With a market that is still in its infancy, the electric motorcycle is slowly starting to make its mark with motorcyclists. Unlike electric scooters, motorcycle users are sometimes reluctant to trade their thermal engine, the noise of which has made the reputation of certain brands , for a completely silent two-wheeler .

But the arrival of anti-noise radars as well as ecology are pushing more and more people to convert and even to new users of two wheels to take an interest in electric motorcycles in France.

Check out our Top 10 Best Electric Motorcycles 2023 without further ado.

Why buy an electric motorcycle?

Today, many models of electric motorcycles compare with their thermal engine equivalent. If the operation is very different, there are more and more advantages to switching to an electric vehicle. Technology is advancing rapidly and the electric motorcycle provides maximum torque right from the start , which is a determining point of driving in urban environments.

Differences between electric scooter and electric motorcycle

differences electric motorcycle and electric scooter

The main difference between the scooter and the electric motorcycle lies in their use. The scooter evolves mainly in an urban environment , where the electric motorcycle is more comfortable on the expressways with better stability .

With wheels of a smaller diameter, the electric scooter has a lower center of gravity . This helps give it the edge in the middle of traffic with unbeatable maneuverability to weave through other road users. On the other hand, the larger wheels of an electric motorcycle make it possible to offer better stability at high speed when you are on a fast track.

The weight is also an important element of difference between these two vehicles. Due to its fairing, the scooter with equivalent power is heavier and therefore has greater inertia.

If the price of an electric motorcycle is more expensive than the electric scooter, the insurance is on the other hand cheaper . Indeed, the scooter is considered by insurance companies as more dangerous by being the subject of more frequent claims.

It all depends on your use and the requirements you have about the two wheels. If you want excellent road holding as well as greater driving pleasure, opt without delay for the electric motorcycle which will give you much more sensations than a scooter.

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Advantages of the electric motorcycle in everyday life

Passing on a vehicle sometimes requires some sacrifices . The operation being very different from a petrol motorcycle engine, it is necessary to be able to adapt to the battery . But many advantages can tip the scales depending on the electric two-wheeler which represents the future of ecological transport.

electric motorcycle zero motorcycles srf quick charge tank

The significant financial aspect of electric

Possessing a low energy cost , especially at low and medium speeds, you will be able to save money by not depending on the price of fuel . It is calculated today that it takes about 2 euros of electric charging to complete a 100 km journey.

The economic aspect therefore comes into play and is a huge step in moving towards the electric vehicle. This requires simply having a power outlet available to recharge your battery, directly connected to the electric motorcycle, or at home with a removable battery .

In the long term, the savings made on fuel allows you to save money each month by not worrying about this increasingly restrictive expense.

The battle against heat engine pollution

On a request from the European Union, France must drastically reduce the atmospheric pollution present in the air of our agglomerations. This is a crucial issue for this pollution representing nearly 48,000 deaths per year from cancers linked to the poor quality of the air we breathe.

More and more cities are refusing the entry of thermal vehicles to push users to switch to eco-mobility models. The ZFE (low emission zone) are today among 12 cities on the territory which harden the tone as for the circulation of polluting vehicles in their space.

motorcycle air pollution exhaust smoke

But this is not the only pollution that French cities wish to reduce. Noise pollution has been in the sights of the authorities lately. Studies show that the noise generated by motorcycles can reduce the life expectancy of people exposed too frequently to this pollution. Cities are therefore beginning to set up anti-noise radars to limit the impact of noise pollution on local residents.

If the argument of motorcyclists is that the noise of the motorcycle makes it possible to signal themselves on the road to avoid accidents, studies show the opposite with an impossibility for motorists in traffic to capture precisely where the screaming noise is coming from. thermal motorcycles.

It is urgent to react and swap its combustion engine for a much more energy efficient brushless electric motor with an operating noise close to nothing.

