You are looking to offer a tourist activity, whether in the city or in nature. Have you considered a segway rental service?

The rental of tourist Segways is a booming activity that can be practiced in any type of environment, and adds value to the activities that you offer to your customers.

Cost effective, efficient and simple to set up , it's an easy and honestly enjoyable service, even for the instructors who participate.
Weebot offers you a service adapted to your request, for all types of audiences and uses.

Segway rental, a profitable and pleasant activity

Generate regular income with Segway rental

Offer a new activity to your audience and take advantage of the Weebot experience to ensure that you maximize the efficiency of your service and your customer satisfaction.
Whether for walks in the forest, in the mountains or in the city, we will take care of finding a solution adapted to your case.

By offering a visit/discovery/walk activity, you open up your service to a wide range of users who can participate in your group activity.

It is obviously preferable to have several Segways , in order to allow users to come in groups, which is the case most of the time.

How to make your investment profitable?

A rapid return on investment

Segway rental can quickly pay for itself. If you offer a rental at an average price (see interview below) you can make the price of one of our Segways profitable in less than 100 hours of use .

Indeed, these cost from 1500 to 2500 euros. The Segway rental price is on average 30€/hour .

By offering a supervised hourly walking activity, you can circulate around €300 per hour by taking groups of ten people. An activity therefore profitable in view of the initial investment, and very pleasant, at a fair price for users.

A Segway used 5 hours a day every working day, over a 6-month season for a price of €30 per hour, is a total return of around €18,000. You multiply your initial stake in the space of 6 months.

No need for a specific insurance contract

Your users do not need to be insured or sign anything during use: just provide them with safety equipment and they will be able to use your Segways without problems.
You can also insure your business with traditional insurance companies.

weebot segway rental

Save €600
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Buy your Weebot Segway: A simple and effective partnership

An efficient and French after-sales service in the Paris region

Weebot accompanies you for a Segway rental (Segway type) from your first purchase of equipment.

We will take care of the technical follow-up of your Segways to ensure the best possible satisfaction for your customers and yourself.

Weebot's after-sales service guarantee is:
- The guarantee of an efficient and experienced after-sales service located in the Paris region
- A stock of spare parts available immediately if necessary

We offer a Segway (gyropod) rental service adapted to your request. All our products are guaranteed for 2 years, and Weebot will take care of your follow-up and after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction.

Fast delivery and after-sales training

When you order, we will send you a complete delivery containing all the Segways and the equipment necessary for their operation.

The objective is that your machines run at full speed and that in the event of a breakdown, the device is repaired as quickly as possible.

We can also consider providing you with the usual wear parts and provide you with training by our specialized technicians .

The different types of Weebot Segways

We offer several types of Segways, each suitable for different terrain and use . These are ideal for both group or solo walks, as well as for professional use. Adaptation to operation is done very quickly and without difficulty.

The battery supplied with our Segways is very long-lasting : it can do around 1000 charge cycles, which is equivalent to a total of more than 35,000 km of use!

The Hector, the Gambler and the Echo are the 3 main types of Segways we offer.

Reminder on the legislation concerning Segways

Legislation for Segways is similar to that for pedestrians: Segways are not allowed on the roadway, but are allowed on sidewalks, in private places, and are not subject to legislation in the wild - which makes them ideal accessories for nature walks.

Beware of cycle paths, however, where Segways are tolerated, but not authorized! For information, Segways are limited to a maximum of 25 km/h during construction.

You can also turn to your City or Municipality for more information.

For sightseeing in town and in the countryside: The Segway Hector

The Hector is a perfect product for walks in town or on banks with little dirt roads.

It is a comfortable Segway suitable for visits to monuments, calm walks on slightly uneven terrain. Equipped with two 800W motors , the Hector Segway is ideal for “easy” terrain.

The Hector is ideal for roads and slightly rough terrain (dirt, grass) thanks to its 17 inch (43 cm) tires .

Segway rental weebot hector

Perfect for exploring: The Gambler all-terrain Segway

The Gambler is an excellent all-terrain Segway for Segway rental. Perfect for natural terrain, even mountainous , its two powerful 1000W motors allow it to climb slopes of 30 degrees.

The Gambler is ideal for walks in natural environments (earth, sand) with its 19-inch (48 cm) notched tires .

weebot gambler Segway rental

With removable battery: The Echo all-terrain Segway

The Echo is our flagship rental product. It is a very comfortable Segway, equipped with all-terrain tires and also equipped with a removable battery .

