In 2023 with the explosion in sales of electric scooters, we are a long way from the time when this machine was reserved exclusively for children. On the contrary, and in order to offer new products, the fast electric scooter is being pushed further and further into its entrenchments.

These new vehicles armed with dual motors can even exceed the 100 km/h mark and directly compete with the electric scooter and the electric motorcycle.

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What is a fast electric scooter?

According to the latest law of July 2020 , the speed of EDPM (motorized personal transport vehicles) on public roads is limited to 25 km/h. So what can be called a fast electric scooter ?

It is therefore ultimately a rather subjective term. A motorized vehicle that can travel at a speed of 35 km/h, such as the E-Twow GT 2020 for example, could therefore be classified as a fast electric scooter.

However in this article we will deal with the fastest electric scooters ! Motorized vehicles that can reach more than 100 km/h at top speed . Whether it's for daily commuting or for long rides out of town, it's always nice to be able to ride at high speed. But again, pay attention to the regulations!

Start of the Electric Skootr Championship

But the models that we are going to present to you are not reserved for all riders. Be careful because driving at this speed is only legal, according to the law, on circuits and private roads .

The sporty driving of scooters is on the rise. A championship on circuit called Electric Skootr Championship whose qualifying phases have already started will soon see the best drivers compete. The circuits traced in the biggest cities of the world already make the pilots tremble.

On scooters, we are very vulnerable to accidents , even more than on scooters and motorcycles, which have better stability. We also remind you that the use of an electric scooter is reserved for people over 12 years old.

These ultra-fast scooters must be handled with care to avoid falls or traffic accidents. With constant innovations, these fast electric scooters are therefore sporty machines. It is therefore important to be well equipped to ride safely.

Fast electric scooter motors

While light electric scooter models generally have only one motor (in the front wheel or the rear wheel), very fast models are equipped with two high-performance brushless motors generally of at least 1000W each.

If the engines make it possible to reach a high speed, they are also practical to deliver sufficient power on the slopes without losing too much the cadence. The weight of the user thus plays much less on performance compared to a single-motor scooter.

These "brushless" motors run on alternating current and although they do not require maintenance, they are more energy intensive due to their high power. This is why super fast electric scooters have very large batteries.

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The battery of a fast electric scooter

The battery of a very fast electric scooter is an essential element in addition to the motors. In order to be able to propel them, they must deliver enough current, while allowing them to be used for a satisfactory time. There would be no point in having a fast electric scooter to go 100 km/h for just one kilometer.

This is why these ultra-fast two-wheelers are supplied with an imposing battery sometimes weighing several tens of kilos. Placed in a thick deck, the necessary power is available right under the user's feet.

Previously lead-acid, the batteries are now all lithium in 2023. By being lighter, they allow the scooter to offer much better performance. Where the shoe pinches is at the level of the price of the materials which are relatively more expensive than lead by being rarer.

To use a fast electric scooter, you have to take into account the use you want to have with this sporty two-wheeler. In order to have no problem moving around, one of the other advantages of the lithium battery is to be able to recharge more quickly, without having the memory effect.

That is to say that it is no longer useful to have to wait until the battery is almost empty to recharge it. With a lithium battery, it is possible to recharge it at any time while maintaining a good lifespan as we pointed out in our article on the maintenance of an electric scooter .

For the past few months, manufacturers of fast electric scooters have been using the latest generation cells called 21700 lithium-ion. These have the particularity of offering a better density. To put it simply, it is possible to have a larger capacity battery in an equal volume.

Reducing the number of cells (or batteries) allows the battery to be better centered inside the deck. This also contributes to improving balance and driving pleasure.

By reducing the number of cells inside, it is to simplify the various elements of the circuit, such as the number of connections and welds. The 21700 cells therefore help to lighten the assembly very slightly and simplify the assembly of the batteries.

What are the fastest electric scooters?

fastest electric scooter ranking

Top 5 Fast Electric Scooters

If the Minimotors brand with its "Dualtron" reigns supreme over the range of the best fast electric scooters, they are no longer, in 2023, the fastest on the market.

One model in particular exceeds the famous Dualtron X-2 in pure top speed. But the Rion Thrust electric scooter is difficult to find in France due to its low production in the United States. It is also not approved for driving on public roads in France, unlike its competitors.

Here is our comparison of ultra-fast electric scooters ranked in order of speed.

Rion Thrust Electric Scooter

rion thrust carbon electric scooter features 120 km/h

It is THE fastest electric scooter in the world in 2023. It can reach the maximum speed of 125 km/h! This amazing machine is hand built in California. Available only on order, it takes about 200 days before receiving this machine designed above all for driving on the circuit. This is to say the power of the machine!

Designed specifically for racing, this super sporty electric scooter is made largely of carbon fiber to reduce its weight as much as possible and increase performance.

