e-twow booster s2 plus electric scooter review

Introducing the E-TWOW Booster S2 Plus

E-TWOW is one of the most recognized names in the world of electric scooters . The Booster is the brand's best-known model and the Booster S2 Plus is the new 2017 evolution of their flagship product.

The great advantage of the Booster Plus is its versatility. Indeed, it is a very good compromise between performance and practicality .

With a classic style and a compact size when folded, it goes everywhere without being flashy. In addition, it can be used on small and large routes thanks to an announced range of 20 to 30 km, all with a top speed of 30 km/h .

In terms of functionality, it includes everything you would expect from a model in this range with a color LCD screen , water and dust resistance (IP54 standard) as well as E-TWOW 's own KERN braking technologies .

On paper, the E-TWOW Booster S2 Plus electric scooter has everything it takes to become the market benchmark.

This is what we will try to confirm with this test.

etwow booster s2 plus electric scooter review

Technical test of the E-TWOW Booster S2 Plus

Appearance and comfort of use of the E-TWOW Booster S2 Plus

At first glance, the Booster S2 Plus looks a lot like the previous Booster S2 model because E-TWOW wanted to keep the classic style of its best-selling model . It is understandable because it appeals to the greatest world. On the other hand, if we take a closer look at the electric scooter, we see many hardware modifications that improve the existing one .

The height adjustment of the column is now adaptable to all sizes in order to allow optimal driving comfort for tall and short users. The new tray is equipped with an integral non-slip grip and can accommodate a maximum weight of 100 kg . In addition, its size is well studied and allows you to quickly position yourself in a comfortable driving position.

etwow booster s2 plus foldable electric scooter test

Folding the Booster S2 Plus is very simple , as all you have to do is press a small lever located at the bottom of the steering column. The tray then tilts effortlessly and everything clips onto the rear fender without any hitches.

The handles also fold easily with the press of a button on the handlebar. Once folded (94 x 116 x 13.5 cm) the Booster S2 Plus electric scooter can be stored in a car trunk and the speed of the maneuver is very useful for taking public transport. In addition, with a weight of 10.7 kg the E-TWOW is one of the lightest on the market in its category.

Acceleration and LCD screen of the E-TWOW Booster S2 Plus

Acceleration is controlled with a trigger on the handlebars. It is located under the thumb of the right hand. This system having been taken from previous models, it has already demonstrated its effectiveness.

In the same way the brake trigger is present under the thumb of the left hand. It can be noted that the handlebar being quite small in width, it is sometimes not very comfortable to manipulate the two triggers together . Indeed, if you want to keep your thumbs next to the accelerator and the magnetic brake, you end up with your hands very close and you then lose stability.

electric scooter test etwow booster s2 plus screen

We therefore often prefer to use the rear mechanical brake to keep a good footing on the machine . Nevertheless this magnetic brake is very effective and after a period of learning to control its sensitivity you will be able to fully use it.

To use the accelerator effectively, it is best to kick the vehicle in motion and then press the throttle trigger to gain speed.

One of the major improvements announced by E-TWOW is the change from a monochrome LCD screen to a color screen . The latter is accompanied by a revisited controller whose objective is to be able to better manage the engine management strategy .

While the effort is commendable, the technology is not quite there yet. Indeed, the information displayed is not all relevant or reliable . If we take the example of the speedometer in real time, we see that it is quite precise but that it never exceeds 30 km/h. Even when we are at the maximum downhill the counter blocks at this speed. This issue is new and did not exist on the previous Booster S2 electric scooter.

Another problem is the management of the battery gauge . The LCD screen allows us to have a follow-up of the remaining charge using a gauge and a percentage. Unfortunately, it cannot be relied upon because it can go from single to double in seconds . The fault probably comes from the system which measures in real time the capacity of the battery according to the power requested from the machine.

This then results in inaccuracies depending on whether you push more or less on the motor (sideways for example). It is then not easy to realize the distance that we can still travel before running out of battery.

Note that E-TWOW is aware of this problem and that they are in the process of resolving it, in particular with software improvements. It is likely that the situation will return to normal in the coming weeks.

electric scooter test etwow booster s2 plus front wheel

Driving the Booster S2 Plus Electric Scooter

Riding the Booster S2 Plus electric scooter is a real treat. It reaches the top speed of 30 km/h on flat ground in 15 to 18 seconds . E-TWOW has tweaked the startup acceleration slightly to give a less abrupt boost than previous versions of the S2. This modification provides better driving flexibility.

The engine torque has also been revised and the Booster S2 Plus electric scooter is more efficient than the Booster S2, especially on hills and slopes. The engine itself has been optimized to reduce fuel consumption .

The Booster S2 Plus is now equipped with a soft rubber rear wheel (size 8 inches) perfect for comfort. It's perfect for overcoming bumps and curbs. Be careful, however, not to take the high sidewalks too quickly. Overall, on wet ground, road grip is good.

The front headlight of thisadult electric scooter is still powerful and E-TWOW has even removed the automatic ignition function. The rear light does its job very well, especially in the event of rapid braking.

Suspensions of the E-TWOW Booster S2 Plus

The front suspension is mounted at the base of the handlebar stem just below the stem. It has a rubber splash cover to protect the mechanism. The suspension is extremely stiff, smoothing out any bumps caught in the pavement as you lean over the handlebars. It does not require any particular maintenance.

etwow booster s2 plus suspension electric scooter test

We found the rear suspension to be much softer than the front . It is located under the scooter and fulfills its shock absorption function perfectly. The fairly low rebound movement actually makes the Booster S2 Plus feel comfortable to ride . As the rear suspension is placed under the electric scooter, it will be susceptible to road dust. It is advisable to clean it regularly.

Waterproofing of the E-TWOW Booster S2 Plus Electric Scooter

The Booster S2 Plus has the IP54 standard for protection against dust and jets of water . It can therefore be used in light rain or on a damp surface. All electronic components are completely sealed under the frame and in the display dial.

That said, be aware that this standard is not 100% waterproof. Take all the same your precautions not to immerse the machine in large puddles.

Autonomy of the E-TWOW Booster S2 Plus

The manufacturer E-TWOW provides a range of 20 to 30 km for the Booster S2 Plus electric scooter . In practice we arrive at a lesser result, close to 18 km with a single charge . If this autonomy remains in the average of the models of the same range, it is clear that the 6.5 Ah Li-Po battery does not keep all its promises.

In addition, as the screen's battery gauge is imprecise, it is sometimes difficult to see how far it is possible to travel before getting stuck. We therefore recommend being vigilant at this level and charging the Booster S2 Plus after 15km of driving. Indeed the charge is fast and is done in just 2 and 3 hours for a complete recharge.

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