Have you just purchased a Weebot Zephyr or Weebot Anoki electric scooter? It has a QS-S4 LCD screen. We accompany you to discover all the settings of the LCD screen of your Weebot scooter in order to configure your vehicle. Follow our complete guide with the meaning of the different driving modes as well as the error codes on the display.

QS-S4 LCD Color Display

The QS-S4 LCD display replaces the old LT-01 display offered by the old Zero electric scooters. It has brand new additional functions. It is possible to consult among others:

  • electric scooter speed
  • the number of kilometers traveled
  • the remaining autonomy

This signaling on the handlebars allows safe and ideal driving in all urban trips with your Weebot electric scooter .

Note that to turn on the lighting of your electric scooter, you must press the "MODE" button for several seconds.

Which scooters are equipped with the QS-S4 accelerator?

electric scooter weebot leika handlebar lcd screen bag

The QS S4 display model is a benchmark in the electric scooter industry. It is mainly used by the Zero and Weebot brands which use this digital display on their vehicle. Here is the list of electric scooter models compatible with this color LCD display.

Weebot QS-s4 Screen Tuning Full Guide

The settings of your electric scooter are made by the control screen which also acts as an accelerator. Discover all the possible settings to bring you driving comfort.

How to set the driving mode for Weebot Zephyr and Anoki scooter?

The QS S4 LCD screen of Weebot electric scooters allows you to ride with 3 driving modes. The higher you level up from 1 -> 2 -> 3 , the faster your max speed and acceleration will be. But you will also lose more autonomy. It's all about how you use your Zephyr or Anoki.

biometric sensor handlebar electric scooter weebot zephyr

How to Access Advanced Settings (Mode P)

To adjust your Weebot electric scooter in depth, here is how to access the programs saved in the QS-S4 display.

  1. Turn on the electric scooter
  2. Press the "MODE" and "POWER" buttons for a few seconds to access the menu of the different Programs
  3. Use the "POWER" button to scroll through the different programs (p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, etc.)
  4. Press the "MODE" button to change the value of the settings
  5. To save, just wait a few seconds without touching the buttons for the display of the Weebot scooter to return to the homepage on its own

List of programs for Weebot Zephyr, Anoki and Leika

In this part we will detail all the features available to best adjust your electric scooter according to your desires. There are a total of 10 setting programs on this throttle model.

digital lcd screen qs s4 electric scooter speed meter trigger acceleration

Programs P1 P2 P3 are not to be modified

Attention, if it is possible to modify the values ​​on the P1 and P2 modes, we advise you not to do so. Programs P1, P2 and P3 should only be modified if the values ​​indicated are not the correct ones.

P1 mode: LCD screen brightness

p1 mode screen brightness adjustment qss4 electric scooter display

This value changes the backlight of your scooter's QS-S4 LCD display. Low light is recommended in dark weather, while high light is better in direct sunlight.

  • 1 = low intensity backlight
  • 2 = medium backlight
  • 3 = high brightness backlight

P2 mode: speed unit

mode P2 adjustment unit speed km/h electric scooter weebot zephyr leika anoki

Depending on the region, the units of measurement are not all the same. To drive in France, Weebot recommends that you choose the unit 0 to display your speed in km/h in order to comply with measurement standards.

  • 0 = kilometers per hour
  • 1 = Miles per hour

P3 mode: battery voltage

electric scooter adjustment qs-s4 menu p3 battery voltage

The value of the battery voltage corresponds to the power of your electric scooter. It can be set to 36V, 48V, 52V, 60V, 72V. It is therefore useless to change this value which by default is perfectly configured.

    P4 Mode: Automatic Vehicle Shutdown Timer

    p4 automatic stop adjustment weebot qs-s4 electric scooter

    You can adjust the number of minutes your vehicle shuts itself off after a period of inactivity. This parameter is adjustable from 0 to 60 minutes.

    This function saves the battery so that it does not discharge unnecessarily when you are not using your vehicle.

      P6 mode: wheel size

      p6 program electric scooter wheel diameter adjustment

      This program allows you to indicate the size of the wheels of your electric scooter on the display. By default, this is set to 8.5 for the 8.5 inch wheels of the Anoki, 10 for the 10 inch of the Zephyr and Leika etc.

      This allows the speed of the electric scooter to be calculated . But depending on your weight, it may be wise to fine-tune this setting so that the counter speed is as close as possible to the GPS speed.

        Mode P7: number of magnets in the motor

        magnet adjustment motor electric scooter p7 mode weebot

        The P7 value corresponds to the number of pairs of motor poles. Electric scooter manufacturers including Weebot recommend not to modify this original value .

        P8 mode: motor power

        p8 top speed adjustment electric scooter display qs-s4

        It is possible via this program to adjust the motor power between 5% and 100%. This program is particularly useful for getting used to the power of your Weebot electric scooter.

        In case of lack of insurance during your first uses of your vehicle, you can configure the machine to deliver more or less its maximum speed when the trigger is fully pressed.