Electric driving pleasure

The driving pleasure of an electric motorcycle is different but just as pleasant. It is very comfortable to ride an electric motorcycle that does not generate any vibration and operates very simply. Engine torque on start responds instantly and allows you to quickly extricate yourself from all other vehicles in your path.

Driving in silence and no longer queuing at the gas station is a real pleasure. It is very difficult to go back after riding an electric motorcycle. Especially when you know that these electric machines are much less sensitive to breakdowns.

Easy maintenance where only the battery requires your attention

The operation of the electric motor is particularly simple. It requires almost no maintenance or overhaul to keep your two wheels in good working order. It is no longer useful to get dirty to maintain your electric motorcycle. This is a huge point that our customers emphasize when going electric.

removable battery electric motorcycle super soco tc max

This simply requires preserving the battery as well as possible so that it delivers all its power for as long as possible. We therefore advise you:

  • Do not charge the battery when it is still hot . That is to say just after using the electric motorcycle
  • Store the battery in a temperate place . Neither too hot nor too cold to keep the battery cells intact.
  • Do not let the battery drain completely . Ideally we advise to recharge before falling below 20% and not to go above 80% recharge to preserve the cells at the top of their form.
  • Recharge the battery at least once a month in case of prolonged non-use
  • Always use the original charger which is designed not to degrade the battery over time.

Top 10 best electric motorcycles of 2023: Comparison

In this comparison and Top 10 without ranking are several categories of the best electric motorcycles on the market in 2023 .

Super SOCO TC MAX, electric accessible to all

best super soco tc max electric motorcycle

Based on a steel/aluminum frame, the Super SOCO TC Max electric motorcycle has a 3kW brushless motor . For a very attractive price, the TC Max offers 100 km/h top speed for 100 km of autonomy .

SUPER SOCO brand build quality allows the TC Max to offer excellent value for money . Perfectly balanced and relatively light (93kg), this electric motorcycle allows you to weave through traffic with ease thanks to its driving agility.

The energy transition becomes quite accessible with this 125cm3 equivalent model which benefits from several subsidies. Its removable 18 kg battery allows easy recharging but still requires some muscle if the socket is too far away.

With its competitive price and efficient suspensions, the Super SOCO TC Max is an ecological two-wheeler perfect for taking the plunge into electric and it was unthinkable not to mention this model in our comparison of the best electric motorcycles .

Lightning LS 218, the most powerful in the world

ultra powerful electric motorcycle ls 218 lightning

In a completely different price range, the LS 218 Lightning is a very high-end electric motorcycle from the American manufacturer. Mind-blowing performances that can be summed up in just a few figures:

  • 350 km/h top speed
  • 270 Nm of torque (200 horsepower)
  • 224 kg on the scale
  • Between 200 km and 300 km of autonomy depending on the battery chosen (12 kWh, 15 kWh, 20 kWh)

A super-powerful luxury electric motorcycle that makes thermal models pale in comparison. Lightning Motorcycle and its Lightning LS 218 have laid the foundations for a very powerful electric motorcycle with its sporty look and high performance both in speed and range.

The price also makes more than one shudder with an appeal price of 35,000 euros !

Harley Davidson Livewire, the American class

electric motorcycle harley davidson livewire orange fuse

The famous American manufacturer Harley Davidson has also released its electric model and offers a model as classy as it is efficient. The Harley-Davidson Livewire retains the spirit of the American brand but in total silence with this elegant model that will necessarily appeal to more classic bikers.

Reducing the 0 to 100km / h in just 3 seconds , the 249 kg of the machine are propelled by the engine called "Revelation" of 78 kW (105 horsepower delivered). With a maximum speed announced at 180 km / h, this high-end electric motorcycle can be purchased for just over 30,000 euros.

In terms of autonomy, the manufacturer claims 230 km in town and 150 km on the road thanks to the Samsung 15.5 kWh battery. As with electric cars, charging is done via a Type 2 socket using the charger provided, but also offers the possibility of rapid charging at an electrical terminal via a Combo CCS type connector . Harley Davidson announces a 40% recharge in just 30 minutes. (1 hour for full charge from 0 to 100%).

