Traveling on an electric scooter is often a choice of freedom in driving. However, there are a few constraints to respect if you want to keep your vehicle in good working order for as long as possible.

To avoid electric scooter repair, it is better to anticipate any problems that may arise during its use. To extend the life of your two-wheeler, here are some tips to easily apply for electric scooter maintenance. We also advise our customers to choose our electric scooter overhaul package for more peace of mind.

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What parts are likely to wear out on an electric scooter?

To properly use and keep your electric scooter in good condition, the best thing to do is first of all to know your machine perfectly in order to take care of it. Some parts are more likely to break, from your use, but also simply by natural wear. However, this deadline can be delayed by increasing vigilance on the parts requiring more specific maintenance .


If there is one part that unfortunately will eventually wear out, it is the electric scooter battery . Although we have moved into the era of lithium-ion batteries , which are lighter, more compact and have a better lifespan, they are designed to operate for a certain number of cycles . But we reassure you on this subject, the recharging cycles are often expected to last 1000 cycles and more.

But what is a battery cycle ? This is not the total number of times recharged , but the number of times the battery will have recharged from 0 to 100%. Concretely if you carry out a first charge going from 30% of remaining battery to 90%, then a second for example from 40 to 80%, you will only have to carry out in all and for all only one cycle.

There is plenty to see coming then on this side, but we will see in more detail a little later in this guide that there are simple rules of use to keep the electric scooter battery healthy.

The tires

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The tires allow you to ensure driving comfort as well as the handling of your electric scooter. If your scooter has inner tube tires, it is therefore important to regularly check their general condition and cold inflation of course to properly maintain your electric scooter.

Indeed, monitoring the pressure of your tires prevents many punctures on the road. An under-inflated tire can result in a risk of premature deterioration that is not necessarily immediately visible. It will then end up deforming under your weight inducing an increase in the internal temperature which can lead to the bursting and therefore to the repair of the electric scooter in the workshop.

Rolling resistance will also be impacted resulting in a loss of power at the engine output. If your tires are tubeless , that is to say, a tubeless system, you do not risk a puncture . On the other hand, it is still important to check, here too, the external condition of the tire to ensure good stability on the road, both in dry and rainy weather.

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The puncture-proof solid tire solution

If you are not very careful, Weebot advises you to install puncture-proof tires on your electric scooter. There are several models of solid tires compatible with different models.

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Whether it is a honeycomb tire or a soft solid rubber, these will still end up wearing out more quickly than inflatable tires. They also make the road behavior different with a tendency to skid more. Your comfort will also be less important and you will feel the vibrations of the road more. It is then a question of choice in an electric scooter maintenance.

The screws

At Weebot, we advise you to check the condition of the hardware of your electric scooter at least once a month . Your vehicle (personal transport vehicle or EDPM) is subject to various vibrations when it is used on the road. Between the irregularities of the bitumen, potholes, climbs on sidewalks, it is necessary to check that each screw is in place.

Having play in the hardware can cause certain parts to break, or you can actually see water seeping in through the same path when driving in the rain .

With a little thread locker on the screws when tightening it should stay in place better during your various outings. You don't have to squeeze too hard either. Under penalty of touching another unintended part of the scooter or damaging internal components.

The screws most likely to move are on the wheels, under the deck and on the stem folding system.

The brakes

Maintaining your brakes directly affects your own safety. If you hear an abnormal noise or notice a longer braking distance than usual then it is more than recommended to check the condition of the brakes of the electric scooter .

We have also looked into the subject to offer you a guide on how to properly adjust your electric scooter disc brakes .

In the case of a drum brake , a “bell” directly rubs the wheel to slow its travel until it comes to a complete stop. The pressure on the brake lever on the handlebar directly pulls the cable to operate the drum more or less strongly. You can then adjust the small visible cable present next to the drum brake by tightening it further.

If your electric scooter has disc brakes, these are brake pads that put pressure on a ventilated metal disc (with holes) or not. In this case it will be necessary to change the brake pads before total wear can damage the disc.

the folding system

One of the big advantages of the electric scooter is to be able to fold up in order to store or transport more easily. But the folding system with many stresses can wear out. A break in the system would then not be covered under warranty.

It may therefore be advantageous to lightly grease this system in the case of friction of two parts on each other. By avoiding premature wear, the life of an electric scooter is extended. For this we recommend a little WD-40 which is very useful for this kind of use.

The battery central element of the electric scooter

Without a battery there is no electric scooter ! Previously lead-acid or lithium-polymer, almost all models sold today are equipped with lithium-ion batteries . Over time, batteries will inexorably age. Whether you use them or not, you will inevitably lose autonomy over time. But there are still ways to preserve the electric scooter battery as long as possible and reduce its loss of capacity. Maintaining an electric scooter is above all about keeping the battery in good condition for as long as possible.

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lithium ion technology

The lithium-ion battery has become essential in terms of energy storage. Its high energy density gives it advantages in terms of weight, volume and low automatic unloading.

