Switch to the new generation of bicycle helmets with the Bling BH60 connected bicycle helmet from Livall.

On the menu, a smart multifunction bicycle helmet with turn signals , Bluetooth and even automatic emergency call in the event of a fall.

A true concentrate of technology.

A crowdfunding project worth more than $250,000

The story of the Livall connected headset began in 2015 on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo .

From the launch of the campaign, the quality and innovations of the product thrilled the cycling community and more than 1,700 helmets were sold in 30 days.

After raising $ 259,000, the Bling BH60 helmet project has moved up a gear, which allows us today to offer you the test of this connected sports object .

Save €600
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The features of the Livall Bling smart bike helmet

Behind its classic bicycle helmet looks, the Livall Bling BH60 contains a wide range of features .

80 LEDs to be seen on the road

First of all, it is equipped with 80 LEDs , the Bling BH60 allows you to ride in the dark and be visible to motorists.

In addition, these LEDs also act as turn signals so everyone will be able to appreciate your turns. These indicators are easily operated using the small remote control to hang on your handlebars.

A built-in speaker

A second nice feature is the presence of built-in speakers that you can use to play your music directly from your smartphone via the bluetooth connection .

Bluetooth also enables the microphone to be activated to answer telephone calls in hands-free mode . This function is manageable by voice commands and it is also possible to communicate within a group of cyclists through this " walkie-talkie ."

Automatic emergency call in the event of a problem

The Livall Bling helmet is also equipped with an accelerometer and a gravity sensor giving it the ability to detect a possible fall . If an accident occurs, the LEDs flash red and a message is automatically sent to the emergency contact persons.

A connected helmet with lots of practical accessories

All the functions of the Livall Bling can be configured and used directly from the Bling Jet remote control to be fixed on the handlebars of the bike. The Jet is directly linked to your smartphone via bluetooth and allows you to control everything without letting go of the direction of the bike.

Conclusion of the Livall Bling BH60 Connected Headphones

This connected product for cyclists is a real compendium of innovations and with its very light weight (319g) it is as practical as a normal helmet.

Be careful though to clean it regularly so that sweat does not interfere with the electronics.

Available in several colors , the Livall Bling BH60 connected bicycle helmet is available for €149 on our website .

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