Maintaining your electric scooter is essential in order to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Discover all our maintenance and overhaul services for electric scooters and other EDPMs offered in our Service Center Weebot Paris (Boulogne-Billancourt) and Lyon.

Why have my EPDM checked at Weebot?

If you own an EDPM, an electric scooter for example, you are responsible for its proper functioning . In the same way as a car, scooter or motorcycle, this good use necessarily requires a regular review of your electric scooter .

Even more so if it's your daily means of transport.

By checking that your vehicle is reliable, you ensure your own safety, but also that of other road users.

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When to have your vehicle serviced at Weebot?

In order to guarantee the proper functioning and avoid breakdowns or breakage of your electric scooter, electric bike , hoverboard , electric skateboard or Segway , it is recommended to carry out a complete overhaul of your vehicle at the following kilometers

  • between 300 and 500 km for an electric scooter, an electric bike or a balance bike
  • between 200 and 300 km for a hoverboard and gyropod (about 30 complete shocks)
  • between 200 and 300 km for an electric skateboard
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It happens that certain chassis elements or electrical elements need to be checked, adjusted or even replaced even if they still appear to be in good general condition . This is mainly the case on the screws of an electric scooter which tend to move during use of the vehicle.

This is why we regularly advise our customers to regularly check the correct tightening of the screws present on the electric scooter to avoid any unfortunate breakage of these parts.

To benefit from the manufacturer's warranty

If you own a new vehicle, such as an electric scooter, the warranty is only valid if you have followed the recommendations in your maintenance booklet and complied with the user guide.

Some breakdowns actually result from improper use of the EDPM and therefore cannot be taken under warranty. We are thinking in particular of the oxidation of electrical parts such as the battery or the motor, if you regularly ride in the rain with unsuitable equipment.

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With a complete overhaul of your electric scooter, we can better anticipate these problems. Traces of superficial oxidation can for example be cleaned with a suitable cleaning product to eradicate the problem in time.

Without respecting the service schedule using your signed service book, it is impossible to claim the product warranty.

Extend the performance and longevity of your scooter

By following the manufacturer's recommendations, you will be able to keep your EPDM for as long as possible but also maintain performance over the long term. Maintaining your electric scooter regularly can delay the natural wear and tear of certain parts.

We advise our customers to take care of their electric scooter. This is a real means of transport and not a toy.

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Don't be caught off guard by a breakdown

It is very important if you use your electric scooter every day as a means of transport to have a complete overhaul. There is nothing worse for an electric scooter user than breaking down in the middle of their ride.

The Weebot Service Center is the best equipped to take care of your vehicle. We have original parts for electric scooters as well as the best maintenance products , specially adapted to EDPM.

Our technicians work on the products in our shop every day. They therefore know these vehicles perfectly to help you keep them as long as possible.

Revision package from €29

You can carry out regular maintenance on your EPDM, but the safest solution is still to have your electric scooter serviced by the Weebot Service Center . You will then be sure that it is well done and complete!

Our revision package starts from 29€ for a hoverboard, Segway and electric skateboard . Due to their more advanced electronic design, the overhaul package for the electric scooter and electric bike is €49.

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20 checkpoints of your vehicle

The review of electric scooters takes about 1 hour . Our maintenance is particularly complete in order to be able to offer you the best possible maintenance of your vehicle.

Our review package on an electric scooter includes a complete inspection of your vehicle as well as its cleaning. This package includes labor and consumables. The waterless cleaning of your product is done using antistatic cloths and liquids that protect against corrosion, salt deposits and humidity.

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In addition, we lubricate all joints and cables with lithium in order to best preserve your machine until your next service.

This overhaul consists of checking the general proper functioning of your vehicle (electric scooter, electric skateboard, electric bicycle, Segway, hoverboard) and its various elements (tires, lights, battery, engine, transmission, maintenance, fluid, etc.). In the event of defects, repairs or upgrades can be offered to you in quotes afterwards.

Weebot's advice


If in doubt about the frequency of revisions to be made, contact us directly by email at . We can together take charge of your vehicle during the day in Boulogne-Billancourt and Lyon.

Do not forget either that a regular revision of an electric scooter allows a better resale in occasion. We will provide you with a maintenance log indicating the points of checks carried out and the repairs.

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