Driving an electric scooter is within everyone's reach. Whether it's a self-service electric scooter or an electric scooter of your choice, riding with this electric vehicle is child's play.

Surely you have already driven a classic electric scooter when you were a child. Riding an electric scooter is similar except for a few details. Who says electric scooter, says motorization system, accelerators or even braking system.

In our article, Weebot tells you how to ride an electric scooter for the first time in a few steps. From equipment to driving, Weebot tells you more!

The reflexes to adopt before starting to drive

The reflexes to adopt before starting to drive

Before you start riding, you need to plan your ride properly. For this you must adopt a certain number of reflexes before driving your electric scooter. Here are our tips:

Think about your safety!

When driving any electric vehicle, it is important to protect yourself. Indeed, you are not immune to an accident or a possible fall when you ride an electric scooter. That's why safety must come before everything else.

To achieve this, you must first equip yourself with a helmet. Although wearing a helmet is not mandatory, it is still recommended to wear one to protect your skull during a fall. In terms of clothing style, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothes that cover your arms and legs. In addition, you can equip yourself with elbow and knee pads for even more safety. You can also wear gloves to protect your hands while ensuring good grip on the handlebars.

Check that your scooter is in order

Before riding an electric scooter, you must carry out a complete check of your vehicle. This will allow you to make sure that everything is working as it should for added security. Here are the components to check when riding an electric scooter:

  • Check your battery level.
  • Check that your wheels are well inflated and in good condition.
  • Check that the braking, acceleration and lighting system works as it should.
  • Check that your scooter does not make any unusual noise when starting.
  • Check the level on your handlebars so that it is at the correct height.
  • Once everything is in order, you can start riding without fear!

Choosing where to drive your electric vehicle

For your first ride, it is important to choose a suitable place to train properly. We recommend that you favor a smooth place or a paved road without obstacles. It is better not to start riding in very crowded places.

Note that the location is as important as the driving schedule. You must therefore make sure to drive during off-peak hours when there are few pedestrians or cyclists circulating.

In other words, favor spacious and empty places to be able to enjoy a pleasant journey.

How do I use my electric scooter?

How do I use my electric scooter?

You should know that it will take you a few minutes to adapt to the machine. For beginners, it is recommended to practice on your own before making regular trips. After starting your vehicle, here are some tips to follow for the first use of your electric scooter:

  • To start, keep your scooter balanced and then place your hands on the handlebars.
  • Put your feet on the board and stay balanced.
  • Then propel yourself using your foot which had remained on the ground. This will allow you to gain speed.
  • You can use your foot continuously to start you moving but also to start your engine.
  • Once the engine is running, turn your handlebars so you can steer.
  • If you want to stop, use the brakes on the handlebars or at the rear of your vehicle.

How do I maintain my electric scooter?

A scooter does not require excessive maintenance. Maintaining your scooter regularly will allow you to enjoy your vehicle for longer. Here are some tips for properly maintaining your vehicle:

  • Don't let your scooter run out of charge. Take the time to charge your electric scooter before each ride. Adopting this reflex will allow you to keep your battery longer, and therefore your vehicle.
  • Inflate your tires properly. Tires are fragile components that are damaged very easily. To make sure your tires are properly inflated you need to check their pressure.
  • Do not overload your scooter. Each electric scooter has a limited weight, so it is important not to overload it so as not to affect its proper functioning.
  • Use your scooter on terrain suitable for its model. Indeed, an all-terrain electric scooter will not be able to ride on the same types of terrain as a city electric scooter, otherwise it will be damaged.

Mistakes to avoid when riding an electric scooter

Mistakes to avoid when riding an electric scooter

When riding an electric scooter for the first time, it's not uncommon for you to make mistakes. Weebot has therefore drawn up a list of the most common mistakes not to make when you ride with your electrically assisted vehicle:

  • Stepping on your throttle too hard can cause your scooter to swerve, lose your balance and cause you to fall. It is best to lightly press the accelerator continuously to maintain control of your vehicle.
  • Brake too hard: this can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and, by extension, cause you to fall. To brake properly, increase pressure on the brakes gradually.
  • Leaning while cornering: leaning too much when approaching a bend can cause you to fall very quickly.
  • Turning the handlebars abruptly: Turning your handlebars too hard can damage your handlebars in the long term, but also cause you to fall. It's best to slow down and then turn your handlebars slightly.


How old do you have to be to ride an electric scooter?

The law is clear on the subject: you must be at least 12 years old to be able to ride an electric scooter in the middle of towns. Below this age, it is preferable to opt for children's toys to be used only on private land.

Can you ride an electric scooter when it rains?

It all depends on the model of scooter you have chosen. It is preferable to turn to an electric vehicle subject to a sealing standard. The latter indicates that your vehicle is both water resistant and resistant to dust build-up.


Electric scooters are a pleasant and environmentally friendly means of transport. It is also a good alternative to popular means of transport such as the car for example. Start riding an electric scooter within everyone's reach, all you have to do is take the courage in both hands and take the plunge by following the advice given in this article.

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