Unlike all its competitors who flirt with or even exceed 50 kg, the Rion Thrust weighs only 31 kg . Reserved for competition, the most powerful electric scooter is not approved for public roads because it is not limited to 25 km/h as required by French regulations.

With its Samsung 88V 30Ah lithium battery , it is possible to drive this vehicle over a maximum distance of 70 km. For this you will have to use the dazzling acceleration sparingly and ride at a little slower speed. In dynamic driving, it will be necessary to be satisfied with about 40 km.

Its two brushless motors deploying 21700W of power can be compared with the Dualtron Thunder which is 4 times less powerful (5400W). Safety is therefore put forward on this product in order to contain the power of the beast with high-end hydraulic disc brakes and suspensions (front and rear) ensuring incredible road holding.

Advantages of the Rion Thrust electric scooter

  • The fastest scooter on the market
  • Lightness (31 kg) for a powerful electric scooter thanks to carbon
  • Handmade in California to order
  • Looks very different from other super fast electric scooters

Disadvantages of the Rion Thrust Electric Scooter

  • Illegal to ride on public roads in France
  • No speedometer on the handlebars

Dualtron X-2 Electric Scooter

electric scooter dualtron x-2 minimotors 110 km/h

In 2019, the Minimotors brand struck a major blow in the range of fast electric scooters with its Dualtron X. Equipped with two 3360W brushless motors, the Dualtron X deploys a maximum power of 6700W.

Its replacement, the Dualtron X-2 still exceeds expectations. To reach the maximum speed of 110 km/h this time, despite its 66 kg, the most powerful of the Minimotors deploys 8300W.

To power these powerful motors, Dualtron has equipped its all-terrain scooter with an LG 72V 45Ah lithium battery in order to have a machine that is both super powerful while being able to use it for very long hours. It's very simple, it is possible to reach 200 km of autonomy with the best Dualtron electric scooter from Minimotors.

With such power, it is mandatory to have suspensions, tires and brakes designed to match the engines. Configurable to 19 different positions, the suspensions of the Dualtron X-2 perfectly absorb road vibrations, combined with the wide 13-inch tubeless tires, even at high speed.

Far from the scooter you come across in town, the Dualtron X-2 requires the rider to be very careful. It is, to date, the fastest electric scooter approved for use in town.

Advantages of the Dualtron X-2 electric scooter

  • Very long range (200 km)
  • Dualtron quality
  • Suspension adjustable up to 19 positions
  • Extra wide 13 inch tires

Disadvantages of the Dualtron X-2 electric scooter

  • Heavy, very heavy (66 kg)
  • Very limited stock

Weped SS-T Electric Scooter (Weebot x Weped)

weped ss-t electric scooter features

Proposed by Weebot in collaboration with the Weped brand, the SS-T is a super fast all-terrain scooter model. The South Korean brand offers a powerful machine that can reach a maximum speed of 110 km/h . Unlike the Rion, the Weped SS-T has a significantly larger Samsung 72V 45Ah lithium battery to provide a range of 150 km .

With a particularly advanced design and finish, this ultra-sporty high-end electric scooter still weighs 52 kilos with its large deck. So nothing to do with the Rion Thrust made largely of carbon fiber . Equipped with two brushless motors with a power of 10,000W , the chassis of the Weped is made of reinforced 6061 aluminum. This can withstand the peak power of 30,000W!

This fast electric scooter can climb slopes of up to 40% while supporting a load of 150 kg. With its LDPS compressed air suspensions and specially designed flat tires, the Weped SS-T offers everything you expect from a high-end fast electric scooter.

Benefits of the Weeped SS-T Electric Scooter

  • Very high-end build quality
  • Long battery life
  • Compressed air suspensions

Disadvantages of the Weeped SS-T electric scooter

  • Weight of 52 kg
  • Exposed screws giving it a massive appearance
  • hard to find
  • Flat tires not appreciated by all

Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter

dualtron thunder 2 electric scooter features

For a long time, the Dualtron Thunder was considered the fastest electric scooter for thrill seekers.

Initially it was to be replaced by the Dualtron Storm which was released in early 2021. If the Storm has found its place in the Minimotors range with its removable battery, the Korean manufacturer has gone even further by creating the Thunder 2 available from October 2021. A real power monster of 10080W peak and its 60A controller!

The Dualtron Thunder 2 electric scooter reaches a maximum speed of 100 km/h . Dualtron's fastest electric scooter after the X-2.

Very robust with its weight of 47 kg , it can drive about 170 km at most thanks to a 72V 40Ah lithium battery . Its hydraulic disc brakes ensure the machine's safety, as do its quality suspensions and wide 11-inch tires .

