You have just acquired a Dualtron electric scooter equipped with the Minimotors EY3 display but you do not yet know how to configure your vehicle? You are in the right place. Weebot accompanies you to discover all the settings of the LCD screen of your Dualtron scooter .

Follow our complete guide with the meaning of the different modes p0 p1 p2 etc, as well as the error codes on the display.

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Minimotors electric scooter screen

The EY3 screen from Minimotors was introduced for the first time on the Dualtron electric scooter in 2019. It replaces the old display by offering a whole host of additional functions. Thanks to this new display, it is possible to consult in addition:

  • electric scooter speed display
  • display of the number of kilometers traveled
  • remaining battery life display

This signaling on the handlebars allows safe and ideal driving in all urban trips with your Minimotors electric scooter.

Which scooters are equipped with the EY3 accelerator?

The Minimotors manufacturer's EY3 display model is a benchmark in the electric scooter industry. It is mainly used by the Dualtron and Speedway brands belonging to the Korean manufacturer. But other brands also use this digital display on their vehicle.

odod display electric scooter dualtron minimotors lcd screen display

Here is the list of electric scooter models compatible with this display.

dualtron ultra foldable electric scooter

Complete Dualtron Screen Tuning Guide

The settings of your electric scooter are made by the control screen which also acts as an accelerator. Discover all the possible settings to bring you driving comfort.

The display is identical on the entire Minimotors range in terms of its operation. Whether it is the EY3 screen up to the 60V model but also on the EY3 display 72V and more.

Battery display

Your EY3 display allows you to follow the level of your battery. Displayed as a percentage, you can monitor battery consumption and adapt your driving accordingly.

When your battery is full, you can fully use your electric scooter having fun with the biggest speed mode.
When your battery reaches 70%, we recommend that you drive at a moderate speed.
Below 50%, favor a more moderate pace by switching to intermediate speed mode. It is advisable to always stay above 35% to 40% battery, in order to maintain optimal performance of the battery of your electric scooter.

How to set the driving mode for Dualtron scooter?

The LCD screen of the Dualtron electric scooters allows you to ride with 3 driving modes . The higher you level up from 1 -> 2 -> 3, the faster your max speed and acceleration will be. But you will also lose more autonomy. It's all about how you use your vehicle.

To increase the power by increasing the riding modes, just press the "Gear" button (the one with the "dot" logo).

What is the Mode button on the EY3 display for?

When you are on the home screen or the main screen when starting the Dualtron scooter, you can cycle through the LCD screen modes by pressing the mode button. Here is the different information provided by the different modes:

  • TIME: driving time since ignition
  • TRIP : distance traveled since the last reset. To reset to 0, simply press and hold the "mode" button.
  • ODO : total distance traveled
  • CHA : number of full charge cycles performed (one full cycle => 0% to 100% battery)
  • FLIGHT : remaining battery voltage

How to Access Dualtron Advanced Settings (Program - P)

To adjust your electric scooter in depth, here is how to access the programs saved in the Minimotors EY3 display.

  • Turn on the electric scooter
  • Long press (3-5 seconds) the "Mode" button to access the "Programs" menu
  • Use the "Mode" button to scroll through the different programs (p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, etc.)
  • Press the value change button (the button with the dot) to change the setting
  • To save, press the "mode" button again for a long time to exit the menu or wait for the display to go into standby on its own.
display all functionalities lcd screen ey3 display green backlighting

Settings Menu List for Dualtron Electric Scooter

In this part we will detail all the features available to best adjust your electric scooter according to your desires. There are a total of 14 setting programs on this Minimotors throttle model.

Programs P0 P1 P2 are not to be modified

Attention, if it is possible to modify the values ​​on the modes P0, P1 and P2, we do not advise you to do so. Programs P0, P1, P2 and P3 should only be modified if the values ​​indicated are not the correct ones .

Mode P0: wheel size

mode p0 wheel size adjustment display ey3 dualtron minimotors

This program allows you to indicate on the display the size of the wheel diameter of your electric scooter. By default, this is set to 8.5 for 8.5 inch wheels, 10 for 10 inch wheels, 11 for 11 inch wheels etc.

