When we talk about a 1000W electric scooter , we necessarily think of a big electric scooter . Today we are testing for you the Weebot Leika, cut for the city but which ultimately turns out to be an excellent road car. A top-of-the-range urban model that is particularly solid for big riders. Let's start this Leika electric scooter test without further delay.

Presentation of the Weebot Leika

Released at the beginning of the year, the Weebot Leika is the latest model of electric scooter from the French company Weebot. Renowned for its quality models, Weebot completes its range of electric scooters with the Leika, which fits between the Omaha and the Zephyr.

Modern look and design

Closer in terms of look to the Weebot Zephyr than to the Omaha, the Leika is right in line with the trend of elegant and classy electric scooters . In a black color, a few small touches of red at the level of the brake calipers come to enhance its design. Just what it takes to bring a touch that is both upscale and urban.

electric scooter weebot leika 1000w powerful elegant modern look

When it's time to turn it on, a surprise awaits us with the presence of LEDs along the stem, as well as on the sides of the deck . It is possible via the display to turn them on or off on demand, by keeping the "mode" button pressed for a few seconds.

Technical sheet of the 1000W Weebot Leika electric scooter

Easily foldable, the Leika once out of the box measures 117cm in length and 43cm in height. The foldable handlebar also by unscrewing the two clamping knobs makes the dimensions even more compact with only 19.5 cm in width .

The Weebot Leika is equipped with an LG 52V and 18.2Ah Lithium-ion battery. What offer him a range of about 55 km . We will come back to this later to check whether this theoretical autonomy is achievable in practice.

features weebot leika electric scooter 1000w

This city electric scooter weighs 24 kg. A machine not necessarily ideal to transport if you use public transport. Despite everything, once folded, the grip and balance make this 1000W electric scooter easy to carry!

The Leika's large 10-inch inflatable tires provide excellent stability, especially at top speeds well in excess of 25 km/h on private roads. For safety, the new Weebot electric scooter is equipped with front and rear disc brakes. A way to ensure effective braking on the road.

In the grip, the Leika exudes solidity . This 1000W electric scooter benefits from high-end finishes that give it a particularly robust appearance. No cracking or squeaking noise!

An excellent point when it comes to paying the 1249 euros for a 1000W electric scooter that we use every day to get to work.

foldable electric scooter weebot leika 1000w 24 kg

In addition, the Leika easily accepts people with a weight of 120kg. We could not test more, but it is very likely in view of the excellent manufacturing quality, that it is possible to withstand a significantly higher weight.

However, we cannot guarantee that the maximum speed of 50 km/h can be reached with a weight above 150 kg, just like the expected autonomy.

Power 1000W motor

The Weebot Leika electric scooter is equipped with a powerful 1000W motor present in the rear wheel. This delivers a peak power of up to 1400W in mode 3. Of course the scooter is delivered limited to 25 km/h to use it legally on public roads. But if you feel like going off-road, the Weebot Leika can quickly reach 50 km/h in top speed .

Unlike the Zephyr which has a dual motor system, the Leika has only one. This is an advantage in terms of autonomy, while offering enough power for most users. The acceleration is not too violent at the start and is then linear to reach its maximum speed very quickly.

A good point for users who fear losing control. This scooter is made for you, while providing enough engine torque to be comfortable on high percentage slopes. This model is perfect in the city to weave very quickly through traffic in complete safety. But also to have fun with good driving sensations thanks to the 1000W motor in the rear wheel.

weebot leika electric scooter 1000w motor 10 inch wheel disc brake

10 inch wheels with pneumatic tires

The Leika's inner tube wheels provide comfort, even in sporty driving. We tested the Leika in the forest and it perfectly absorbs the shocks and vibrations of the particularly bumpy road surface. The 10-inch tires combined with the dual front and rear suspension system allow comfortable driving, without fear of punctures.

Because yes, once properly inflated, 10-inch tube tires are very resistant to punctures. This requires checking the tire pressure from time to time so as not to suffer from the pinching effect of the inner tube.

Very comfortable suspensions

Whether it's the cobblestones or the sidewalks to climb, the rear suspensions and the front suspension of the Leika offer an excellent level of comfort. Neither too soft nor too firm, these front and rear suspensions give the Leika a pleasant and comfortable ride . This is what you expect from a high-end electric scooter.

best electric scooter 1000w weebot leika style

Safe high-end electric scooter

Weebot has also not skimped on the safety of its users. All safety equipment is present to support the power of the 1000W electric motor and guarantee a smooth ride. We are going to detail why the Leika is the best 1000W electric scooter.

