Have you just purchased an electric scooter or are you planning to buy one, but the question of vehicle theft protection is bothering you? The choice of a lock is sometimes as complicated as that of the scooter. There are many anti-theft devices approved by insurance companies. But which are the most effective against thieves?

If you need help in protecting a scooter, this article gives you all the keys to fight against the theft of a 2 wheeler . Discover our expert advice and a buying guide on the best locks for electric scooters .

How to avoid the theft of an electric scooter?

In France, more than 80,000 motorcycles and scooters are stolen each year. The two electric wheels are currently less affected by theft than their thermal equivalents. All this thanks to the majority of vehicles equipped with a removable battery . Without a battery on board, your vehicle cannot be driven. It is therefore much less attractive to thieves.

But with the passing years, the trend could end up being reversed. At the writing of this article, there is still no 100% foolproof system against scooter theft.

anti-theft electric scooter thief protection u clamp

You should assume that the best locks on the market are designed to simply discourage thieves from approaching your vehicle. Because in the case of an attempted larceny, what is most complicated for the ill-intentioned person is the lack of time!

To do this, you must not leave your vehicle in a remote place out of sight. If a thief has plenty of time, it will be easier for him to organize himself to break your anti-theft system.

The number 1 rule to avoid the theft of a scooter is therefore to park your vehicle in a lighted place with high traffic, or even better, in your field of vision.

If you have a garage, a box, or a parking space in an underground car park, we advise you to invest in a ground anchoring system. Insurers are crazy about this kind of devices which are among the most effective in terms of theft statistics.

The last advice would be to change your scooter as often as possible for your regular parking in the same area. The parking routine may cause some thieves to study your behavior. Don't give them clues about your parking habits.

Our advice and solutions against scooter theft

At Weebot, we advise our customers to multiply (as far as possible) anti-theft devices. Whether you ride a 50cm3 electric scooter or a 125cm3 equivalent , to limit the risk of theft, you must equip your scooter with reliable and solid anti-theft protection to attach the wheel to a fixed point. Even if a quality lock may seem like a significant cost, it is actually a minor investment compared to the cost of your two-wheeler!

The more visible an anti-theft device is, the more deterrent it is

In order to fight against the theft of your scooter, it is important to put yourself in the place of the thief. The more anti-theft protection your vehicle has, the more it will discourage the criminal. It is also possible to take advantage at Weebot of the engraving of the scooter with a unique identification number .

auvray speed marking serious anti-theft scooter

This effect, which is both a deterrent, makes it very easy to find the owner of the vehicle following a theft. It thus makes the task more complicated for scooter concealment. Whether for purchase or afterwards, discover Auvray's Speed ​​Marking SRA scooter engraving to provide additional protection for your two wheels.

Always favor a mechanical anti-theft device rather than an electronic one

More and more electric scooters have different types of on-board electronic anti-theft. Whether it is a circuit breaker blocking the wheels or a GPS tracker warning you on your smartphone of the movement of your scooter, these are however insufficient to leave your scooter without a physical lock.

Mechanical locks are preferred insofar as they will completely hinder the two-wheeler from moving forward. By being perfectly visible, in most cases they dissuade thieves from attacking your scooter.

Is an alarm effective against theft?

Audible alarms are reassuring as they draw attention to a scooter theft in progress. An alarm is triggered in the event of impact or lifting of the vehicle. This will scare away an inexperienced thief and will be very inconvenient for professional theft.

But can we rely solely on this system? No because if it is indeed very complicated to overcome an alarm, it does not prevent theft .

chain lock scooter thief cutting pliers

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Choosing the right electric scooter lock

Tobuy a lock , here are some tips for choosing the safest and most suitable anti-theft equipment, while respecting the standards in force. You will be able to decide which will be the best scooter lock suitable for you and your 2 wheels.

Anti-theft device approved with SRA standard

More and more insurance companies require the use of certified locks that meet specific standards to cover you. An SRA scooter lock is a mark of reliability to protect you from theft. A simple and effective way to sort out the purchase of a lock.

Focus on the complementarity of 2-wheel locks

By relying on the complementarity of anti-theft equipment, you will best deter thieves from taking action on your vehicle. A disc lock in addition to a link chain is ideal to avoid malicious acts.

anti-theft locks disc brake clamp pliers scooter thief

What are the different types of scooter locks?

The practical aspect in the purchase of a scooter lock is as important as the security aspect. It is advisable to be able to easily carry your lock on each outing, in the trunk of your two-wheeler .

We invite you not to place a U-lock or a chain in a backpack. In the event of a fall, the latter could seriously injure you if it is present on your back. Then prefer storage under the saddle, or in a top box .

U-lock: the most resistant

This system is one of the most efficient anti-theft systems, because it is difficult to break or cut. Different sizes exist which can vary in terms of the length of the branches, the diameter and the spacing for the U-lock.

To find an effective U, it must fit your scooter to trap your wheel properly. To maximize protection, it is very important to attach your scooter and the lock to a solid fixed anchor point. Remember to check that your attachment point is not trapped or that it is not possible to unscrew it.

anti-theft u luma solido d18 blocks scooter brake disc

The LUMA Solido D18 U-lock is a compact scooter lock with an 18 mm diameter hardened steel shackle. It is a very secure U-lock that meets SRA and NF standards.

Its safety index is rated "9/10". It can both be used in disc lock mode, but also in padlock mode to close a chain with large links.

The link chain: very effective but heavy

Long and flexible, the anti-theft chain is easier to attach by passing under the scooter's apron and attaching it to a fixed anchor point. For maximum protection with a chain lock, it is advisable not to leave your chain lying on the ground . This makes it possible to avoid openings by a sledgehammer on the ground. Remember to tie it "high" as much as possible!

chain lock abus 14ks 120 centimeters padlock u

Perfect for securing your electric scooter, the ABUS CUH 310 SRA chain lock + padlock is very secure with its 18 SRA and NF standard. With its 20mm hardened steel shackle and its 14mm link chain, this model is one of our best sellers for securing a 2 wheeler.

A disc lock: perfect as a complement

The main purpose of the scooter disc lock is to immobilize the two-wheeler by locking it on the brake disc. Small in size, it is convenient for easy storage under the saddle of your vehicle. It is recommended for short breaks or when you don't stray too far from your scooter.

anti-theft locks disc auvray b lock

As it does not allow two wheels to be fixed to an attachment point, its use alone is far too vulnerable. This is why we recommend the Auvray B Lock disc lock in addition to a chain or a U lock.

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