Kaabo is a Chinese brand that offers a wide range of electric scooters. With the Wolf Warrior 11, it bets on versatility and tackles the segment of high- performance scooters dominated until now by the Korean brandDualtron .

In this Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 review, we are going to present to you a pleasant scooter which has several non-negligible advantages and which has nothing to envy to its rivals!

Introducing the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Electric Scooter

The Wolf Warrior 11 is Kaabo's top model. It comes in two foldable versions: a basic version (26 Ah) and a sports version Wolf Warrior 11 + (35 Ah) . To start this Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 review, let's take a look at the contents of the package.

The scooter comes almost assembled in a rigid cardboard box measuring 1610mm long, 330mm wide, and 500mm high. Just unfold it and attach the adjustable T-bar handlebar and it's ready to go.

The packaging box also includes a charger, a charging cable, and a user manual. In the unfolded position, the Wolf Warrior 11 measures 1250 mm long, 625 mm wide, and 1250 mm high. In the folded position, it measures 1500 mm long, 270 mm wide, and 470 mm high.

kaabo wolf warrior 11 plus review

Components from Minimotors

The LCD display screen, the accelerator, and the control buttons located on the right handle are provided by the Korean manufacturer " Minimotors " which is only the parent company of the Dualtron brand. Spare parts for the Wolf Warrior 11 are therefore easy to find, since Minimotors is also one of the major suppliers of aftermarket parts for electric scooters .

The handles are made of soft plastic and are designed to accommodate additional mirrors or turn signals. The lighting system includes a front LED headlight, a rear LED headlight, a brake light, position LEDs, and decorative LEDs on the two lateral sides of the deck .

The headlight and horn control buttons are located on the left handlebar. The control button for position LEDs and decorative LEDs is located under the left side of the deck. On the handlebar there is enough space to attach a phone holder or an action camera holder .

Although the brake and accelerator cables are exposed, they are easy to disconnect, especially if you need to change them. Furthermore, the folding system is simple and easy to handle . It is equipped with a safety mechanism which ensures that the locking lever is held in the desired position (folded or unfolded).

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 review: Design and Structure

Robust, compact, and elegant, these are the terms that best define the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter ! At the stylistic level, it adopts a minimalist design that highlights the rigidity of its frame and the ergonomic aspect of the various controls. This does not prevent it from being equipped with the latest technologies in terms of electric micro-mobility.

Featuring a 6082-T6 forged aluminum alloy frame , the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 weighs approximately 44 kg (46 kg for the Wolf Warrior 11 version). Compared to the Thunder which weighs around 43 kg, this weight is reasonable for a high-performance scooter equipped with a high-performance battery and two powerful motors .

In addition, the Wolf Warrior 11 can support a maximum load of 150 kg , which once again demonstrates the robustness of its aluminum frame.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Engine

Like the Dualtron Thunder , its direct competitor, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is powered by two brushless electric motors (60 V 1200 W x 2). Manufactured in Germany, the two motors are integrated into the wheels and deliver a maximum cumulative power of 5400 W (5.4 kW or 7.3 hp). The driving force available is sufficient enough to propel the scooter to a speed of 80 km/h , enough to delight fans of thrills!

The Wolf Warrior 11 offers several setting options. For example, you can adjust the power of the two engines by choosing between 2 driving modes : Eco and Turbo. You can also choose to ride with a single motor (Single mode) or with both motors (Dual mode).

By pressing the "Mode" button located to the right of the display screen, you can also choose between 3 speed levels : L1 (slow speed), L2 (medium speed), and L3 (fast speed). Note that the accelerator cables are integrated into the frame, which reduces the risk of damage in the event of a fall.

Autonomy of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter

Equipped with a 60V-26 Ah lithium-ion battery, the Wolf Warrior 11 is said to travel up to 100 km in Single mode and up to 70 km in Dual mode on a single charge.

These values ​​remain theoretical, because the real autonomy depends on several factors such as the weight of the user, the ambient temperature, or the type of route (flat road, off-road, steep road, etc.).

The Wolf Warrior 11 Plus version has a more powerful battery (60V-35 Ah) offering a range of 150 km in Single mode and 90 km in Dual mode.

Like the Dualtron Thunder, the Wolf Warrior 11 has two (three-pin) charging ports located under the left front of the deck. For a full charge, it takes 10 to 14 hours with a single charger and about 7 hours with two chargers .

Wheels, suspension, and braking system

The Wolf Warrior 11 is offered with two types of 11-inch tubeless tires : urban and all-terrain (off-road). Adopting a suspension system similar to that of motorcycles, it is equipped with a telescopic fork , two hydraulic shock absorbers at the front and two shock absorbers with suspension springs at the rear.

Like all self-respecting electric scooters, it is equipped with a front and rear ABS hydraulic disc braking system . The discs are not mounted on the same side as the throttle cables, which facilitates maintenance and repair of the braking system. For example, to remove a brake disc, simply remove the wheel and then unscrew the disc fixing screws.

kaabo wolf warrior 11 plus review

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 road test

On the road, the Wolf Warrior 11 impresses with its stability and driving pleasure. The deck covered with a non-slip coating is quite wide, which allows for a comfortable driving position.

Thanks to the driving force generated by the two electric motors, the Wolf Warrior 11 manages to quickly reach its top speed and to climb inclines of up to 35° for the basic version and 45° for the Wolf Warrior 11 Plus version. .

Moreover, with a ground clearance of 20 cm and 11 inch tires, it can easily overcome obstacles and roll efficiently in off-road environments . Although the suspension system is not adjustable, it is effective whether in urban or off-road environments.

Little surprise, the Wolf Warrior 11 is also equipped with cruise control !

The strengths of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

  • Robust
  • Very fast
  • off road
  • Pleasant suspension
  • Effective braking
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good autonomy
  • A good price-performance ratio.

The weak points of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

  • "Eco-Turbo" and Single-Dual" control buttons to be improved
  • Non-adjustable suspension
  • a bit heavy
  • Minimalist design.

Conclusion of our review of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Scooter

To conclude, Kaabo has designed its scooter to be efficient, fast, and above all efficient. Despite its minimalist design, the Wolf Warrior 11 combines robustness and driving pleasure.

It has a rigid frame, high-performance engines, and a pleasant suspension.

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