As an electric scooter owner, it is not uncommon for your vehicle to break down. If your scooter no longer starts or stops, your vehicle may display an error code on its screen. This error signal indicates an anomaly that you can take care of or contact a professional to help you. Weebot tells you more about it.

All about error codes

Before you can troubleshoot an error code you need to understand how it works. Weebot explains everything to you!

How do the error codes of your electric scooter work?

Like many electric vehicles, your scooter may experience breakdowns which may be linked to a faulty component. To find out the origin of the fault, you can refer to the error codes displayed on the screen of your electric scooter.

These will tell you the type of failures encountered using different codes. To be sure that the code is always up to date you should take the time to contact the manufacturer of your electric scooter. You can get these codes using your scooter's brand app via a bluetooth connection.

The different error codes depending on the electric scooter models

Each scooter system has its own code. This is why Weebot has compiled a list of existing error codes for scooters available on our Weebot sales platform. However, we would like to remind you that scooter systems are often updated and that certain codes are no longer up to date. To be sure you have an authentic code, we invite you to contact the manufacturer of your electric scooter.

The error codes of Xiaomi scooters

If you have a Xiaomi brand scooter (whether it is a Xiaomi Pro, Scooter Lite, Essential Scooter or even M365) then this list of error codes may concern your vehicle:

  • 1 0: Communication error with LCD display and controller
  • 1 1 1: Motor phase A fault
  • 1 2: Phase B anomaly
  • 1 3: Phase C anomaly
  • 1 4: Connection error between acceleration sensor and controller
  • 1 5: Brake sensor connection error
  • 1 8: Communication error with the motor sensor
  • 2 1: Communication error with the SGB
  • 2 2: Incorrect BMS password
  • 2 3: Invalid BMS serial number
  • 2 4: System voltage problem
  • 2 6: Data storage problem
  • 2 7: Controller password incorrect
  • 2 8: Fault in MOSFET/Transistor
  • 2 9: MOSFET/Transistor low state fault
  • 3 1: Program jump error
  • 3 5: Incorrect electric scooter serial number
  • 3 9: Battery sensor temperature abnormal
  • 4 0: Abnormal corrector temperature

Segway and Ninebot electric scooters

If you have a Segway scooter (Segway ES1, ES2, ES4, E22E; E25E, E45E) or Ninebot (Max G30 P, Max G30 L, G30D, G30 Max) then this list of error codes may apply to your vehicle:

  • 1 0: Bad communication between the dashboard and the controller.
  • 1 1: Motor phase A fault
  • 1 2: Motor phase B fault
  • 1 3: Motor phase C fault
  • 1 4: Fault in the accelerator sensor
  • 1 5: Brake sensor fault
  • 1 6: Wrong MOS battery location
  • 1 7: Wrong external battery location
  • 1 8: Motor sensor fault
  • 1 9: High battery voltage
  • 2 0: High voltage at external battery
  • 2 1: Battery communication failure
  • 2 2: Battery password error
  • 2 3: Bad battery serial number
  • 2 4: Incorrect system voltage detection
  • 2 6: Memory fault
  • 2 7: Command fault
  • 2 8: Fault in MOSFET/Transistor
  • 2 9: MOSFET/Transistor low state fault
  • 3 1: Software error
  • 3 5: Invalid scooter serial number
  • 3 9: Abnormal battery temperature
  • 4 0: Abnormal control board temperature
  • 4 1: External battery abnormal temperature
  • 4 2: External battery communication problem
  • 4 3: Bad external battery code
  • 4 4: External battery serial number error
  • 4 5: Deep discharge of internal BMS cell
  • 4 6: BMS external cell deep discharge
  • 4 7: Internal BMS fault
  • 4 8: External BMS communication error
  • 4 9: BMS internal flash memory anomaly
  • 5 0: BMS external flash memory anomaly

Dualtron, Speedway and Kaboo electric scooters

If you have a Dualtron (Thunder, Ultra, Zero 10X) or Speedway (4 and 5) or Kaboo (Mantis, Wolf) scooter, then this list of error codes may apply to your vehicle:

  • E 2: Brake fault
  • E 4: Regulator fault
  • E 6: Battery under voltage
  • E 7: Motor fault
  • E 8: Display problem
  • E 9: Controller fault
  • E 10: Communication failure between the controller and the display
  • E 11: Communication failure between the controller and the display
  • E 12: Fault in the BMS (battery management board)
  • E 13: Fault in the lighting system

Weebot electric scooters

If you have a Weebot scooter (Zephyr, Anoki and Leika) then this list of error codes may apply to your vehicle:

  • E02: Brake problem.
  • E04: Regulator problem.
  • E06: Battery undervoltage problem.
  • E07: Motor problem.
  • E08: Display display problem.
  • E09: Controller fault.
  • E10: Signal problem from controller to display.
  • E11: Signal problem from display to controller.
  • E12: BMS problem.
  • E13: Problem with the lighting of the scooter.