By replacing the batteries on the fly, you cut the need for recharging and can use the Segway without interruption.

The Echo is perfect for rough terrain as well as for the city, thanks to its wide all-terrain tires which make it very comfortable. Its two 1200W motors and 19-inch (48 cm) wheels make it effective on any type of surface.

The Echo is also a connected all-terrain Segway , in particular thanks to its dedicated mobile application. It is also equipped with an integrated GPS to locate it at any time.

weebot echo Segway rental

In summary

The Hector is ideal for roads and slightly rough terrain (dirt, grass). For walks on more difficult terrain, the Gambler and the Echo will be more suitable (earth, sand, forest).

Our 3 Segways have a range of around 35 km per charge and a speed of around 20 km/h. Enough to do several client sessions on a Segway of around 1 hour before having to go through a recharge.

Our lithium Ion batteries are Samsung branded and have no memory effect (i.e. they can be recharged without having to be completely emptied).

Compliant with all CE standards and waterproof, our rental Segways are certified efficient and durable. All our Segways are highly appreciated by users, who find them solid, comfortable and pleasant.

Interview with a Segway rental professional

segway rental

10 Questions with Cyril Gabillet , manager of

Cyril Gabillet is the founder of, specialist in Segway Tours . Sport&bien offers a large number of activities related to fun and exercise, such as bubble football, Segway rides, speed badminton. Now located in several cities in France, Cyril's business is flourishing and now offers a Segway rental service in partnership with Weebot.

Here is his feedback.

Weebot: What service do you offer? (How are Segways useful to you?)

Cyril: I offer walks that focus on nature rather than visits. Segways are useful for me to offer walks over distances as long as a hike, while being more comfortable and faster. A 1h30 ride is priced around €35 ​​per person.

Weebot: Where is your business located?

Cyril: I offer walks in Orléans, Tours, Blois, Poitiers, Le Mans.

Weebot: What is your customer profile?

Cyril: We find a bit of everything. Individuals who simply want to go for a walk, companies for team building activities, but also associations, in particular charities, which deal with reception for teenagers. It can be families with children (over 10 years old), groups of teenagers or groups of adults.

Weebot: Why did you choose Weebot (the Segways you chose, more precisely)?

Cyril: I chose Weebot because the Segways offered are all-terrain. I needed them for the type of activity I offer, and these are ultimately comfortable and reliable. In addition, the after-sales service is close to my home!

I also had great contact with your sales team and your technical department, which has always been super responsive.

Weebot: Are you satisfied with the products Weebot has provided you?

Cyril: Completely satisfied, no complaints about the Segways that I took from Weebot. I only have to worry about growing my business, and can count on you if necessary so that my turnover rate is as high as possible, which is the case today.

I thought the launch was going to take longer than expected, I finally have reservations every day.

Weebot: Are your customers satisfied with these products?

Cyril: My clients are very happy with the comfort provided by my Segways, especially thanks to the fact that they are all-terrain and easy to use on the paths used.

Weebot: What do you think of the prices we charge?

Cyril: Weebot's prices are reasonable, a little higher than the competition, but this is justified by the speed and efficiency of the after-sales service.

Weebot: What do you think of our after-sales follow-up?

Cyril: Customer service has always been there when I needed it.

Weebot: Are you satisfied with your experience with us?

Cyril: Very satisfied, no problems throughout the experience with Weebot.

Weebot: What are your development prospects?

Cyril: In the future, I plan to acquire new Segways to continue to develop this activity which awakens nature without having a negative impact on the environment. In view of the profitability and attractiveness of this activity, I am actively seeking to extend it to the essential spots in my region, such as the various castles very popular with tourists.

Weebot: Did you have any doubts or questions before the launch?

Cyril: Naturally, this represents a budget, and I was afraid that the material would not be of high quality, or not suitable for the intense use that I wanted to make of it, but I am finally satisfied with the result.


MR quatrepoint

MR quatrepoint

Bonjour j aimerez savoir si il y a besoin de diplôme pour amener les gens en promenade avec des gyropod ?
Merci pour votre retour

Yannick Charvet

Yannick Charvet

bonjour, merci de me contacter (0686912509)
Je serais intéressé pour louer des Gyro dans mon magasin l’été prochin.




Bonjour J’ai déjà fait un premier message mais en cherchant plus dans le site j’ai vu la location par exemple de 10 gyropodes. Donc toujours dans le Var à Bandol, l’idée en plus de mes vélos en location , serait de faire visiter les vignobles avec vue mer et dégustation.
Faites vous un système de location pour professionnels ?

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