A big wheel electric scooter has a number of advantages. They combine stability, comfort and power. Indeed, a large majority of big wheel scooters are also powerful models. You will therefore be able to enjoy longer but also more pleasant journeys. Weebot tells you more!

Why buy an electric scooter with big wheels?

Why buy an electric scooter with big wheels?

Big wheel electric scooters allow you to enjoy comfortable and longer rides. These are top-of-the-range, high-performance means of transport that will help you ride on all types of terrain in all circumstances without the slightest problem.

The benefits of a big wheel scooter

A large wheel scooter model is both much more manageable and has very good components, especially in terms of tires. Like powerful electric scooters, electric scooters for adults with big wheels have a very good autonomy. This type of scooter therefore offers a number of advantages:

  • You can ride on any type of terrain: The large wheels help you more easily to ride on even difficult terrain. So you can walk around without any problem!
  • You will enjoy very good driving comfort: Electric scooters with large wheels adhere more naturally to the ground and allow you to absorb all shocks once on the road, for a more pleasant ride.
  • You will be able to remain stable once on the road: Electric scooters with big wheels have a wider contact surface and will prevent you from slipping on the ground once in hand.

Driving on a large-wheeled electric scooter adapts to many practices, whether it's a walk in town or in the context of a sports practice. You should also pay attention to having good brakes to make your driving safer. Note that this type of scooter weighs very heavy as a result, it will be more difficult to transport.

The disadvantages of a big wheel electric scooter

Big wheel electric scooters also have disadvantages. Although much more manageable, they are also sometimes much heavier than a classic city electric scooter, for example.

In addition, big wheel electric scooters generally cost more than conventional electric scooters. In general, their cost as well as their type of tire can be very expensive. Finally, these scooters are strictly reserved for adults unlike other models of scooters.

How to choose your big wheel electric scooter?

Before you start buying a big wheel electric scooter, you must take a certain number of criteria to be sure to find a model that suits you completely. Weebot has therefore selected a list of characteristics to take into account before buying your electrically assisted machine:


Despite its weight, it is essential that your electric scooter is easy to fold. You will be able to transport your scooter easily despite its often heavy weight. To make it malleable, it is also important that it is well equipped. You must therefore be careful to have the right wheels as well as high-performance suspensions and shock absorbers to ensure your stability once your electric scooter is in hand.

The power

As explained earlier, most big wheel scooters are powerful electric scooter models. They generally have more advanced components, particularly at the level of the battery or the motor. Opting for a more powerful vehicle will allow you to drive without fear of obstacles on the road but also will ensure versatility in your journeys.


Who says powerful scooter often says fast scooter. In order for your scooter to be able to tackle all types of roads, you must ensure that it has the necessary speed for it. Take the time to turn to vehicles whose speed corresponds to your travel needs so as not to be too disturbed when you take your scooter in hand.

Big wheel scooter: what does the law say?

What the law says ?

Legislation can often be complicated when you have a more powerful electric scooter model. Considered as a moped, you will therefore be subject to the highway code.

However, large-wheeled electric scooters do not have to obey any special rules. However, as with any model of scooter, you must submit to certain regulations:

  • You can only drive at 25 km/h unless you end up on private land. If so, you can use your scooter at full power.
  • You must only ride on cycle paths or on the roads and not on the sidewalks, otherwise you will be penalised.
  • To ride an electric scooter you must be 12 years old.
  • You must be visible and audible with the help of a regular lighting system and a bell.
  • You must imperatively be equipped with brakes in good condition.

As a reminder, it is important to wear a helmet when riding a scooter to ensure your safety on the road. This is all the more the case when you ride with a model as powerful as a big wheel electric scooter.

Where to buy a big wheel electric scooter?

You can easily find what you are looking for when it comes to electric scooters. Indeed, the ranges of big wheel electric scooters are wide enough to find a model that suits you. You just have to go to a physical store or on the Internet.

Our Weebot online sales platform

Our Weebot platform offers you a wide range of big wheel scooters! All powerful templates are accessible with just a few clicks. We assure you a delivery in a few days in just a few clicks. Our platform has many brands well known to the public that will seduce you.

We also have many customer reviews that will help you more quickly in choosing your electric vehicle. Our products are of high quality and have a guarantee that will allow you to return the product if you are not satisfied. Trust our Weebot services! We make sure to meet your expectations as best as possible.

You have a question ? Contact our Weebot after-sales service!

Our team remains at your disposal for any questions. If you don't know which model to turn to, just contact one of our experts by email at sav@wee-bot.com, or by phone from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on 01 80 89 45 52. We will accompany you throughout the purchase of your vehicle.

You can also contact us to have your vehicle returned if it has defects. You can also have your vehicle repaired at one of our stores in Boulogne Billancourt, Lyon, Bordeaux or even Paris.

Our top 5 best big wheel scooters

It is not always easy to choose a specific scooter model because the electric mobility market is very large to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele. That's why Weebot has selected the best models of big wheel scooters for you:

The Dualtron City electric scooter

The Dualtron City electric scooter is perfectly suited for city driving. Despite a city design, this electric scooter has 15-inch inflatable front and rear tires allowing you to ride on all types of roads. Thanks to its motor with a power of 2 x 1000W as well as its 60V 25ah lithium-Ion battery, the Dualtron City can reach a top speed of 70 km/h for a range of 110 km.
Despite its great performance, this electric machine has a recharge time of only 10 hours. This power allows it to climb slopes of up to 25°.
For more comfort, this electric scooter has double front and rear suspensions that will absorb any shocks once on the road. Its hydraulic disc brakes allow you to enjoy a quick and precise stop. Finally, thanks to its LED lighting system, you can remain visible in all circumstances.


