Faced with the proliferation of electric scooters on the road, it is always good to spread good traffic rules on the road. Mainly in the city, where many users fail in their duty. In order to reduce the risk of an accident on an electric scooter , here are some tips to follow for the good of all.

Electric scooters prohibited on sidewalks

It's in the highway code! You cannot ride on the sidewalk on an electric scooter . Both for the safety of pedestrians and for your own, you are legally obliged to use the cycle paths. By staying in your protection zone, you avoid a contravention of 135 euros in a fixed fine (class 4).

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25 km/h top speed

There are many electric scooters on the market. These are differentiated by their size, color, weight but also and above all by their top speed . If each electric scooter sold in France is legally limited to 25 km / h , it is nevertheless possible to exceed this maximum speed if you ride on private land.

Of course, many users often travel at a higher speed in the city. Be wary therefore because you incur a fine in the event of excessive speed of 1500€ (class 5 contravention). Unleashing your electric scooter and traveling at more than 25 km/h presents an additional safety risk in the event of a collision or fall. Please respect the rules of the road.

Prohibition of two-person riding on an electric scooter

Similarly, it is not possible to ride two on an electric scooter . This is both dangerous in the event of braking, but also because the vehicle is not designed for a weight greater than a single person. You risk damaging the electric scooter, at the level of the suspensions and also at the level of the motor which could overheat in the event of overweight.

The same goes for the braking system. This is not designed to provide the best stopping distances with excessive weight on the vehicle.

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Traffic in town: be careful!

As scooters become more popular, more and more people use them to get to work. This allows on the one hand to escape the traffic jam and on the other hand to better aerate the mind after a long day of work.

But when sharing the road with cars and trucks, it is important to be particularly careful in town. When the cycle path is available, you are required to use it. In the absence of the latter, the highway code limits you to lanes limited to 50 km/h. But when you go down that road, you're just a small vehicle among the big ones.

Be visible for better security

To ride in town or in the countryside, Weebot advises you to be clearly visible to other road users. Your electric scooter is equipped with a bell as well as headlights and reflectors, but it may be useful to increase your visibility for enhanced safety.

So many signals that will save you the worst with drivers but not only. Indeed, high speed is also a risk for pedestrians and other cyclists who will not hear you coming otherwise.

In order to be seen, especially in winter weather, remember to equip yourself with the following products:

Front light on the handlebars to light your way

eclairage phare avant trottinette

Turn Signals and Taillight

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reflective vest

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Anticipate braking

When driving in town, you should be particularly responsive on your electric scooter. For more safety, we advise you to be vigilant when braking.

By design, the electric scooter is a vehicle with small wheels. It is then all the more complicated to brake effectively when it is launched at full speed.

It is therefore important to know your electric scooter well and to know how to react in the face of danger. When you buy an electric scooter, check carefully what kind of braking system is equipped. We advise you to favor disc brakes at the front as well as at the rear, which are the most effective in terms of braking.

But it also requires some maintenance. The linings (or brake pads) must be changed regularly to maintain their good efficiency.

Also be careful if your electric scooter is only equipped with an electronic motor brake. This is generally the case on entry-level models under the 400 euro mark. This tends to provide more vehicle slowing rather than full braking.

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Pay attention to the blind spots of trucks on the road

We can never repeat it enough, it is necessary to be particularly attentive to the truck on the road. These have huge blind spots on the sides and it is very common to see electric scooters crashed at a crossroads.

Although you are within your rights by riding on the right on the cycle path, remember to always keep an eye out for large machinery that may not be able to see you.

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