This allows the speed of the electric scooter to be calculated. But depending on your weight, it may be wise to fine-tune this setting so that the counter speed is as close as possible to the GPS speed.

P1 mode: battery voltage

dualtron mode p1 scooter battery voltage adjustment

The value of the battery voltage corresponds to the power of your electric scooter. It can be set to 36V, 48V, 52V, 60V, 72V and even 84V lately. There is therefore no need to change this value.

Mode P2: number of motor magnetic poles

magnetic pole adjustment dualtron scooter motor ey3 display

The P2 value corresponds to the number of pairs of motor poles. Electric scooter manufacturers recommend not to modify the original value.

P3 mode: speed display

speed display ey3 scooter dualtron mode p3

You have the choice to activate or not the speed of the scooter on your computer through this program. Again, Minimotors recommends not to touch the default value. With the value 0, it shows the speed on the display when you are riding.

P4 mode: measurement unit

speed kmh program p4 scooter dualtron ey3 minimotors

0 = KMH: kilometers per hour

1 = MPH: Miles per hour

Depending on the region, the units of measurement are not all the same. For the European continent, we recommend that you choose the unit "km/h" in order to have the speed corresponding to our standards.

P5 mode: vehicle start mode

dualtron scooter start adjustment program p5

0: Direct start

1: With momentum of the foot

To start your Dualtron, you have the option of starting the acceleration with a momentum of the foot (value: 1), or activating the raw start to start directly with the acceleration trigger of the EY3 (value: 0).

For beginners, prefer the kick start , and when you have gained experience, you can switch to the direct start mode.

P6 mode: cruise control

dualtron minimotors ey3 p6 electric scooter speed regulator

To deactivate cruise control, choose the value: 0

This is the adjustment mode that we recommend! Because with the cruise control activated (1) when you release the acceleration trigger , your two wheels continue to roll at the same speed. A function that is rather dangerous in city driving. Use only if you are used to riding your scooter this way.

Cruise control allows you to drive at a constant speed without using the throttle trigger. This reduces fatigue over long distances as well as battery consumption by reducing the number of accelerations.

To deactivate cruise control, simply pull the trigger to accelerate or brake. If you use this feature, always have an adequate position ready for braking.

P7 mode: acceleration speed

display dualtron scooter adjustment acceleration

It is possible to dose the acceleration of the trigger through this program. To avoid excessively violent accelerations, choose value 5 (the softest). To deploy full power on acceleration, enter the value 0 (fastest).

P8 mode: motor power

p8 mode dualtron scooter motor power adjustment

It is possible via this program to adjust the motor power between 5% and 100%.

P9 mode: battery usage mode

economy battery dualtron scooter adjustment display ey3

If you run out of battery life on your Dualtron, it is possible to fine-tune the scooter's ECO mode to best conserve the battery:

1 = ECO max (the speed will be drastically reduced but you will do the maximum number of kilometers)

2 = intermediate ECO

3 = Disables ECO mode (no reduced speed, but less km traveled)

PA mode: intensity of electronic braking

electric braking intensity scooter dualtron minimotors ey3 display

To better control the braking of your vehicle, it is possible to add or deactivate braking by electromagnet of the motor(s).

0 = No electric brake

5 = Electric brake at maximum power

PB mode: LCD backlight

lighting display lcd screen electric scooter dualtron ey3

0 = No LCD backlight

5 = Maximum illumination of the EY3 screen

PC mode: automatic shutdown of the Dualtron

pc program auto stop dualtron scooter

You can adjust the number of minutes your vehicle shuts itself off after a period of inactivity. This parameter is adjustable from 0 to 30 minutes. This function saves the battery so that it does not discharge unnecessarily when you are not using your vehicle.

PD mode: ABS activation

activation abs braking electric scooter dualtron ey3 display

1 = ABS on

0 = ABS disabled

Many users of powerful electric scooters prefer to deactivate the ABS braking system. If the anti-lock braking system seems interesting for safety, it is nevertheless difficult to tame on this type of vehicle. It's all about feeling depending on your riding style.

Display of errors on the display

error display dualtron electric scooter display lcd screen

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