Let's rethink our ways of getting around today while taking care of ourselves in a post-coronavirus period! What if we (finally) helped our planet by improving our mobility?

Covid-19 will completely change the way we move. Indeed, the fear of taking public transport, the concern about the risk of contamination or even the reluctance to use shared means of transport, such as scooters, scooters and self-service bicycles in the street, pushes us to rethink our travels.

So why not switch to an electric personal vehicle and move around freely, protecting our health, with simplicity and respecting the environment?

Travel safely and more respectful of our environment

With a drop in CO2 (32%), nitrogen oxides (more than 60%) and particles (31%) in just a few days, particularly in Ile-de-France, would this pandemic make us aware of the importance of respecting our environment and valuing our planet? So no need to be in confinement to go green and electric!

Indeed, seeing the stars, hearing the birds sing, breathing clean air and providing a healthy environment for our future generations is a goal to achieve today.

The idea is not to stop moving, but to move “better” and more “respectful” of the environment and of us.

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Users more in tune with their ecosystem

Many companies in different states of the planet are today rethinking their products in order to consume less and above all to consume intelligently.

This is what Weebot has been striving to do since its creation: change the way we consume for a better future. Let's embrace micro mobility together and be a vector of respect for our environment and our future.

Integrate that micro mobility allows a reduction in traffic jams on the road, a reduction of costs on your journeys and improves the quality of life of users via simplified and accessible mobility. all is undeniable these days.

Significant electricity subsidies in Low Emission Zones

In the era of Low Emission Zones (ZFE) in large cities, it is high time to leave your car aside and switch to a fun and quick ecological travel solution.

In addition, “consuming electricity” has never had so much meaning, in an environmental and health atmosphere in crisis. So now is the perfect time to go electric.

Take advantage now of subsidies linked to electricity or the sustainable mobility package and thus save many euros on your ecological travel all year round.

micro mobilité solution déplacement coronavirus covid

Electric bikes and scooters, the answer to social distancing

The electric bike or even the electric scooter seem to be the best means of transport today. Indeed, this new lifestyle in confinement, due to Covid-19, imposes radical changes on us in terms of consumption in the broad sense.

The social distance imposed by the government, for health reasons, tends to direct our consumption towards e-bikes, electric scooters or even electric skateboards for our travels.

In addition, micro mobility is the most relevant way to adhere to the new social distancing rules, provided you ride alone. Thanks to them, move without any fear and without too much effort in order to get some fresh air, breathe and take the time to recharge your batteries in the open air.

So, with the arrival of sunny days and in a period of health tension, it is important for you to find your “pleasure moment” and go discover & explore nature alone.

The electric bike already a solution for workers during the COVID-19 period

Electric bikes helping workers during a pandemic? In many countries , e-bikes have become “essential”, particularly for food delivery people and even for hospital staff. The reason: having your own means of transport, moving quickly between different sites, without taking any risks and with little effort.

It has been proven in the Paris region that it is possible to reduce your travel time by 2 by electric bike rather than by car. 

coronapiste Marseille canebière velo trottinette

Recycle your old bike with an electrification kit

So get started! Good products (e-bikes and electric scooters) are now available to purchase for an affordable price.

If your old bike hasn't been used for years, it's worth converting it to electric. You are thus participating in the direct recycling of your bike instead of buying a new electric bike.

Weebike RokKit electric bike kits are designed to offer you the best in electric mobility. In 1 to 2 hours of assembly, in our workshops or at home, it is possible to transform your classic city bike into an electrically assisted bike with very high-end components .

In addition, with the desire of European countries to promote green actions, you will find government support for the purchase of an electric vehicle thanks to very attractive subsidies . In addition, with a wide choice of quality products, for all budgets, now is the time to jump at the opportunity and go electric.

150 euros d'accessoires offert


To conclude this article, in this pandemic crisis, awareness of the need to protect our environment and take care of our health is more important than ever. So why not opt ​​for an electric personal vehicle?



Une chose dont on ne parle pas assez, c’est le sentiment de bien être lorsqu’on se déplace en vélo électrique. Depuis 1 an que je suis passé au vélo pour me rendre au travail, j’arrive beaucoup plus détendue au travail et aussi chez moi.
Avec un temps de trajet raccourci de 15 minutes par rapport au RER/métro.
Merci les coronapistes sur Paris qui permettent de rouler plus efficacement (malgré encore quelques automobilistes qui prennent cette voie pour un stationnement…)

Jean Boucher

Je suis totalement d’accord, les déplacements des prochaines années vont être globalement repensés, que ce soit la mobilité urbaine ou les déplacements internationaux, nous ne pouvons plus fonctionner en gaspillant à outrance et si massivement.
C’est la leçon de cette pandémie qui touche tout le monde : à nous d’imaginer une vie plus saine, moins dépendante de l’énergie et du dumping social, pour équilibrer le bilan carbone.

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