Have you just purchased a Weebot Omaha or Weebot Maverick electric scooter ? This one has a QS1 screen . We accompany you to discover all the settings of the screen of your Weebot scooter in order to configure your vehicle. Follow our complete guide with the meaning of the different driving modes as well as the error symbols on the display.

Display QS1

Equipped with a backlit black liquid crystal screen, the QS1 display is the old display model used on the very first Weeboot scooters, namely Omaha, Maverick and Mohave. Although replaced in favor of the QS-S4 or LT-01 models, this first display still retains the basic and essential functionalities of any accelerator.

Which scooters are equipped with the QS1 accelerator?

Here is the list of electric scooter models compatible with this display:

Weebot Omaha electric scooter

Weebot Maverick electric scooter

Weebot Mohave electric scooter

electric scooter Minimotors Mini 4 Pro First Generation

Weebot Omaha Maverick Mohave Electric Scooter

Complete Guide to Weebot QS1 Screen Tuning

The settings of your Weebot electric scooter are made using the control screen, which also acts as an accelerator. Discover all the possible settings to bring you driving comfort.

How to set the riding mode for Weebot Omaha and Maverick scooter?

The QS1 screen of Weebot electric scooters allows you to ride with 3 driving modes. The higher you level up from 1 -> 2 -> 3, the faster your max speed and acceleration will be. But you will also lose more autonomy. It's all about using your Omaha or your Maverick.


What are the elements present on your display:

As soon as your display is started, you will see all the elements present on the display of your scooter appear. Let's see together what these abbreviations correspond to.

  • CH: It corresponds to the number of charge cycles carried out on your scooter.
  • Vol: Corresponds to the actual voltage of your battery, expressed in volts.
  • Km/h: Represents the actual speed at which you are driving. Displayed in kilometers per hour according to the parameters you have defined.
  • STEP: This word is displayed when the starting mode configured is kick start.
  • ODO: Corresponds to the total number of kilometers traveled on your scooter.
  • Trip: Corresponds to the number of kilometers partially covered. The count starts from 0 each time you start your scooter.
  • Time: Represents the driving time since starting your scooter.
  • ! : This punctuation is a braking indicator.

You can configure these elements as you wish by accessing the settings of your QS1 display.

The battery level


Your QS1 display allows you to follow the level of your battery. Thanks to its gauge, you can follow your battery consumption and adapt your driving accordingly.

When your battery is full, you can fully use your electric scooter having fun with the biggest speed mode.
When your battery reaches 70%, we recommend that you drive at a moderate speed.
Below 50%, favor a more moderate pace by switching to intermediate speed mode. It is advisable to always stay above 35% to 40% battery, in order to maintain optimal performance of the battery of your electric scooter.

How to Access Advanced Settings (Mode P)

To adjust your Weebot electric scooter in depth, here is how to access the programs saved in the QS1 display.

  1. Turn on the electric scooter.
  2. Simultaneously press the "MODE" and "POWER" buttons for a few seconds to access the menu of the different programs.
  3. Use the "MODE" button to scroll through the different programs (p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, etc).
  4. Press the "POWER" button to change the value of the settings.
  5. To save, just wait a few seconds without touching the buttons until the display returns to the home screen.

List of programs for Weebot Omaha, Maverick and Mohave

In this part we will detail all the features available to best adjust your electric scooter according to your desires. There are a total of 10 setting programs on this throttle model.

PO: Wheel diameter parameter

This program allows you to indicate the size of the wheels of your electric scooter on the display. By default, this is set to 10 inches for Omaha, Maverick and Mohave scooters.

This allows the speed of the electric scooter to be calculated. But depending on your weight, it may be wise to fine-tune this setting so that the counter speed is as close as possible to the GPS speed.

P1: Battery voltage Parameter_mode_P1_display_QS1_scooter_electric_Omaha_Maverick_Mohave

The value of the battery voltage corresponds to the power of your electric scooter . This value is 41.5 V for Maverick and 43 V for Omaha.

It is therefore useless to change this value which by default is perfectly configured.

P2: Number of magnetic pole


This value corresponds to the number of magnets present in your motor. This value is preset to 15 for Omaha Maverick and Mohave scooters. It is therefore not useful to modify it.

P3: Activation of the ODO


Its value is 1 and it cannot be modified.

P4: Speed ​​unit


Depending on the region, the units of measurement are not all the same.

  • “0”: for the kilometer per hour
  • “1” for Miles per hour

To drive in France, Weebot recommends that you choose the unit 0 to display your speed in km/h.

P5: Start type


To start your Weebot Maverick or Omaha electric scooter, you have two options:

  • “0” for direct start with acceleration trigger
  • “1” for an acceleration trigger active only after an impulse given by the foot.

For beginners or for the most powerful electric scooters, prefer the foot start , and when you have gained experience, you can switch to the direct start mode.

P6: Cruise control:


Cruise control allows you to drive at a constant speed without holding the throttle trigger. This reduces fatigue over long distances, as well as battery consumption by reducing the number of accelerations. Select:

  • “0” to disable cruise control
  • “1” to activate cruise control

“0” is the setting mode we recommend! Because with the cruise control activated (1), when you release the acceleration trigger, your two wheels continue to roll at the same speed. A function that is rather dangerous in city driving. Use only if you are used to riding your Weebot scooter this way.

P7: Progressive acceleration assistance:


It is possible to dose the acceleration of the trigger through this program.

  • 0 for Soft Start Acceleration
  • 1 for Powerful startup acceleration

To avoid excessively violent accelerations, choose the value 0 (softer). To deploy all the power at startup, enter the value 1 (faster and nervous).

P8: Motor power


It represents the power of your engine expressed as a percentage. You can electronically restrict your scooter by decreasing the number between 1 and 100.

Legislation imposes a maximum speed of 25km/h for electric scooters . We therefore recommend that you test your device under vacuum in order to adapt the percentage which differs according to the power of your motor.

P9: EABS system


The ABS system prevents the wheels from locking during emergency braking and thus allows the driver to maintain control of his vehicle. Choose :

  • “0” to disable it
  • “1” for soft assistance
  • “2” for powerful assistance

List of QS1 Display Error Symbols

The error symbols on your electric scooter are there to tell you that there is an anomaly on your vehicle . In case of doubt, here is the list of these symbols as well as their meanings. You will then be able to know which system is faulty and requires repair.


Brake sensor error symbol

This symbol means there is a problem with the brake sensor. Check if the brake handle is locked by pressing it several times. If the problem persists, check the handle spring which may be incorrectly in place.

Blocked cables or a faulty sensor can also be the source of the malfunction.

Engine error symbol

This code indicates a problem with the motor.

Check that the cables inside the motor are intact. If they are damaged, the motor will need to be replaced.

Accelerator error symbol

This code indicates a problem with the throttle.

Check your accelerator (acceleration trigger) on your display because the magnet located inside may have moved.

Controller error symbol

This code indicates a controller malfunction that may have burned out or been damaged by water ingress. In this case, it will have to be replaced.

Before carrying out repairs on a Weebot electric scooter following an error symbol, we advise you to contact an electric scooter repairer such as our Weebot Service Center by email at sav@wee-bot.com .

We will then be able to guide you effectively on the reason(s) for the breakdown and possibly the repairs to be planned.

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