The German brand Egret, specializing in electric scooters, had already pleasantly surprised us with the Egret Ten and here comes the Egret Ten V3 electric scooter ! We couldn't resist and gave it a try.

What does it have more than its predecessors? Is it as effective as it looks? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

Discover without further delay our complete test of the Egret Ten V3 scooter and our expert opinion that goes with it!

egret ten v3 electric scooter review

A Design and Comfort Electric Scooter

At first glance, the design of the Egret Ten V3 scooter slightly resembles that of the first generation Egret Ten. Elegance is always there!

But in reality, the design has been revamped a bit . Indeed, the chassis is made of aluminum, a guarantee of solidity and lightness. In addition, the top is wider, which allows optimal placement of the feet.

The handlebar is also wider, and is adjustable (from 90 to 120 cm in height). Also, it is equipped with ergonomic handles, very pleasant to the touch.

We also particularly appreciated the central LED screen, which has been well redesigned . Still on the left, we find the indication of autonomy, and on the right, the possibility of adjusting the maximum speed (5 speed modes ranging from 10km/h to 30km/h).

Also, we noticed the LED light at the front of the scooter which illuminates the road well, as well as the rear light, installed on the mudguard, which is also activated automatically when braking.

In addition, the large 10-inch all-terrain wheels (from which the Egret “Ten” is named) are inflatable front and rear. They are really effective because they perfectly absorb the various shocks linked to holes in the bitumen, cobblestones or even manhole covers. The passage of small obstacles (lowered sidewalks, holes, bumps etc.) is also much easier.

To know :

The wheels inflate with a simple bicycle pump!

Regarding the folding system of the Egret Ten V3 electric scooter, it is now simpler and more secure.

Indeed, the handlebar is foldable, which saves a few centimeters. Just fold the handlebar over the rear wheel and you're done! The scooter is therefore much easier and more practical to transport. However, it should be noted that its weight is still not negligible: 17 kg.

The size of the Egret Ten V3 scooter is very correct, the dimensions of the device folded and unfolded are below:

  • Dimensions unfolded: 115 x 55 x 90-120 cm
  • Dimensions folded: 115 x 19 x 40 cm
  • Wheel dimensions: 160 x 48 mm 6 inches

Overall, the modern design of the Egret Ten V3 scooter is still attractive. Nevertheless, we find that the cables slightly spoil the aesthetics of the device.

It must be said that the Egret Ten V3 is a quality electric scooter, very comfortable and pleasant to use . Indeed, everything has been thought out so that the user can enjoy optimal comfort.

Note that the device supports a maximum weight of 120 kg!

electric scooter egret ten v3 test

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Power and safety, the hallmark of Egret

The other novelty of the Egret Ten V3 electric scooter is that it now offers much more power, which is a real added value. However, it is unfortunately noisier than the first generation Egret V1.

Indeed, the top speed of the Egret Ten V3 reaches 30 km/h . In addition, it has a powerful Brushless motor (500W), which allows you to calmly take on any type of climb.

In addition, it has a Samsung battery (SMART BMS 48V 11.6Ah) of 550Wh, a brand renowned for its quality products, and the autonomy can go up to 40km!

Also, you should know that this battery recharges very quickly. Indeed, we reach 70% loading in just 2 hours ! For a full charge, allow 6 hours.

But the biggest novelty of the Egret Ten V3 electric scooter is that it now has a double disc brake. The front brake is mechanical, while the rear is hydraulic , which allows you to brake very quickly. We also feel a fairly intense braking.

In addition, the rear wheel is equipped with a very effective 180° mudguard because it protects really well against splashes. What more ?

electric scooter egret ten v3 feature

Our opinion on the Egret Ten V3 Electric Scooter

The Egret Ten V3 scooter combines business with pleasure. Indeed, it offers a neat and sober design, optimal comfort, a very appreciable engine power and above all good safety for the greatest happiness of its user.

We noticed a real evolution compared to the previous models of the prestigious brand Egret which has been a reference for 7 years.

There are indeed a lot of new features in the Egret Ten V3 scooter: hydraulic brake, new generation display, much more powerful motor… In addition, driving is safer when it rains and when it is dark, even at high speed. !

Also, we would like to confirm that it is a solid scooter which also has a very good quality/price ratio . In addition, be aware that the Egret Ten V3 electric scooter is in itself a really practical solution for getting around town quickly and without getting tired.

In short, it is ideal to replace the bike.

The only downside we noticed is the fact that the motor is a little noisy, which is a shame , but rest assured, this small inconvenience in no way diminishes the quality and comfort of the device.

Anyway, for those who are looking for an ecological, economical and efficient means of transport, we strongly recommend that you opt for the Egret Ten V3 scooter. It is perfectly suited for urban travel.

And as the Egret brand has described it so well, the Egret Ten V3 electric scooter is "the redefinition of comfort", so don't hesitate to treat yourself!