Marketed for the first time in 1991 by Sony Energitech, the lithium-ion battery (also called li-ion) today occupies a predominant place in the electronics market. On the quality lithium-ion accumulators found in particular at Samsung or LG, there is no memory effect .

This is a phenomenon that affects the performance (autonomy) of the battery when it is recharged before being completely discharged. To put it simply, it's like you can't pump fuel from a car's tank to the end anymore.

When to charge an electric scooter?

For an optimization of the battery during its first use, we advise you to carry out a complete charge then to let “rest” the scooter out of mains before using it. It is always important that the cells cool down in temperature in order to maintain their best potential.

For the same reason, avoid recharging an electric scooter immediately after use. Indeed, during a journey the battery heats up. It is therefore not recommended to charge a battery that is already hot in order not to damage the cells of the accumulator. Ideally, it takes about 1 hour between the time you use your scooter and its charge. Get into the habit of recharging an electric scooter after each use to maximize its lifespan.

If your electric scooter has not moved for several weeks, it is useful to charge the product to prevent the battery from degrading. It is better to do several small refills than one big one at 100%.

How to charge the battery of an electric scooter

First of all, know that it is essential to use the charger supplied with the purchase of your electric scooter to recharge your vehicle. The battery is designed to be recharged by the latter and a third-party or noname brand could degrade the cells of this same accumulator.

The ideal electric scooter charging range is between 20 and 80%. It is really advisable not to leave your device connected to the mains after 100%.

If the heating of the battery has a direct impact on its good health, do not leave your electric scooter for a long time in direct sunlight . To keep it in good condition, charge it in a dry place at room temperature.

Note that it is important to always plug the charger unit first into your wall socket and only then into your electric vehicle. This will keep your battery in good condition .

Beware of using a scooter in winter

Electric scooters are not made to withstand freezing temperatures. You should know that cold and humidity have a direct impact on their lifespan .

If during the winter months you do not use it, we still advise you to charge it once a month to maintain your scooter and prevent the battery from being damaged by being completely discharged.

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Protect the battery from the cold

When using in cold weather, you will notice that the range of electric scooters may decrease, sometimes by half. Then remember to recharge fully so as not to run out of battery if you go out with it in the middle of winter.

You should therefore avoid storing this vehicle outside for a long time and above all do not attempt direct charging if the battery is much too cold. But rest assured, if you take care of it, the autonomy should then return to normal as soon as the good weather returns.

Protect your electric scooter from the rain

It's no secret that water and electricity don't mix. This is why we recommend that you do not take your electric scooter in the rain .

If, despite everything, the rain has ruined your route, it is important to let your machine dry , if possible vertically, in a dry place and always at room temperature.

It is best to simply use a cloth or towel to soak up excess moisture , mainly in the area of ​​the plate and the wheels where the motor is located.

Clean your electric scooter

Due to rain and mud, your electric scooter may get dirty much faster than usual. We recommend that you take care of it to clean it (with a damp cloth) to avoid the accumulation of grime and dirt that can damage its parts in the long term.

To do this, use non-corrosive products to clean an electric scooter . A simple damp cloth is enough to rid your machine of dust accumulated on the deck, brakes, wheels and handlebars. If the scooter is slightly damp, simply air dry it and do not use a hair dryer.

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Can you clean your electric scooter at the karcher?

No , even in the case of an IPX5 waterproof electric scooter . If it can withstand the pressure of the water, there is still a risk of water seeping into the electronic components, the battery, or the motor present in the wheel.

It is possible that several months later you will then have to go to a repair of the electric scooter in after-sales service. The damp cloth with a waterless cleaner is enough to maintain your scooter regularly.

Does eco mode improve the life of my electric vehicle?

Yes . It is generally advisable to use the eco mode when you go below 30% of the battery so as not to degrade the latter by running out of electricity.

Even if your battery is at the end of its life, at weebot we offer you all the types of batteries you need to regain the previous performance of your scooters.

What is the lifespan of an electric scooter?

Since the arrival of lithium-ion batteries, the lifespan of electric scooters has increased considerably compared to the lead-acid one. It is designed to withstand 1000 recharge cycles.

If you carry out regular maintenance on your electric scooter, that you take care of it during your journeys as well as during the charging phases, you can easily keep your device in good working order for many years.

My IP55 waterproof electric scooter got wet and no longer works, is this supported?

No , the warranty will not work even in the case of a waterproof electric scooter like the Inöe Sweemie IPX7 . Indeed, the manufacturer's warranty does not cover the presence of water in the battery and electronic systems in general.

To take care of it, we advise you to avoid riding in the rain as much as possible.

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By following our various tips , you should extend the life of an electric scooter . It is always better to anticipate problems by regularly taking a look at the condition of your device to avoid it having to go to after-sales service . If despite everything, some parts fail you, it is always possible to buy spare parts (such as batteries, tires, and brake pads) on our shop in order to repair the electric scooter yourself.

Now that you have all the keys in hand to take care of your electric scooter , it is now time to take care of your own protection .

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