Sur-Ron Light Bee, for off-road enthusiasts

offroad motocross surron light bee green

For off-road enthusiasts, the Sur-Ron Light Bee is a high-performance electric motocross bike with a very modern style. The 2.1 kW electric motor placed in a central position makes it possible to reach 45 km/h on public roads and up to 75 km/h for the Off-Road model reserved for practice on private land.

This electric motorcycle is particularly light with its 50 kg, battery included, with very well distributed masses, which can offer a range of up to 100 km. Compared to the other two wheels mentioned above, this has nothing to do and yet this machine delivers an excellent torque of 210 Nm which allows strong acceleration in urban areas.

An electric motocross for fun allowing you to enjoy some great sensations on the road but also off-road for a very affordable price.

Arc Vector, British luxury

electric motorcycle arc vector high-end luxury 99000 euros

Unique in its kind, the Arc Vector electric motorcycle returns to the front of the stage with its futuristic look designated by a former Jaguar . The British manufacturer, after going bankrupt, offers an ultra-premium two-wheeler at a price of 99,000 euros.

Arc promises on its Vector a maximum speed of 200 km/h (95 kW electric motor) with a 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds. The 16.8 kWh battery promises a maximum range of 436 km in urban areas. A fast recharge is offered to benefit from a full charge in just 45 minutes.

The British manufacturer is banking on a range of connected accessories promising to completely review its way of driving. A jacket with haptic feedback would be offered to alert the pilot to a series of warnings as well as a helmet displaying driving information directly integrated into the visor.

Sunra Miku Super, 125cc big brother of the Miku Max 50cc

electric motorcycle sunra miku super 125cc cheap

Riding on the success of its mini electric motorcycle Miku Max , the Chinese manufacturer Sunra is moving into the 125cc electric motorcycle range in 2022 with its Sunra Miku Super .

It takes up the original design of its little brother, in the proportions of a real 125cm3 motorcycle. Thanks to its 3kW brushless motor, the Miku Super can reach a maximum speed of 80 km/h . Specialist in electric vehicles, Sunra equips the Miku Super with two removable batteries (72V 20Ah) offering up to 130 km of autonomy in eco mode and 80 km in mixed mode.

With its 12-inch wheels, the Sunra Miku Max is particularly manoeuvrable for real driving pleasure in urban areas . Offered at a very aggressive price on the market, the Chinese manufacturer continues to offer amazing vehicles both in terms of look and quality of manufacture .

Horwin CR6, the classic Café Racer style

electric motorcycle horwin cr6 cafe racer blue cheap

In a much more classic style, the Horwin CR6 combines power and Café Racer style that motorcyclists like so much. Its 6.2 kW engine has good acceleration with a 0 to 60 km/h in just 6 seconds .

Driving sensations are guaranteed with a vehicle developed and designed for the European market. Indeed, the position of the seat, the length of the seat or the comfort of the co-pilot are optimized for large sizes on the Horwin CR6 ( in test here ).

A complete electric motorcycle offering good autonomy (150 km range) as well as driving comfort and strong acceleration (260Nm of engine torque). The only downside is its large non-removable battery (72V 55Ah) but which, on the other hand, makes it possible to benefit from a larger subsidy from the State.

Zero DSR Black Forest Edition, efficient and complete Trail

electric motorcycle zero motorcycles dsr black forest edition trial

We could have mentioned the Zero SR/F in this comparison, but for adventurers we preferred to select the Zero DSR Black Forest Edition , which with its rugged look , is one of the best 2022 electric motorcycles . This model of Zero Motorcycles delivers with its engine called "Z-Force" of 62 kWh, a torque of 146 Nm and a top speed reaching 160 km/h .

Excellent driving performance for this versatile Trail with many features: adjustable windscreen, Kit Top and Side Case as standard on this version, steel side protection, additional lighting and above all an integrated fast charger (Charge Tank) at the level fake tank.