        • 25 = Max 25% top speed
        • 50 = Max 50% top speed
        • 100 = Top speed at 100% motor capacity

        P9 mode: kick start

        mode p9 kick start foot electric scooter weebot qs s4

        To start your Zero or Weebot electric scooter, you have the option of starting the acceleration with a momentum of the foot (value: 1), or activating the raw start to start directly with the acceleration trigger of the QS-S4 ( value: 0).

        For beginners or for the most powerful electric scooters, prefer kick starting, and when you have gained experience, you can switch to direct start mode.

        • 0 = Direct start with acceleration trigger
        • 1 = Acceleration trigger active only after foot swing

          Mode P11: electric braking intensity

          This P11 program allows you to modify the electric braking power on your Weebot, Zero or Kaabo scooter using the QS-S4 display. You have several power levels (from 1 to 5) for the electric brake present on the motor(s):

          • 1 = Low Power Electric Braking
          • 3 = Electric braking not faulty
          • 5 = Electric braking at full power

          Mode P12: Soft start

          It is possible to dose the acceleration of the trigger through this program. To avoid excessively violent accelerations, choose the value 0 (softer). To deploy all the power at startup, enter the value 5 (faster and nervous).

          • 0 = Soft acceleration at start
          • 3 = Default vehicle acceleration
          • 5 = Most powerful acceleration at start

          Mode P15: Undervoltage monitor

          Not modified !

          Mode P16: Reset ODO

          To reset the kilometers to 0 on your Weebot electric scooter, all you need to do is hold down the POWER button once in this menu.

          Mode P17: cruise control

          To deactivate cruise control, choose the value: 0

          This is the adjustment mode that we recommend! Because with the cruise control activated (1) when you release the acceleration trigger, your two wheels continue to roll at the same speed. A function that is rather dangerous in city driving. Only to be used if you are used to riding your Weebot scooter this way.

          Cruise control allows you to drive at a constant speed without holding the throttle trigger . This reduces fatigue over long distances as well as battery consumption by reducing the number of accelerations.

          To deactivate cruise control, simply pull the trigger to accelerate or brake. If you use this feature, always have a suitable position ready for braking for added safety.

          • 0 = Cruise control off
          • 1 = Cruise control active

          P20 Mode: Error Log

          Not modified !

          The battery level

          Your QS-S4 display allows you to follow the level of your battery. Thanks to its gauge, you can follow your battery consumption and adapt your driving accordingly.


          When your battery is full, you can fully use your electric scooter having fun with the biggest speed mode.
          When your battery reaches 70%, we recommend that you drive at a moderate speed.
          Below 50%, favor a more moderate pace when switching to intermediate speed mode. It is advisable to always stay above 35% to 40% battery, in order to maintain optimal performance of the battery of your electric scooter.

          List of QS-S4 LCD Display Error Codes

          Electric scooter error codes are there to tell you that there is an anomaly on your vehicle . In case of doubt, here is the list of these codes as well as their meaning. You will then be able to know which system is faulty and requires repair .

          Before carrying out repairs on a Weebot electric scooter following an error code, we advise you to contact an electric scooter repairer such as our Weebot Service Center by email at sav@wee-bot.com .

          We will then be able to guide you effectively on the reason(s) for the breakdown and possibly the repairs to be planned.

          Error code E00

          It is usually enough to restart the scooter to correct this error.

          Error code E02

          This code indicates a brake problem.

          To correct this problem, squeeze the brake handle repeatedly to see if it is blocked. If the problem persists, we advise you to check the spring of the handle because it must not be correctly in place. Your brake handle should then not engage properly.

          Error code E04

          This code indicates a controller problem. Remember to deactivate it in the program menu P6 (value at 0)

          Error code E06

          This code indicates a low battery voltage problem. Check the P3 program mode and make sure the value matches the product's default setting.

          Error code E07

          This code indicates an engine problem. The cable feeding the motor is possibly disconnected. On the Anoki model, turn off your vehicle and try to disconnect then reconnect the exposed motor cable.

          On the Zephyr and Leika models, it is necessary to check if the cables at the level of the controller are correctly connected. If the problem persists despite everything, the motor is surely faulty.

          Error code E08

          This code indicates a problem with the display of the display. In some cases, the magnet inside the display may fall. Check that it is indeed present by keeping the trigger pressed (vehicle off). You should see it behind the trigger block normally. If the magnet has fallen, it must be put back in place, taking care to put it in the right direction. If placed upside down, your scooter may accelerate on its own.

          Error code E09

          This code indicates a problem with the controller. It is most certainly necessary to change the controller which is defective.

          Error code E10

          This code indicates a problem with the signal from the controller to the display. First, try unplugging and reconnecting the display. If the problem persists, you can try with another display. If this does not solve the connection problem, the connector cable will have to be changed.

          Error code E11

          This code indicates a signal problem from the display to the controller. First, try unplugging and reconnecting the display. If the problem persists, you can try with another display. If this does not solve the connection problem, the connector cable will have to be changed.

          Error code E12

          This code indicates a problem with the BMS. The latter controls the battery management.

          Error code E13

          This code indicates a problem with the lighting of the scooter. If your battery is charging, check that the charging port is working properly. Otherwise, the battery will have to be changed.

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