Powerful front and rear disc brakes

The Weebot Leika is equipped with 2 ventilated 140mm diameter stainless steel disc brakes . This gives the Weebot 1000W electric scooter quality braking. Measured on flat, dry ground, it took just 2.45m for the Leika to come to a complete stop after reaching 50km/h top speed.

The brake levers on the handlebars offer very good braking bite. For this, you have to adjust your braking well if you don't want to be surprised.

electric scooter weebot leika led stem deck light visibility

Perfect visibility at night with LED

When we talk about safety, one point that we often forget to mention is visibility to others on the road. When the weather is overcast or night is coming, the Weebot Leika pulls out its ultimate weapon: LED light strips on the 3 sides of the 1000W electric scooter.

This allows, in addition to a trendy look, to offer excellent visibility . It will be impossible to go unnoticed on your Weebot Leika journeys in low light conditions. In addition, this large 1000W electric scooter is equipped with front and rear lights as required by the regulations.

But on this high-end electric scooter model, the taillights flash when braking to better indicate to others your slowing down on the road.

It is quite possible to turn off these LEDs in broad daylight (and even at night if you want) using Weebot's latest generation display. A simple long press on the "mode" button turns this light on and off. This will allow you to save on the battery.

A note on autonomy. The 50 kilometers reached?

Precisely, speaking of lithium battery, we carried out our Leika electric scooter test over an entire day in order to calculate its maximum autonomy as realistically as possible with its 1000W electric motor.

Alternating between mode 1 (25 km/h) and mode 3 (50 km/h), we were able to drive until the battery was completely depleted after 50 km . Bet held in relation to the technical sheet! All this without sparing the li-ion battery with great acceleration and a route in off-road mode.

Quite a feat for an 18.2Ah (946 Wh) urban model with my weight of 70 kg.

Promise kept on the autonomy of the lithium battery

By having only one motor, this gives the 1000W electric scooter a maximum operating range that is more than adequate for urban users. Using it in mode 1 exclusively, which is already very good in the city, it is certainly possible to reach 60 km . Enough to recharge it only once a week with daily routes of 5 to 10 km.

electric scooter weebot leika charge deck led

Single port charging time

But what about the charging time of the Leika? To regain full battery charge, the Leika's 2A charger takes about 8 hours. A charging time that can be reduced to 2h30 with a fast charger (6.5A) available for sale.

No second charging port, however, on the Leika. It is therefore not possible to further reduce the charging time by connecting a second charger in parallel.

The advantages of the Leika, 1000W electric scooter

Very pleasant to use on a daily basis, the Weebot Leika and its 1000W electric motor has many advantages. If you are looking for a more powerful city car than the Weebot Anoki , then this Leika model is for you. It is possible to use it fully in the city, but also in off-road mode as during the crash test carried out by Samo on Board .

  • a powerful 1000W brushless motor well balanced between power and driving flexibility.
  • a high-end electric scooter
  • a maximum speed of 50 km/h reached in 4 seconds
  • suspensions providing very good comfort for riding on all paths
  • a range of 50 km faithful to the technical sheet
  • foolproof robustness (crash test carried out)
  • a foldable electric scooter that can be transported despite weighing 24kg
  • the best value for money for its range of 1000W electric scooters
  • The possibility of dividing your journey times by 2 compared to a car
  • easily supports a weight of 120kg or more

Comparison against the Dualtron Mini and Wegoboard Barooder 2 Pro

comparative weebot leika dualtron mini wegoboard barooder
electric scooter weebot leika lifestyle city urban dweller

Accessories offered for the purchase of this electric scooter

If you are not convinced to buy the best 1000W electric scooter, know that at the moment Weebot is offering 100 euros of accessories on Weebot electric scooters .

Security pack: the current offer at Weebot

You thus obtain in addition a carrying bag with a capacity of 3L, an aluminum smartphone holder on the handlebars so you never lose your way, a rear-view mirror .

weebot leika freestyle electric scooter scoot2street


In conclusion of this Weebot Leika electric scooter test, we were delighted with the driving of this eco-mobility machine. Easy to handle and equipped with top-of-the-range equipment, this 1000W scooter is a real pleasure to handle in town with its 10-inch tires, but also in suburban areas thanks to its 1000W of power and 50 km/h of speed. max speed

A stylish 1000W electric scooter with its modern look and excellent value for money . One of the best electric scooters with 1000W electric motor.

Video test of the Weebot Leika: 1000W scooter

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