Inöe made a dazzling entry into the electric mobility market with its three product models: the electric scooter Inöe Bloomy , the Tweeky and the Sweepie 2 . You have could discover them through our article Electric scooter Inöe :  the waterproof range To little price.

We are going to take a closer look at the Inöe Bloomy electric scooter, the brand's entry-level model . Its price defies all competition, with a quality that is not compromised. Let's test and discover the electric scooter together Inöe Bloomie .

Presentation of the Electric Scooter Inöe bloomy

Marketed at the start of 2023, the electric scooter bloomy is the brand's entry-level model Inöe . The brand has bet on an impressive value for money . Indeed, the electric scooter Inöe bloomy is sold at only 489€ and still offers specs very interesting.

Whether in terms of design or technical characteristics, the electric scooter Inöe bloomy is made of quality materials that make it the everyday scooter par excellence . Equipped with a motor Brushless of 250 W, it can reach a top speed of 25 km/h. It has 10-inch wheels for maximum comfort.

inoe bloomy electric scooter

Inöe Bloomy , the perfect scooter for city riders

The electric scooter bloomy is dedicated to urban travel. Its weight of 16.5kg made of this two wheels a relatively light and easy-to-carry product for daily trips. In particular thanks to its hook on the rear mudguard, which makes it easy to fold the stem of the bloomy to facilitate its transport.

With its top speed of 25 km/h and its autonomy of 30 km, the scooter Inöe bloomy is perfectly suited to riders looking for a practical electric scooter for everyday life.

A cheap electric scooter that resists rain

The brand Inöe has distinguished itself on the electric mobility market by the waterproofness of its scooters. It is very difficult to find an electric scooter that is both accessible and water resistant, but Inöe rose to the challenge.

The electric scooter Inöe bloomy is certified IP65 and it's its great asset. This scooter is able to ride in rainy weather. That said, in order to maintain perfect vehicle efficiency over the long term, we advise you to avoid driving it in heavy rain.

inoe bloomy electric scooter

Design and Technical Characteristics of the Electric Scooter Inöe bloomy

La Inöe bloomy features a minimalist and elegant design. Its modern structure and matte black color make this scooter a stylish everyday ally. Unlike many electric scooter models, the model Inöe bloomy only has the brake cable visible. Equipped with large 10-inch inflatable wheels, the scooter bloomy brings more comfort and safety while driving.

Stylish, comfortable but also very practical with its hook on the rear mudguard. It is possible to easily fold the stem of the bloomy to facilitate its transport.

The power delivered by the engine brushless of 250W placed in the rear wheel of the electric scooter Bloomy propels you to a top speed of 25 km/h and has a range of 36 km. This two-wheeler has 3 driving modes ranging from 10km/h to 25km/h from its display on the handlebars.

Its battery Lithium Ion 36V 8Ah ( IP65 ) recharges in 5am with the supplied charger.

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Comparison against the Eroz Ek8 and the Mi Scooter Electrical 3 by Xiaomi

Comparative electric scooters inoe bloomy eroz ek8 xiaomi electric scooter 3

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Electric Scooter Inöe bloomy

The strengths of the Electric Scooter Inöe bloomy

  • Waterproofing: Resistance at the water certified IP65
  • Value for money
  • Autonomy of 30 km
  • Good visibility at night thanks to its headlights Before
  • Quick folding system
  • Ease of transport

The weak points of the Electric Scooter Inöe bloomy

  • Availability in one colors
  • weight of 16kg
  • Risk of puncture (tube tire)

inoe bloomy scooter

Conclusion: Our Electric Scooter Reviews Inöe bloomy

To conclude this electric scooter test Inöe bloomy and give our verdict on the product we retain the quality-price ratio that defies all competition. Its waterproofness is its greatest strength, it can be driven in light rain without worry, for an entry-level model, this represents an almost unprecedented feature!

Equipped with quality equipment, the Inöe Bloomy electric scooter is very easy to handle. Very comfortable and pleasant to drive in town with its 10 inch tires. Finally, its front drum brake and rear electric brake ensure driver safety.

We also note the ease of cleaning the plastic grip of the Bloomy, and its entire structure. Easy to maintain, practical and modern, this Inöe model is perfectly suited to urban users.

Test and Unboxing of the Inöe Bloomy Electric Scooter

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