The town hall of Paris has decided to limit the speed regulation of electric scooters to 10 km / h on June 30, 2021. It therefore forces the three operators holding the monopoly of the rental of self-service electric scooters to restrict their vehicles to 10km / h. Otherwise, their contract will not be renewed after 2022.

Some areas of the capital are already subject to this regime (Les Halles, Bastille and the Republic). But it remains to be seen what will be the evolution, and the final outcome of this new regulation imposing the restricted electric scooter in Paris.

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Paris wants to transform transport in the public space

The French capital is experiencing a real transition towards greener, more economical and more practical mobility.

Many Parisians have decided to follow this transition movement by moving more towards electric mobility. In particular the essential free-floating electric scooter, very practical for short journeys, first and last kilometers of daily routes.

In June 2018, self-service electric scooters took over the sidewalks of the city of Paris. In the space of three years, this phenomenon has evolved, generated reactions and unfortunate events linked to the insecure behavior of users.

Road traffic in Paris can sometimes be anarchic, and electric scooters contribute to this.

Beyond their disorganized and disturbing parking, their driving on the sidewalks (although prohibited) and people riding the machine in groups (just as prohibited), the maximum authorized speed for the electric scooter is being reduced by the town halls of Paris for security reasons.

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Test phase still in progress

Since the end of June, an experimental phase of the electric scooter limited to 10km/ha has begun in the large city of Paris. The speed limit for self-service scooters (Lime, Dott and Tier) is automatically regulated in areas with high pedestrian density in the capital.

The mayor of the Paris-Centre sector Ariel Weil, declared to the Parisian : “ It is quite surprising. There are no more incidents like before. This makes you want to widen the perimeters of limitation ”.

It is therefore obvious that this experiment provides positive results on the quality of road traffic in Paris. As a result, this new restriction is being generalized throughout the capital.

Reduce the number of accidents in the city

The regulation of electric scooters restricted to 10km/h in Paris was pronounced by the Paris City Hall a few weeks after the fatal accident of a young 31-year-old pedestrian struck by an electric scooter which was moving too fast and which supported two people.

Although they are partially respected, there are rules concerning the use of electric scooters in public spaces.

In particular: the maximum speed of movement on an electric scooter at 25km/h (1500 euros fine incurred); the number of people limited to 1 on the electric scooter (35 euros fine incurred); the ban on driving the electric scooter on the sidewalks (135 euros fine incurred).

It is necessary for the mayor of Paris to take measures to promote the safety of its inhabitants and reduce the number of accidents .

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Lime, Dott and Tier threatened with permanent withdrawal

The measurement of the electric scooter restricted to 10km/h in Paris mainly concerns the rental of electric scooters in free floating.

The capital has joined the growing phenomenon of the electric scooter by letting it invade its streets at first but above all by concluding a contract with these three operators chosen under criteria in July 2020.

The contracts will expire in October 2022 and may not be renewed if the three giants of the capital's electric scooter rental do not comply with the new regulations by restricting their vehicles in Paris.

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The electric scooter restricted to 10 km/h is a decision that has caused ink to flow. This measure calls into question the interest of renting a scooter in Paris to save time on daily journeys.

In addition, it is important to remember that the restriction of electric scooters to 10km/h in the capital only concerns self-service scooters.

So isn't it more advantageous to own your own electric scooter and use it freely? We are convinced of this at Weebot, which is why we invite you to consult our article " How to choose your electric scooter ", because it is important to ask yourself the right questions in order to best guide your purchase.

It remains essential to ensure safe driving by respecting the highway code (applicable to electric scooters since 2019). Also at the material level by favoring the use of gloves , a helmet but also by carrying out the punctual revisions of your vehicle to drive serenely.

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