If you think you're getting a good deal by finding a well-known brand electric scooter on the net at an unbeatable price, you may be getting ripped off! Electric mobility is a product increasingly demanded by consumers. Some sites are created to sell you electric scooters that they do not have. Today, it is the fraudulent shop troti-velo.fr that we denounce.

Weebot victim of its success

As a leader in electric mobility in France , we see, more and more, at Weebot our online store literally copied and pasted by fraudulent sites. Some customers call us to get an explanation of the low prices offered by scammers .

We therefore want to denounce this practice to warn consumers wishing to equip themselves with an electric scooter or other electric mobility vehicle. Before any online purchase, remember to make the necessary checks regarding the seriousness of the store from which you are buying your vehicle.

Weebot is a recognized French site and domiciled in France for many years. We process hundreds of orders every day with a 2-year warranty on our products as well as 2 Service Centers in Boulogne-Billancourt and Lyon to welcome you.

troti-velo.fr scam price electric scooter

The Weebot brand available only on our online store

Our Weebot electric scooters are only sold on our platform. If you see our products on another site, it is most likely a scam. Do not hesitate to contact our service by phone at who will give you satisfaction regarding our professionalism.

Fraudulent sites offering out-of-market prices

In recent months, Weebot has been the victim of identity theft several times , with websites trying to defraud our customers by luring them with our own products.

Faced with rising raw material prices as well as increasingly high post-pandemic transport costs, Weebot is trying to keep its prices as fair as possible .

We try to offer our customers the most reasonable price of electric scooter . So beware of merchants who try to entice you with an offer that is too good to be true.

troti-velo.fr scam signal

Troti-velo.fr will never send your product

After the site "trottinette-boutique.com" which closed a few weeks ago, it is now the fraudulent site "troti-velo.fr" which is trying to scam you.

Although they are indicated everywhere on their site that it is possible to make payment by credit card, when finalizing the order, only bank transfer is possible.

payment fraudulent bank transfer troti-velo.fr

In the event of payment by bank transfer in a bank abroad, you have no means of recovering your money. It is only possible to contest it for a period of 48 hours after sending. But in the case of this scam, the delivery time systematically exceeded this deadline. You will then be deducted from your sum without ever receiving your product .

A well-honed and efficient technique

Scammers lure you into their nets with bargain prices well below all market prices . Don't be fooled and look on the internet for the average price of your item if it is sold by several stores. But again, this is not the case with Weebot electric scooters.

How to spot the scam when buying a scooter?

The methods to spot a scam site is however relatively easy. but it does require a little attention. First of all, trust the professionals in the sector . In addition to benefiting from quality service, a site like Weebot provides after-sales service for your product.

Read the T&Cs carefully

Do not hesitate to consult the general conditions of sale. There are sometimes many typos in this part on fraudulent sites. When these do not duplicate ours for example, we can sometimes realize that the text is only a result of google translation. Because the scammers are not satisfied with French territory but duplicate their site in many countries.

Try to call them on the phone

If a phone number is available, you can try to reach them. If this is not a French number, this is already relatively suspicious. But sometimes you will not be able to reach absolutely anyone through this number.

phone details troti-velo.fr scam

Copy-paste product sheets

Also remember to consult the product sheets. To save time, the scammers are content with a simple copy and paste of reference sites in the world of electric mobility. This proves once again the lack of seriousness of this kind of scam.

Very recent domain name

It is also possible to query the WHOIS database to find out more about the domain name of the site in question. In the case of troti-velo.fr, it is indicated as created in July 2021 (see image below). This is an indicator that the reliability of the site may be in doubt. But when it's hosted by cloudflare, there's no doubt about it. Cloudflare to anonymize site data.

attention whois scam domain name troti-velo.fr fraud cloudflare

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