  • Large 15 inch wheels
  • A long range of 110 km
  • Powerful 2x1000W motor


  • Relatively long charging time

The Minimotors Dualtron X-2 UP electric scooter

The Minimotors Dualtron X-2 UP electric scooter

The Dualtron brand is one of the benchmark brands in urban mobility. They offer their customers many models of powerful scooters. The Minimotors Dualtron X-2 Up electric scooter combines the design of a Dualtron scooter and electric technology from Minimotors.

This scooter can reach a top speed of 110 km/h on private roads for a range of 200 km and a charging time of only 8 hours. This scooter has Finger Print technology that allows you to start your vehicle with your fingerprint.

This scooter can support a weight of nearly 150 kg without affecting its performance for a weight of 66 kg. In addition, it is a powerful scooter that will allow you to face many types of terrain thanks to its 13-inch tubeless tires as well as its hydraulic front and rear suspensions adjustable in 19 positions.

Thanks to its two LG 72V 45A - 3240Wh Lithium-Ion and LG 60V 3A Lithium-Ion batteries as well as its 8300W Double Brushless motor, this scooter can easily face slopes of up to 70%.


  • Powerful 8300W Double Brushless Motor
  • Long range of 200 km
  • Can climb slopes of 70%


  • Relatively heavy weight
  • Price

The Minimotors Dualtron Storm LTD electric scooter

The Minimotors Dualtron Storm LTD electric scooter

From the famous Dualtron brand, the Dualtron Storm LTD electric scooter can reach a top speed of nearly 125 km on private land. It reaches a very high autonomy of 220 km for only 7 hours of recharge time. Like the previous scooter, the Dualtron Storm LTD is equipped with Finger Printe technology which allows you to start your vehicle using a simple fingerprint.

Its 11,500 W double brushless motor and its removable LG21700 84V 45Ah lithium-Ion battery allow it to roll easily and in complete stability on difficult terrain, even slopes of almost 70%. Its front and rear suspensions and shock absorbers along with its 12-inch puncture-proof tubeless wheels will keep you stable on the road.

The Dualtron Storm LTD electric scooter is equipped with several features that will make your life as scooter riders easier, namely a horn, turn signals and brake lights.


  • Finger Print Technology
  • Powerful 11500W Dual Brushless Motor
  • Autonomy 220 km


  • Relatively heavy weight

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Pro Electric Scooter

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Pro Electric Scooter

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Pro reaches a top speed of 80 km/h on private roads for a range of 150 km and a recharge time of almost 9 hours. Able to support a weight of nearly 150 kg, the scooter can face difficult terrain thanks to its extra wide off-road wheels with 11-inch inner tube. In addition, its front and rear suspensions allow you to climb slopes of almost 45°.

Easily foldable, this electric scooter remains very ergonomic despite weighing almost 50 kg. It is also waterproof because it is subject to the IPX5 waterproof standard .

Its 2x 1200W motor and its 60V 35Ah lithium-Ion battery make it a very powerful scooter. Despite its power, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Pro scooter can brake efficiently and quickly with its hydraulic disc brakes.


  • Extra Wide Off Road Wheels
  • Water resistant scooter (IPX5)
  • LCD screen


  • Relatively heavy weight

The Beeper FX 1100 electric scooter

The Beeper FX 1100 electric scooter

The Beeper FX 1100 electric scooter combines both robustness and reliability at an affordable price. It will be perfect for trips in town or in the countryside thanks to its 10-inch tires. These have a very good grip which will guarantee you a balanced ride on all types of ground. This electric scooter owes its comfortable driving thanks to its shock absorbers, its suspensions or its platform equipped with a rear mudguard.

Even for a city car, the Beeper FX 1100 has a powerful 1000W motor as well as a 36 V 12 Ah 432 Wh lithium-ion battery that will allow you to easily face slopes of up to 12°. The scooter can reach a top speed of 30 km for a range of 35 km on a single charge of just 8 hours.

Thanks to its disc brakes, you will benefit from an efficient and responsive stop regardless of the weather conditions. Despite its light 35 kg, the Beeper FX 1100 can support a weight of 120 kg maximum.


  • All-terrain scooter
  • Comfortable ride
  • Equipped with a mudguard


  • Short autonomy and top speed for a powerful scooter


How much does a big wheel electric scooter cost?

The price of a big wheel electric scooter varies from brand to brand. Big wheel scooters are often all-terrain and therefore represent a significant investment. You will therefore have to count between 600 and 5000 euros on average.

What wheel size to choose for an electric scooter?

It all depends on what you want to use it for. If you want to turn to a small city scooter, the wheels can reach a size of 8 to 10 inches. The small wheels are designed to roll on smooth paths while the larger wheels can tackle any type of terrain while providing you with optimal stability.

How to choose your electric scooter wheels?

Choose a wheel according to the driving comfort you want to enjoy but also according to the type of terrain on which you want to ride. Sportier riders will prefer bigger wheels where city scooter riders will prefer smaller wheels.


The electric scooter is a very popular means of transport these days. Both simple and practical to use, it allows you to avoid many traffic jams once in hand. There are also many different types of electric scooters in order to more easily suit an increasingly large clientele. Among these categories are electric scooters with large wheels. They allow you to enjoy additional stability and maneuverability as well as optimal driving comfort when you drive with your electric vehicle.

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