The history of the Arai helmet brand

Created in 1926 , the Arai helmet brand was founded by the Japanese Hirotake Arai. This one designs motorcycle helmets in aerospace quality fiberglass in order to reduce the weight of the helmet as much as possible.

Manufacturer of helmets from father to son, all bikers at heart, the brand has set itself the goal of designing the best motorcycle helmets in the world . It took until 1981 to see the Arai brand land on the European continent.

Japanese high-end helmet manufacturer

The Arai helmet brand has since been recognized in the world of motorcycle equipment or car racing as the most famous . In 1993, the Arai brand was the first to guarantee its helmets for 5 years .

With multi-density foam liners, as well as a lower center of gravity on the shell, Arai helmets are the most comfortable on the market. These models of luxury Japanese helmets meet the requirements of the most discerning motorcyclists.

Arai helmets are manufactured the same way for all. The policy put in place by the Japanese company is to grant the same importance in the manufacture of Arai helmets, whether for lambda motorcyclists or for a racing driver. The workers at Arai therefore do not know who the protective helmet they manufacture is intended for.

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Arai luxury motorcycle and scooter helmet

A prestige that allows the brand to offer very high-end products. Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton was also equipped with Arai helmets until 2015, as was Daniel Pedrossa, Moto GP champion. The F1 champion has since moved to the Bell helmet brand .

Arai offers a large collection of helmets, including full-face helmets, open face helmets and even cross-country helmets . The price, which is also high-end, makes it possible to understand the quality of manufacture.

The full-face helmet from Arai is designed to meet the desires of urban scooter riders or sports racers on the track. Apart from the base, which is often the same, the differences are mainly in terms of ventilation and “features” (spoiler, removable interior, etc.).

Combination of F1 technology and high-end materials

The super fiber laminate construction of the Arai SZ-R VAS jet helmet is directly borrowed from the brand's F1 technology . This makes it possible to significantly increase the strength and flexibility of the motorcycle helmet, while maintaining a low weight .

Your neck will thank you for it, especially if you have to keep the helmet on you for long hours . This Arai motorcycle helmet is particularly popular with delivery services that praise Arai quality and extreme comfort .

The Arai SZ-R VAS helmet is particularly compact. This has the effect of reducing wind resistance and therefore reducing piloting fatigue.

arai motorcycle scooter helmet luxury protection

Full-face helmet, jet or cross helmet: a complete collection at Arai

Arai helmets allow the wearing of glasses thanks to an adjustable slot system for even more comfort.

Unlike other brands of motorcycle and scooter accessories, the Arai jet helmet provides outer shell sizing down to the centimeter. This makes it virtually impossible not to find the fit you are looking for in helmet size at Arai .

The Arai SZ-R VAS helmet for sale on Weebot comes with a carrying case like any luxury brand. It is also possible to add a dark smoke , light smoke or even iridium tinted visor for an even classier effect.

arai full face helmet black motorcycle protection yamaha

Arai Jet helmet to order online

If you want to buy an Arai motorcycle helmet, you can now order it online on our website. With the free and fast delivery in 48 hours, you will receive your new luxury protection in record time.

Payment in 3x or 4x free of charge

With our partner Alma, it is possible for you to buy this Arai motorcycle helmet in installments. Not necessarily for all budgets, this high-end motorcycle helmet can be paid for up to 4 times at no cost. A payment in 3x or 4x of several installments made only with your bank card.

Payment up to 12 times online for your future Arai

If you wish, payment up to 12 times is now available. But this payment has costs. Do not hesitate to contact our online advisors if you have any doubts about the purchase of your Arai helmet.

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Come and try the luxury Arai helmets at the Paris boutique

Our Paris store can welcome you to test the Arai. Open from Tuesday to Saturday at 11 rue Gustave Courbet 75016 Paris, the Weebot showroom is the best way to realize the quality of the Arai helmet available in stock immediately. It is possible to make the withdrawal in store, even with free delivery.

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