The INÖE brand is entering the French electric scooter market with a range of products combining quality and accessibility . Although the brand is recent in the world of electric mobility, it already stands out with electric scooters displaying characteristics that allow a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Here we go, we present to you the collection of Inöe electric scooters . 3 distinct models each offering a unique experience adapted to the needs of its users.

Inöe: Quality accessible to all

By browsing the characteristics of the three models making up the new Inöe range, see how much the brand has focused on the quality of its products . Whether in terms of power, waterproofness, autonomy or even the quality of the materials that make up the scooters. The price-performance ratio of these two-wheelers is impressive.

Scooters each have their advantages and are suitable for all types of riders. Let's discover the city and light Bloomy , the irresistible Tweeky and the invulnerable Sweemie .

inoe tweeky electric scooter

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Inöe, a complete range of waterproof electric scooters

Inöe electric scooter: "The" waterproof electric scooter

What sets the Inöe brand apart from all other electric scooter brands is the full range approved waterproofing . Indeed, although the level of waterproofing is more or less important depending on the model, Inöe scooters make the difference in the electric mobility market.

It is undeniable that it is not easy to find an electric scooter resistant to rain and dust. A scooter that also offers real driving comfort, good autonomy, ease of transport and the pleasure of enjoying quality materials.

The Bloomy and Tweeky models are IP65 certified, which represents a very good ability to roll under water. The Sweemy has the greatest resistance to water intrusion, both on the motor part (ipx6) and the battery part (ipx7).

Waterproof protection index

As you will have understood, each Inöe electric scooter can be driven without worry in the rain. A good point for users looking for a city electric scooter that can ensure safe driving whatever the weather conditions.

However, we advise you to avoid driving in the pouring rain in order to maintain perfect efficiency of the vehicle in the long term.

INÖE scooter models

Inöe Bloomy

inoe bloomy electric scooter

The Inöe Bloomy electric scooter is the everyday scooter par excellence. Equipped with a 250 W brushless motor , it can reach a top speed of 25 km/h. It has 10-inch wheels for maximum comfort.

This electric scooter is equipped with an 8 Ah Lithium-Ion battery for 36 V, which offers a range of 30 km. This allows the driver of the Inöe Bloomy scooter to be used for a fairly long time.

It is also equipped with headlights at the front to give you greater visibility at night and is IP65 certified, therefore water resistant. So you can use it even in light rain without any worries.

Inöe Tweeky

electric scooter inoe tweeky description

The Inöe Tweeky electric scooter is an inexpensive model specially designed for urban use. These 10-inch wheels absorb all shocks.

Its 350 W Brushless motor allows it to reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h and offers three speeds ranging from 10 to 25 km/h. In this way, you can enjoy unique driving sensations.

Its 36 V Lithium-Ion battery for 10 Ah provides a range of 36 km. The Tweeky scooter weighs 17 kg. Also very waterproof, this two-wheeler is IP65 certified.

Inöe Sweemie

electric scooter inoe sweemie description

The IPX7 certified battery of the Inöe Sweemie scooter gives it better water resistance. This model guarantees its users an extremely comfortable experience thanks to its front shock absorbers and the size of its 10-inch tires.

Indeed, the Sweemie scooter is able to face all types of city roads.

The Sweemie offers a 36V 13Ah Lithium-Ion battery offering a top speed of 35km/h and a range of 45km. This Inöe model is made for the most demanding drivers.

It is powered by a 500 W brushless motor and is equipped with 10-inch wheels to provide comfort and precision in driving.

Unique comfort and driving experience

Designed for urban use, the scooters in the Inöe range each have two 10-inch wheels ensuring maximum comfort even on gritty roads. The large size of the tires of these electric scooters allows them to absorb all shocks. Use on uneven and granular terrain can therefore be done without worry. This model guarantees its users an extremely comfortable experience thanks to its front shock absorbers and the size of its 10-inch tires.

The brand offers a range of 30 km with the entry-level model Inöe Bloomy, up to 40 km with the robust Inöe Sweemie. The autonomy of the Tweeky, it amounts to 36 km.

The three electric scooters of the brand are equipped with 10-inch tires, which guarantees very good adaptability on a large number of types of terrain . It should also be noted that the Sweemie has a puncture-proof solid tire at the rear.

Now let's talk about their brushless motor. The power of the brand's scooters is delivered by a brushless motor ranging from:

  • 500 W for the Inöe Sweemie
  • 350 W (750 W peak) for the Inöe Tweeky
  • 250 W for the Inöe Bloomy

Placed in the front wheel of the Tweeky and in the rear wheel of the other two models, the brushless motor of the scooters is fully protected.

Thus, the engine of the Sweemie makes it possible to have flashing rear lights (controls on the handlebars). Perfect for showing off on the road. This is a real plus because few electric scooters on the market have integrated indicators. Another positive point to credit to the Sweemie. This signaling system makes it a pioneering model compared to the competition.

inoe bloomy electric scooter

Ingenious braking system combinations!

Inoe electric scooters are all equipped with a drum brake . For the Inöe Bloomy and Sweemie models, the drum brake is located at the front of the two-wheeler and at the rear for the Inöe Tweeky to ensure good braking distance. In addition, there is a KERS electric brake for the Bloomy and the Inöe Tweeky. This activates when the brake handles are pressed and passes a reverse current through the motor. This gently slows down the motor and at the same time recharges the battery while on the move. This system represents a real saving of time, energy and promotes the autonomy of your electric scooter.

As for the Inöe Sweemie , its drum brake at the front is supplemented by a regenerative brake (E-ABS).

What is a KERS electric brake?

KERS is the system used by Formula E and hybrid cars for the electricity generated during a phase of deceleration or soft braking. It allows the motor to generate electricity when forced by an external force. (A motor is just a powered dynamo). This electrical flow is recovered by the controller which sends it back to the batteries.

The more powerful the engine brake (PA on the EY3 display ), the more current is sent back to the battery.

Clearly, the KERS makes it possible to gain about 10 to 15% more autonomy on a trip.

What is an E-ABS braking system?

e-ABS is simply electronic ABS.

The classic ABS of a car or a 2WD acts through jerky pressures on the brake pads when the ABS unit (the ABS controller) calculates too much deceleration when using the brake.

Scooters do not have ABS units capable of making this calculation because they are too bulky to integrate into the chassis and too heavy for the performance provided.

On the other hand, a simulation of the ABS by reproducing a braking by jerks is possible. This only acts during the regenerative electronic braking phase. It therefore does not intervene directly on the pads.

sweemie electric scooter

Inöe, electric scooters at low prices but large capacities !

The electric scooters of the French brand Inöe have a modern and refined design . Beyond their aesthetics, these electrical novelties can surprise the most demanding drivers with their technical characteristics. Indeed, in terms of speed, autonomy and equipment, Inöe electric scooters are very efficient at this price level.

So, convinced by the scooters of the INÖE brand?

electric scooters inoe france