Practical, ecological and to save time on your daily journeys, buying a 1000W electric scooter has many advantages. There are many reasons to invest in a vehicle from this range. If you plan to make the electric scooter your favorite means of transport , it is wise to invest in a quality product that will meet your daily expectations.

In this article, we have selected the best models on the market to help you make your choice. Find out why these vehicles are interesting with our comparison of the best 1000 watt electric scooters .

How much does a 1000W electric scooter cost?

In this product range, you should know that it takes between 1000€ and 1400€ to benefit from a versatile electric scooter. An investment certainly, but which can quickly be profitable. By riding an electric scooter, you can benefit from the sustainable mobility package offering up to 500 euros per year to get to work.

electric scooter weebot leika modern design man transport bag

But that's not all. Using an electric scooter on a daily basis means saving precious euros every month that could go on fuel, expensive car insurance or even a public transport subscription.

Why buy a 1000W electric scooter?

With this kind of electric scooter, you will no longer be limited in your use. More than a trend, it's a real social phenomenon that is revolutionizing the way people get around. A 1000W electric scooter allows you to have better acceleration in urban areas.

This is very practical for easily weaving through traffic. A considerable time saver in urban areas. While cars travel at an average speed of 16 km/h in urban areas, the electric scooter is much less limited, thanks to the development of more and more numerous and protected cycle paths .

An Urban and Peri-Urban electric scooter

On small electric scooters, it is sometimes difficult to climb hills if it is too inclined. An undersized motor must slow down considerably. This is not the case on 1000 Watt machines. Equipped with a single powerful engine, your vehicle will go anywhere .

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And even if the road is in poorer condition, the advantage of these models is to offer you better comfort. Thanks to large 10-inch tires , the cushioning as well as the driving will be very clearly superior to scooters at low prices . These vehicles are also equipped with suspensions that greatly reduce road vibrations.

You can then use your electric scooter, both in town and in the countryside for longer distances. Because yes, the other big advantage is to have a greater autonomy than on electric scooters at lower prices.

How much autonomy for a 1000W electric scooter?

On the 1000W electric scooters selected here, you can see in our comparison table that most have a range of between 30 km and 50 km. Enough to be able to move over sufficient distances in a day.

electric scooter 10 inch wheels mechanical disc brake

All models have different driving modes. Mode 1 allows you to save battery while mode 3 allows you to deploy all the power you need. It is then sometimes necessary to juggle between the different power levels to conserve enough battery. But in many cases, journeys of 15 km one way and 15 km return are quite possible.

Comparison of 1000W electric scooters

electric scooter comparison 1000w speedway kaabo weebot eroz

Among our selection, 2 models stand out in our eyes. These are the Eroz Kapacity 10 (EK10) which has solid arguments and the Kaabo Skywalker 10C which are in the same price bracket. 2 quite different choices in terms of look but a certainty of owning a quality electric scooter.

Weebot Leika: Solid and reliable

characteristics electric scooter 1000W weebot leika

A real modern and ecological means of transport, the Weebot Leika 1000W electric scooter is suitable for urban users who want a solid vehicle. It is equipped with 10-inch wheels for driving comfort and rolling precision.

With its weight of 24 kg that can reach a maximum speed of 50 km/h , the Weebot Leika is equipped with a single 1000W motor in the rear wheel. We remind you that the legal traffic speed on public roads is limited to 25 km/h.

cheap electric scooter with led weebot leika

The presence of LEDs on the stem as well as on the sides of the deck allow you to be perfectly visible in the urban jungle. Its very modern look is particularly appreciated by riders.

In testing on our blog , the Weebot Leika proved to be particularly robust. An electric scooter resistant to shocks, jumps and humidity (even if we advise against riding in wet weather or light rain) to ride in complete safety.

Strengths of the Weebot Leika

  • 50 km range in urban driving
  • Safe scooter thanks to its powerful front and rear disc brakes
  • Good top speed on private roads (50 km/h)
  • LEDs on the stem and the underside of the deck (matter of taste)
  • A foldable handlebar for easy storage
  • Good driving comfort

Weebot Leika Weak Points

  • The somewhat flimsy rear fender
  • The foldable handlebar that requires a bit of thread lock (but this is the case with all unscrewable handlebars)

Kaabo Skywalker 10C: The power of 60V

characteristics electric scooter 1000W Kaabo Skywalker 10C

The 60V electric scooter in this comparison is the Kaabo Skywalker 10C . It stands out thanks to its controllers offering a powerful acceleration at start-up. This is the strong point of the Kaabo brand.

It does not have a maximum speed that is barely higher (55 km/h) but which it reaches with ease. For its €1290 base price, it's a great choice for anyone looking for a responsive, urban electric scooter.

On sale right now at €849, it's a bargain for anyone looking for a 1000W electric scooter

However, off-road use of the Skywalker 10C is not recommended due to its particularly stiff suspension . This electric scooter is made for speed.

Highlights of the Kaabo Skywalker 10C

  • The acceleration at start that is incomparable thanks to Minimotors controllers
  • A different look (gray and red) that stands out from the competition
  • Rather a good finish of the product
  • Front tubeless tire

Weak points of the Kaabo Skywalker 10C

  • A little stiff on the suspensions
  • A fair amount of autonomy (13 Ah only)

Speedway 5 Lite: For fans of Minimotors

characteristics electric scooter 1000W speedway 5 lite minimotors

Although the Speedway 5 Lite has a very 2019 look, it is a model that is still very popular with fans of Minimotors electric scooters. The cousin brand of Dualtron, continues to offer this Speedway 5 Lite whose performance is still current.

Despite a slightly higher price than previous models, this 1000W electric scooter has the advantage of offering a tubeless tire at the rear . This type of tubeless tire is known to be more resistant to punctures.

Without pinching the inner tube, you still have to avoid blunt objects on the road to avoid damaging your tire. Otherwise, a wick kit makes it very easy to repair your flat tire in 5 minutes.

In terms of features, the Speedway electric scooter offers an excellent top speed (55 km/h) thanks to the 60V of the machine and has a range of 50 km. A very complete model but which, because of its design, requires regular maintenance of the vehicle to avoid any breakage.

Speedway 5 Lite Highlights

  • The Minimotors controller that offers strong acceleration
  • Good braking in complete safety thanks to its two front and rear disc brakes
  • Top speed of 55 km/h

Speedway 5 Lite Weaknesses

  • Too expensive
  • A slightly outdated design
  • Regular maintenance to do
  • Minimotors quality

EROZ Kapacity 10: A very affordable French brand

presentation electric scooter france 1000w eroz kapacity 10 inches

This machine with 10 inch tires is a French brand electric scooter. It has a maximum speed of 55 km/h and a range of 55 km.

The strong point of this vehicle is to be positioned at a particularly aggressive price. Under the 1000 euro mark, this makes this electric scooter an excellent compromise for those wishing to ride serenely in town.

With its weight of 23 kg, the Eroz Kapacity 10 is well positioned in its category. It has wide 10-inch tires for a comfortable and safe ride.

The EK10 as it is called, also has LEDs on the sides of the deck to provide excellent visibility to other vehicles.

Highlights of the EROZ EK10

  • French design brand
  • 10 inch inflatable tires
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • A very attractive price
  • Good autonomy
  • A rear footrest

Weak points of the EROZ EK10

  • An all-purpose look


Among all the models of electric scooters on the market, it is sometimes not easy for users to choose. A 1000W electric scooter is a good alternative to replacing your car or public transport on a daily basis.

They are versatile vehicles for an adult looking for good power, ease of use and an affordable price.

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