Christmas is just around the corner and you start researching in December to buy a cheap hoverboard ? It's normal because this year again the hoverboard is a trendy gift for children and even older children . The technology having reached maturity, the price of these machines has decreased over the years but it is nevertheless necessary to be vigilant on the origin of these products under penalty of being cheated.

But which hoverboard to buy? What is the best Hoverboard brand in France? How not to get ripped off buying a hoverboard? How much does a hoverboard cost?

Here are the questions you are probably asking yourself and we will help you answer them so that you can make the best choice of hoverboard for Christmas .

cheap christmas hoverboard buying guide

Where to buy a hoverboard for Christmas?

Rule 1: Do not trust cheap hoverboard sellers

The store or website where you are going to buy your hoverboard is a very important criterion in order not to be scammed.

Indeed, it would not occur to you to buy a car without a brand and in a garage with no after-sales service. Well, you have to think the same way for a hoverboard.

These electric Segways don't work like magic and under the hood there are electronics and motors . Technology based on gyroscopic balance must be reliable to avoid any risk of accident. Many sellers on the internet make tempting offers with prices between 100€ and 150€. But at this price you are sure to come across inferior products .

Indeed, for a price of 100€ it is not possible to have a battery with Samsung batteries and a French after-sales service reachable by telephone. So in case of breakage or breakdown of your hoverboard, no one will be able to help you solve the worries. It is therefore important to be able to contact the after-sales service in the event of a breakdown of the wheels, the Bluetooth, the lithium battery or the gyroscopic system.

Rule 2: Choose a hoverboard brand recognized in France

It is for this reason that the best hoverboard brands in France like Weebot have been renowned for several years. They provide after-sales service in France with in-house repair workshops and a network of physical stores (Paris, Boulogne and Lyon).

These hoverboards are robust with components such as Samsung batteries , the CE standard or the IP54 waterproofing standard . You'll never get all that on a cheap hoverboard.

We therefore recommend that you opt for hoverboards of recognized brands and whose price is not less than 150€. This is the assurance of a quality product and an after-sales service that will meet your demands.

Rule 3: Call the customer service number

It is also very easy to ensure the seriousness of the seller before the purchase! Just look up the customer service phone number on the hoverboard seller's site and call to see who's on the line.

And if you come across a great offer at 100€ or 150€ on a site without a phone number, you are already sure that it is a scam . At least in December in particular, resellers seek to take advantage of the arrival of Christmas to scam you. For all the details and the criteria to take into account when buying a hoverboard, we invite you to read our article " How to choose a Hoverboard ".

hoverboard after sale service

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What are the different types of hoverboards?

Once you have found the right site and the right hoverboard brand like Weebot , you need to select the right model. There are 4 types of hoverboard models as well as a Hoverkart Kit and we will describe them to you below.

6.5 inch Hoverboards

These are the simplest and most affordable hoverboards and therefore the best-selling in France. They are equipped with 6.5 inch wheels and can reach a speed of 15 km/h thanks to a motor with a power of 700 Watts. It is therefore possible to drive nearly 20 km on a single charge (1 to 2 hours on the mains).

It is an ideal gift for children in this holiday season. Space-saving with its small wheels, the classic 6.5-inch hoverboard ( tested here ) is easy to handle. In less than half an hour it is possible to perfectly master the use of the machine. For a few extra euros, the addition of Bluetooth allows the hoverboard to benefit from a connected speaker system to drive to music. A gadget for some but a function that particularly appeals to children for Christmas .

Note that our Hoverboards are sold with a carrying (or storage) bag to keep it safe when not in use.

Here is our selection of the best 6.5 inch hoverboards:

The Weebot Classic

weebot classic red

The Weebot Light

weebot light black

8 inch Hoverboards

It is the connected hoverboard model with 8 inch size wheels and LED lights. The maximum speed is essentially the same as on the 6.5 inch models but is nevertheless more stable at high speed and better in turns. It is also possible to travel 20 km with a single charge ranging from 1h to 2h.

They are a little more connected than the 6.5 inch models because these Segways are equipped with Bluetooth technology to play music and benefit from illuminating LEDs . The Serial Testers definitely adopted it after giving it the maximum score of 20/20.

Here is our selection of 8 inch hoverboard:

The Weebot Kiwane X 800W

hoverboard weebot kiwane x 800w waterproof ip56

10 inch Hoverboards and All Terrain Hoverboards

The last type of hoverboard are the versions equipped with 10 inch wheels. These are perfect all-terrain electric skateboards to be used at Christmas.

With these models you can ride on all types of terrain because they are often more powerful like the Kiwane hoverboard which has an 800 Watt motor. In addition, this model has its dedicated application to easily connect it with your smartphone .

As far as 10-inch hoverboards are concerned, the most popular models are the 4x4 Weebot or the XE model .

Here is our selection of 10-inch and All-Terrain hoverboards:

The Weebot 4x4

cheap 4x4 hoverboard

The Kiwane X

kiwano hoverboard

Hoverboards + Hoverkart Kit

The hoverkart is a metal structure with a wheel at the front and a seat at the back to transform any hoverboard into an electric karting . It is important that this structure is very robust so as not to break when using the hoverboard. Many of these products sold on the internet are unreliable and resistant. At Weebot we think above all about safety by selecting the best components for the Hoverkart Kit adaptable to all models of hoverboards .

Equipped with this accessory, the risk of falling is simply nil with a hoverboard. We are thus seated on a seat and we pilot the machine using the lever present at the level of each hand. It is an ideal gift for those who already own a hoverboard and who wish to rediscover the pleasure of driving while seated, or simply to introduce the little ones to a Christmas hoverboard without risk of falling .

Here is our selection of hoverkart for hoverboard:

The Hoverboard Classic 6.5 inches + Hoverkart Kit

pack hoverboard classic white hoverkart weebot weekart

The Hoverkart Kit alone

kit hoverkart hoverboard weekart structure

Pay attention to the CE standard for cheap hoverboards

ce standard hoverboard

A last point of vigilance to be sure to make the right choice in the purchase of the best hoverboard for Christmas is to be careful to buy a product with the CE standard.

This CE standard is mandatory to ensure user safety, avoid accidents and dramas related to poor quality internal components.

Make sure that the hoverboard seller has the CE standard and do not hesitate to ask the question directly .

Indeed, many cheap and low-end hoverboard sellers lie about the technical characteristics of their products .

There are even dishonest hoverboard sellers going so far as to say that their motors come from Germany and that their batteries are equipped with kinetic recharging systems.

These sites are misleading about the features of their hoverboards. And when you have paid and received the product it will be too late to go back because they are not even based in France.

Conclusion on where to buy your Hoverboard for Christmas?

Finally , be careful before buying a hoverboard for Christmas and don't let the price guide you.

The person for whom the gift is intended will be all the more grateful to you because it will not often break down. And if he has a problem he will have to deal with a French store in customer service and a competent after-sales service to solve his problem. The transport bag offered is also a way to keep your 6, 8 or 10 inch hoverboard in good condition for an ever more magical Christmas.


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