Nami electric scooters

If you have a Nami brand scooter (Blast, Burn-E and Klima) then this list of error codes may apply to your vehicle:

  • 80: Fault in the accelerator
  • 20 1: Fault in the rear motor
  • 20 2: Front motor fault
  • 30 1: Rear controller communication error
  • 30 2: Communication error at front controller
  • 40 1: Fault in rear controller
  • 40 2: Front controller fault

Teverun electric scooters

If you have a Teverun brand scooter (Fighter, Fighter Suprem and Mini) then this list of error codes may apply to your vehicle:

  • 1: the motor is not in phase
  • 2: Hall defect
  • 4: Handlebar fault
  • 5: Undervoltage protection
  • 6: Controller failure
  • 7: Communication error (overheating)
  • 8: Faulty protection

Etwow electric scooters

If you have an Etwow scooter (Blast, Burn-E and Klima) then this list of error codes may apply to your vehicle:

  • E1 Motor overcurrent problem
  • E2 Communication problem when starting communication.
  • E3: Battery over voltage problem

Inöe electric scooters

If you own an Inöe Bloomy, Swemmie or Tweeky scooter, the error codes may vary from one model to another.

You can nevertheless find some common error codes such as:

  • 44: Bad external battery serial number
  • 42: External battery communication error

When you see an error code displayed on your scooter, it means that an anomaly has been detected. You will therefore need to change a component of your scooter as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact a professional for a detailed estimate.

The risks of breakdowns

As an electric vehicle driver, it is not uncommon for your two wheels to break down. These failures are indicated by error codes or discomfort while driving. Weebot tells you how to avoid this scenario.

What are the common failures you should face?

What are the common failures you should face?

When you ride a scooter, you may face breakdowns. The origin of its breakdowns is easily identifiable according to the faults that you will notice on your vehicle. Here are the frequent breakdowns that your electric vehicle could have:

  • The engine has overheated: the latter can be linked to overactivity of the engine, a lack of tire pressure, damaged cables, or an overload.
  • Water has entered the components of your vehicle.
  • There is a fuse problem: a fuse is burnt and it must be changed.
  • The battery is dead.

How to avoid breakdowns?

To avoid having to deal with too frequent breakdowns, you must maintain your vehicle by adopting certain daily reflexes. Here are some tips to avoid damage to your electric scooter by your guards:

  • Avoid riding in the rain even with scooters that meet the waterproof standard .
  • Drive carefully to avoid accidents and other collisions.
  • Review frequently.
  • Maintain your battery.
  • Take the time to clean your scooter.
  • If your engine overheats, let your vehicle rest.
  • Don't leave your charger plugged in all the time.

Where to repair your electric scooter?

When your scooter does not work or you do not understand the error code displayed, you can always consult professionals to help you. Our team and our Weebot technicians are at your disposal!

Contact us !

If you do not understand an error code, you can consult our customer service. At the slightest problem on your vehicle, our team can guide you and accompany you from the choice of parts to change to the repair of your two wheels.

You can contact us by email on or by phone from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday at Note that when you are on our online platform, a live chat will be available to answer your questions and guide you as best as possible. Weebot is committed to helping you even in the most critical situations.

Go to our Weebot repair centers?

If you don't know where to have your scooter repaired , our Weebot service centers will be happy to help you. We have several service centers in France: in Boulogne Billancourt, Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux.

There, our technicians have the necessary equipment to repair your two wheels. You can bring your own parts or rely on us! We have the best parts on the market to allow your vehicle to always perform as well!


Why does my scooter lock up?

When your electric scooter goes into safety, it is possible that the braking system of the latter is damaged. This anomaly prevents correct engine operation. If this is your case, we recommend that you consult a professional quickly.

How do I reset my system on an electric scooter?

Resetting your electric scooter allows you to reset the different configurations of your two wheels. It may be necessary to reset your system when the system is down or has not been used for a while. This maneuver will allow you to restart your vehicle.

What should I do if my scooter no longer turns on?

When your electric scooter no longer turns on, you can check that all the cables of the latter are properly connected or inspect the control screen and the various components of your scooter to check that they are not damaged.


Electric scooter error codes are there to help you detect an anomaly. You will then know if you need to change a part as it is. At the slightest problem, do not hesitate to contact our team who will accompany you throughout the repair process!

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