In 2023, the electric scooter is not a toy, but a real urban transport vehicle . More and more customers trust Weebot in order to drive with complete peace of mind and in an ecological way.

But the quality of our products has a price. An investment that can be made by paying in installments with a simple bank card thanks to our partner Alma .

Buy an electric scooter easily

Do you dream of a premium electric scooter for your daily trips? At Weebot, you can opt for payment in 2, 3 and even 4 monthly installments . All this at no cost to you!

Our service is accessible for payments on our site from 100 euros . Very easy to access, you just need to have your credit card to be able to make the payment in more times.

ease of payment in installments weebot electric scooter

A payment in several installments allows you to:

  • better control your budget
  • spread the purchase of your electric scooter over time
  • to offer you a high-end electric scooter more simply
  • enjoy your vehicle more quickly
  • to have no additional costs (on payment in 2 installments, 3 installments and 4 installments only)
  • to have peace of mind thanks to the automatic debit of your bank card at each due date (a reminder is sent to you each month)
  • to take advantage of a secure payment method

Which cards are declined for installment payments

  • electronic cards, maestro cards or any other cards with systematic authorization
  • young cards
  • ATM cards only
  • credit cards
  • online bank cards

Our partner Alma

For more than 2 years, thanks to payment in installments, the shopping experience has been exceptional for our customers. A payment facility that requires in most cases only a bank card from a physical bank.

weebot anoki stairs electric scooter woman

Why can Alma request your bank details?

As part of a request for payment in installments, it may happen that Alma does not have enough information about your creditworthiness to make a positive decision immediately. Unlike other traditional solutions which would automatically refuse your file, Alma offers the option of checking your bank details.

Have no fear if you find yourself in this situation. The goal for Alma is to obtain more information in order to be able to make a positive decision on your payment in installments.

In this procedure, Budget Insight, leader in banking aggregation in France and having DSP2 approval certified by the Banque de France, has sole access to your bank account information. Neither Weebot nor our partner Alma receive your access codes , but only the transaction data necessary to assess your creditworthiness.

Alma chose this solution because it meets the highest security standards . Budget Insight is subject to extremely strict obligations in terms of securing information which makes it possible to be perfectly transparent.

With Alma, your information therefore remains perfectly secure.

Payment in 2 installments, 3 installments or 4 installments free of charge

To pay up to 4 times free of charge, the operation is almost transparent for you. After validation of your basket, you just have to select the option of payment in installments.

In case of acceptance of your file in the following seconds, your payment in installments is then validated directly. The first installment is paid directly when purchasing your electric scooter.

Simple, fast and totally secure , you don't have to provide us with any other document to validate the order of the electric scooter of your dreams.

Buy an electric scooter in 20 monthly payments

Since this year, Weebot even offers you the payment of up to 20 monthly payments. Be careful, however, because if payments up to 4 times are free of charge, monthly payments up to 20 times generate costs at your expense.

But it can be interesting for you to make the fully secure payment for an ultra high-end electric scooter, from Minimotors Dualtron for example. These expensive vehicles that can drive well above the regulated 25 km/h sometimes cost several months of salary.

It is therefore useful if you want to make the purchase of such an electric scooter, to smooth out its payment over several months.

A Weebot Zephyr for 385€ over 4 months

weebot zephyr payment 4 times electric scooter

Our best-selling Weebot Zephyr electric scooter is available for you from just €385 over 4 months. Payment in 4 instalments free of charge by credit card, enough to quickly take advantage of a versatile, fast and super comfortable vehicle to travel on all roads. Don't forget that in addition to fast and free delivery, you receive free accessories for around 100 euros on purchase.

A scooter mirror, a carrying bag and a smartphone holder! Enough to take advantage of your new electric scooter in complete safety.

A Weebot Leika from €65 per month

weebot leika payment 20 times cheap electric scooter

You can also treat yourself to the Weebot Leika urban electric scooter for a little less than the price of a monthly public transport pass. A simple and effective way to regain your freedom while promoting social distancing.

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