Advantages of the Dualtron Thunder 2 electric scooter

  • Much "lighter" than a Dualtron X-2
  • 60A controller in Boost mode
  • A good value in the range of the best fast electric scooters
  • Raised stop light on the step
  • Big autonomy
  • An even more reinforced crutch

Disadvantages of the Dualtron Thunder 2 electric scooter

  • Not out yet

Nami Burn-E Viper Electric Scooter

electric scooter nami viper burn-e features

No one expected it in the sports electric scooter market, but the Nami Viper has made a name for itself in the hearts of riders in 2023. This model presents itself as a particularly fast all-terrain electric scooter.

This new machine offers a power of 8400W for 47 kg. Enough to reach the bar, too, of 100 km / h in top speed . Its frame gives it a look that stands out from other models of fast electric scooters.

Its careful construction makes it one of the most water-resistant electric scooters according to its users. An astonishing power-to-weight ratio that brings it closer to the Thunder 2. With its lower capacity 72V 35Ah internal battery , the Nami Viper can reach 150 km.

Even if your battery is at the end of its life, at weebot we offer you all the types of batteries you need to regain the previous performance of your scooters.

If you have any doubts or would like a personalized service on this subject, do not hesitate to click on the banner below to benefit from a free personalized service! All you have to do is answer a short questionnaire and you will be contacted very quickly about your request!

Custom Service Internal Battery Electric Scooter

One of its strengths is to offer, in addition to its enormous driving capacity, a quality display on the handlebars. Like a real smartphone, this display is particularly well finished and offers a higher level of information compared to the famous classic display from Minimotors.

Advantages of the Nami Viper electric scooter

  • One of the best value for money on the market
  • Particularly well built (improved sealing)
  • Full handlebar display
  • unique look

Disadvantages of the Nami Viper electric scooter

  • A little more expensive than the future Thunder 2

Tips for choosing the right electric scooter

Beyond pure speed, it is important to consider the use you want to make of your very fast electric scooter. If autonomy plays a big role, just like the quality of manufacture and the possible adjustment of the stem in height are important elements before feeling good at the handlebars of these particularly swift motorized machines.

But to drive cautiously, always on a private road or circuit, it is also essential to be well equipped to protect yourself in the event of a fall. Many items of equipment are available to improve your safety on the handlebars of these high-performance vehicles.

Equipment for riding fast: helmet for a fast electric scooter

fast electric scooter kaabo wolf warrior 11 plus helmet

Although the helmet is not mandatory to ride an electric scooter, it seems wise to us to equip yourself with a helmet on the handlebars of a fast electric scooter. Knowing that speed is the number one cause of falls and that in 40% of cases, head injuries occur, the helmet is essential for your safety.

Several types of helmets exist and we advise you for your safety and comfort to invest in a snowboard helmet or motorcycle helmet rather than a bicycle helmet protecting the skull a little less. It is important to choose a helmet that you like because the helmet that protects you best is the one you always wear when using a super sporty electric scooter.

Equipment for driving fast: steering damper

Relatively little known to scooter users, the steering damper avoids what is called steering. But what is steering ? It is a phenomenon of very rapid left-right oscillation of your handlebars which is often impossible to control.

electric scooter steering damper steering damper

When riding at high speeds, even the best fast electric scooters can spin out of control when approaching their top speed or when the front tire comes off the road after going over a bump. This phenomenon can therefore happen more quickly than we think. To avoid this, it is important to check the condition of the suspensions of your speed scooter. If the adjustment of these is too firm, it is possible to experience this steering effect when the wheel hits the ground.

In addition, it is useful to invest in a steering damper to counter this dangerous phenomenon. The shock absorber will then prevent the left-right effect from stop to stop as much as possible for a safer ride of your super fast electric scooter.

Equipment for riding fast: gloves

If the most important protection in a fast electric scooter is the helmet, the gloves undeniably come second. Your hands can take heavy damage when falling at very high speeds. When riding at high speed the gloves protect the hands from the cold and improve the grip of the handlebars, especially over long distances.

It's up to you to choose between textile gloves and leather ones. There are all kinds, offering more or less protection depending on your use of a fast electric scooter.

Equipment for speeding: speed goggles

To avoid getting caught in the wind, speed goggles are ideal for taking full advantage of your ride at high speed. If you have previously invested in a scooter helmet with a visor then it is not necessary to wear glasses.

But in the case of wearing a helmet without a visor, it may be wise to equip yourself with a pair of speed goggles protecting you from both the wind and the sun on certain models. Their advantage, unlike a classic pair of glasses, is that they can be attached using an elastic strap and thus stay firmly on your eyes. You will never lose sight of the road at high speed!

electric scooter minimotors dualtron x-2 sand beach


While the best fast electric scooters are not just for athletes, it is important to keep in mind that these machines must be used with good precautions.

On scooters we are very vulnerable to falls and accidents, especially when riding at high speed. We therefore advise you to be careful and well equipped when you take the handlebars of a fast scooter.

The power of these high-performance machines requires a learning curve in order to properly control your vehicle , but once this milestone has been reached, driving pleasure will take place for thrill seekers.


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