wide tires.

This scooter will appeal to the most experienced. It reaches a speed of 40 km/h and has a range of 45 km thanks to its Lithium-ion battery. With a power of 500 W , you can drive at a reasonable speed without risking the slightest collision.

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Inöe: let's discover this new entry-level brand on the French market

Inöe entry-level electric scooter

As you will have understood, in this comparison of urban Inöe electric scooters, we present the three scooters of the brand. Each of its scooters has its own qualities but also a unique design.

What is the Inöe brand?

The Inöe brand is a French electric scooter brand . Its objective: to offer a range of vehicles combining quality and accessibility. Its entry into the electric mobility market is therefore a resounding success!

The French brand combines several great qualities necessary for a good city scooter. First of all, the components of these scooters are of high quality. Whether it's your brake, your tires, your battery, your handlebars, your shock absorbers, your deck or even your suspensions: everything has been thought out to ensure the best possible road comfort.

Although the brand is recent, it offers three brands of electric scooters (Bloomy 2, Tweeky and Sweemie 2) that have caught the attention of users. The scooters of this brand stand out for their comfortable ride and ensure the safety of their users.

It has sufficient autonomy to make daily journeys. The finishes and the main function of the scooters of this brand is to be able to ride without fear that your scooter will be damaged by rain and other bad weather. Indeed, these electric scooters are subject to a waterproof index. At present, the Inöe Sweemie is also the best waterproof scooter on the market.

The brand has relied on the quality of its products by combining power, waterproofing, autonomy and above all quality of the components . Thus, whatever your profile, the brand assures you that you will find the two-wheeler that suits you while benefiting from an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

However, like many scooters on the market, you will have to comply with the law to be rules. Although subject to 25 km / h, scooters from the French brand Inöe can exceed the speed limit on sidewalks. You will therefore have to ride on the road or the roadway even over long distances whether you are on slopes or on flat ground.

As you will have understood, with Inöe electric scooters, you are guaranteed to have the necessary equipment while enjoying excellent value for money. Both easily transportable and ergonomic, the Inöe brand offers you a unique driving experience.

The design and structure of Inöe scooters

Each electric scooter from the Inöe brand offers innovative designs. These are designed to support and facilitate the lives of users on a daily basis.

The Bloomy 2 electric scooter

The Bloomy 2 electric scooter is equipped with a color LCD screen that will allow you to view all the information of your trip in real time. A little extra in its design that should not be overlooked! The Bloomy has a discreet side stand that you can fold directly into the deck when you want to move around.

In terms of lighting, you have a rear light connected to your brake which lights up when you brake, but also a front LED headlight to illuminate you when you are driving. Very easy to fold but above all to carry thanks to its weight of 18 kg, its structure is light but robust. A little extra, when you order the Bloomy scooter on our site, you are offered a very practical accessory: a Weebot storage bag worth 29.90 euros.

The Tweeky electric scooter

Thanks to its aluminum frame, this scooter is dust and water resistant . It has a resistance with IP65 certification . It is ideal if you want to own a light city electric scooter. It is also very easy to transport and easily foldable.

Its modern design is also its strength. It is equipped with a very effective rear disc brake. Your driving comfort and safety are also taken into account because the Inöe Tweeky has 10-inch wheels.

The Swemmie 2 electric scooter

Combining double suspension and a 10-inch inflatable tire , the Inöe Sweemie 2 is very pleasant to drive. No bad weather can resist it: not even the rain! It is equipped with a chassis ensuring almost perfect water resistance! Thanks to its 180° mudguard you will be protected from splashes.

In terms of accessories, the Sweemie 2 is well equipped. It is equipped with an LED lighting system installed at the front of the handlebars but also with dual lights at the rear of the vehicle which flash when braking. The Sweemie is also equipped with indicators that engage when you turn.

Inöe: quality at a low price

At Inöe, low price rhymes with quality! So you can enjoy a scooter at an affordable price while having optimal performance. In this comparison of adult electric scooters, Weebot presents the strengths of these scooters that provide you with optimal driving comfort.

A safe braking system

Each scooter from the Inöe brand has its own brake system. Each brake system has been designed by the brand to be as secure as possible. The Sweemie 2 scooter has front and rear drum brakes. For its part, the Tweeky has a rear drum brake only. This will allow you to brake over a short distance without snagging when desired. So it can last longer.

For its part, the Bloomy 2 city car has a rear disc braking system. Note that the braking quality of a disc braking system is more progressive. You will enjoy smoother and better braking. In addition, the brake discs are more resistant to heat.

Inöe, waterproof electric scooters

As you have seen in this comparison of adult electric scooters, all Inöe brand electric scooters meet the waterproofing standard. Commonly known as the IP standard, it allows, as its name suggests, to characterize the level of tightness of a product.

This is an international standard defined on several levels ranging from 0 to 9. Each Inöe electric scooter can therefore be driven without concern in the rain without any consequences. You can drive with complete peace of mind in any weather condition.

The Inöe Bloomy 2 and TWeeky scooters have an IP65 waterproof rating. Which means their dust and water resistance is more than adequate. The battery of your scooter will therefore be able to withstand dust and showers in an optimal way.

The toughest scooter from this brand is the Sweemie 2. It has been specially designed to be water resistant with an IPX7 rating. This index indicates that the scooter is resistant to dust and is completely waterproof. In fact , you can immerse it up to 1 meter deep in water without risking damaging your Sweemie 2 electric scooter!

Inöe Electric Scooter FAQs

Are Inöe scooters waterproof?

All electric scooters in the Inöe range have strong water resistance. However, one model in particular has been designed to be completely waterproof: the Inöe Sweemie 2 electric scooter. This model allows you to enjoy the same performance and ride in complete safety whatever the weather conditions.

What is the maximum speed of Inöe electric scooters?

In general, the maximum speed of Inöe electric scooters is the same, regardless of the model you choose. So for a Bloomy 2, Tweeky or Swemmie 2 scooter, the maximum speed will be 25 km/h. On the other hand, if you ride on a private road, the Inöe Sweemie 2 electric scooter can reach 40 km/h.

What is the cheapest scooter in the range?

Inöe brand scooters have a reputation for having unbeatable prices. However, all the models available are very efficient, easy to maintain and pleasant to drive. Thus, for an entry-level, offers you the Bloomy electric scooter. For this model, you will have to pay an average of 489 euros.

Conclusion on Inöe electric scooters

Before buying the model of your dreams, it is essential to know what you intend to do with it and thanks to its three models, you are sure to find what you are looking for with the Inöe range. Although they have many points in common, each Inöe electric scooter offers you a different experience once in hand.

Thanks to these unbeatable prices, you won't have to worry about your bank account. But beware: at Inöe low price is not synonymous with poor quality, on the contrary! Inöe electric scooters are comfortable, ergonomic and resistant to many obstacles.

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