With 150 km of autonomy in mixed driving , this Zero Motorcycles trail allows you to take beautiful rides while being able to take a lot of equipment with you. It is possible to push up to around 200 km of autonomy in a slightly more urban use to reach your daily work, for example.

Energica Eva Ribelle 2020, the powerful Street Fighter

electric motorcycle energica eva ribelle 2020 street fighter ultra powerful

In a much sportier design , we find in this comparison of the best electric motorcycles of 2023, the ultra-powerful Energica Eva Ribelle 2020 Street Fighter. The Italian manufacturer has been chosen to equip the electric MotoGP championship (FIM Enel MotoE World Cup) with this electric motorcycle.

A real roadster developing 145 horsepower with a speed limited to 200 km/h offering a range of 200 km in mixed use and nearly 400 km in town . With new, more efficient but above all lighter batteries, this street fighter gains almost 5% in mass compared to the previous version.

It has 4 maps, 4 braking energy recovery modes, reverse gear, a fast charger that can recover 85% in just 20 minutes, a connected TFT screen, Bosch ABS and 6-level traction control developed by Energica.

One of the most complete sports electric motorcycles in our comparison for a price exceeding 20,000 euros.

Masai Vision 3000, supermoto built for the city

electric motorcycle masai vision 3000 supermotard without license 50cc cheap

We finally end this comparison of the best electric motorcycles of the year 2023 with the Masai Vision 3000 in a pure supermotard style in 50cc equivalent. It is therefore not necessary to have a motorcycle license to drive it.

Its 3kW brushless motor with chain transmission allows you to quickly reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h . If this transmission makes slightly more noise than the total silence of a motor placed in the rear wheel, it makes it possible to develop better performance .

The Masai Vision 3000 is an excellent electric motorcycle cut out for the city , promising up to 60 km of autonomy that can be doubled by adding a second battery. This Vision 3000 has more significant subsidies , which makes it one of the best inexpensive electric motorcycles in our comparison.


The electric motorcycle market is still in its infancy and the biggest manufacturers are also waiting to see the reaction of motorcyclists to definitively take the step of electric . A very big upheaval for this two-wheeler industry, but with plenty of possibilities still to come.


Patrice Henras

Je suis dans le même cas que Mr Tony GALANTE, avec une Rocket III de seconde génération
Meilleures salutations


Bonjour, étrange qu’un constructeur espagnol ne soit pas cité dans votre articles.
Urbet avec sa Gadiro e-125, ayant un moteur de 3kw avec des pics à 5kw, une vitesse max réel de 83km/h et une autonomie réel en lice de 120 km avec ses deux batteries cumulant 5kw/h.
Tout cela pour 3800€!
Personne ne dit mieux, super soco TC max la concurante directe a moins d’autonomie, même si son moteur centrale est une meilleure solution, mais ell est surtout bien plus chère.
Pour de la ville et de l’intercommunalité, c’est absolument le bon choix.
De plus sont moteur régénérateur permet des décélérations très efficases.
Je suis ing. J’ai une 650 thermique, qui est ma 5em moto après la BMW 75s, et ma recherche m’a conduit à choisir Urbet.
Bizz bizar qu’il n’en soit pas fait référence…
Le prix trop attractif, qui risque de pousser à la baisse le prix des motos. Et faire que les pigeons clients à qui il est demande de payer 15k€ une moto ayant 150km d’autonomie ne soient plus aussi facile à attraper..?
A vous de vous informer !


Bonjour Madame Monsieur,
C est très bien tout cela,
Personnellement, Je roule en TRIUMPH ROCKET 3 Première génération, la plus grosse et la plus lourde 2300 cc 340 KG a vide
Mesurant 1,90 m et pour 139 kg quelle Moto me conseillez Vous svp ?
Difficile dans ses conditions ?
Qu en pensez Vous ?
Merci pour Votre réponse,
Très cordialement,
Monsieur GALANTE Antoine.

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