Founded in 2014, the Asian manufacturer NIU has quickly become one of the leaders in the electric scooter market . And for good reason, it produces models that focus on technological innovation, efficiency, reliability and safety.

Accessibility is also at the top of the list of the specifications which govern the construction of scooters from the Chinese brand. In this super NIU electric scooter comparison and review, you will discover 7 models from the range currently offered by NIU.

NIU U Pro Series Electric Scooter

At first glance, the Niu U Pro Series electric scooter impresses with its compact proportions and its original and minimalist design. The harmonious lines recall the elegance of the Italian style.

The front face is dominated by a round Full LED optic with a range of 30 m. The tubular-type chassis blends harmoniously into the refined design of the rear shell. Although it is a cheap electric scooter, the finish is very neat and has nothing to envy to high-end scooters.

The drive system of the Niu U Pro Series was designed by the German equipment manufacturer Bosch, world leader in electric motors for scooters and NVEI (New Personal Electric Vehicles). This system consists of a latest generation brushless motor integrated into the hub of the rear wheel. Delivering a power of 1200 W , it propels the electric scooter to a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

NIU U Pro Series electric scooter review

The Bosch-signed motor is powered by a 21 Ah capacity Li-ion battery supplied by Panasonic. Niu announces a range of 40 km, under normal conditions of use. The battery is fully removable. You can therefore easily charge it on any ordinary 220 V socket.

For a full charge with an ordinary charger, it takes 7-8 hours. The battery life is estimated at 60,000 km (700 charge cycles), which is within the norm for an electric scooter in this category.

When it comes to safety, the Niu U Pro Series is equipped with a front hydraulic disc brake and a rear drum brake . It is also fitted with an EBS electronic braking system which transforms the kinetic energy resulting from braking into electrical energy, which is injected into the battery.

Like all modern electric scooters, the Niu U Pro Series comes standard with cruise control, an integrated GPS (4G) chip, and a keyless start system (Keyless). The latter allows the engine to be started and stopped remotely, which protects the scooter against theft.

A dedicated mobile application allows the scooter to be connected to a smartphone. Thanks to this app, you can access real-time driving information: charge level, speed, remaining range, distance travelled, etc.

Highlights of the NIU U Pro Series Electric Scooter

  • Affordable
  • Elegant design.
  • Successful finish.
  • Scooter connected.

NIU U Pro Series Electric Scooter Weaknesses

  • Homologated for a single seat in Europe (single seat).
  • Limited autonomy but sufficient for urban use.

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NIU M+ Sport electric scooter

The Niu M+ Sport electric scooter is one of the Chinese manufacturer's flagship models. With a weight of 65 kg, it is also one of the lightest electric scooters in its class.

Like the NIU U Pro Series, it stands out for its compact proportions, fine workmanship and elegant look. Moreover, thanks to its reduced size, this scooter is an electric mobility solution perfectly suited to urban use. In comparison with the Niu U Pro which offers only one place, the Niu M+ Sport is homologated for two places in Europe.

NIU M+ Sport test

Beyond its sleek and up-to-date design, the NIU M+ Sport also stands out for its technical performance. An original Bosch brushless motor integrated in the hub of the rear wheel delivers 1200 W of power and 110 Nm of torque . The maximum speed of the scooter is limited to 45 km/h.

An original Panasonic 42 Ah battery placed under the saddle offers a range of 120 km . Fully removable, it can be charged in the office or at home. The Niu M+ Sport electric scooter comes standard with a Full-LED headlight with a range of 50 meters. On the safety side, it is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake at the front and rear with EBS (Electronic Brake System) function.

An LCD screen placed on the handlebar displays driving information such as speed, load, remaining range, etc. This information can also be viewed on a smartphone using the dedicated application.

Like other Niu-branded models, the M+ Sport features a cloud-connected electronic unit (CPU) that continuously monitors and diagnoses the status of the scooter. This box also makes it possible to carry out the updates launched by the manufacturer. For better protection against theft, the scooter has a 6-axis motion sensor.

Highlights of the NIU M+ Sport Electric Scooter

  • Good autonomy.
  • Compact design, small footprint.
  • Approved for two places.

Weaknesses of the NIU M+ Sport Electric Scooter

  • Suspension a bit stiff.

NIU M1 Pro Electric Scooter

Let's continue our super NIU electric scooter test with the M1 Pro model, which seduces with its modern look and compact proportions. It is a well-finished electric scooter, from the LED headlight displaying a nice light signature, to the rear light offering 270° visibility, through the ergonomic handlebars and the comfortable saddle.

On the drive system side, the Niu M1 Pro is powered by a brushless electric motor integrated into the hub of the rear wheel. Supplied by Bosch, this motor delivers a maximum power of 1,200 W and a torque of 110 Nm.

scooter NIU M1 Pro

For the battery, Niu called on LG, one of the great specialists in the field. The result of this collaboration, the M1 Pro is fitted as standard with a removable 32 Ah Li-ion battery offering a range of 75 km . An incorporated electronic system makes it possible to efficiently manage the operation of the battery.

The M1 Pro is also equipped with a hydraulic front disc and rear drum brake system. Stopping power is comparable to the Niu NGT 125cc. The 740 mm high and 45 mm thick saddle offers good seating, on one condition: that the height of the driver is less than 1.85 m!

Like other NIU models, the M1 Pro offers new connected features. A dedicated mobile application can be used to view information on the status of the scooter (range, speed, distance traveled, updates available, etc.). It can also be used to locate and stop the motor of the scooter in the event of theft.

Highlights of the NIU M1 Pro Electric Scooter

  • Tandem.
  • Attractive design.
  • Powerful braking.

Weaknesses of the NIU M1 Pro Electric Scooter

  • Uncomfortable for a user measuring more than 1.85 m.
  • Optional passenger footrest.

NIU NGT 125cc Electric Scooter

Launched in 2019, the NGT 125cc is a flagship model from Niu. It not only impresses with its mechanical performance but also with its extended battery life. Based on the Niu N1 Sport, it is equipped with an original Bosch brushless motor delivering a maximum power of 4000 W and a torque of 150 Nm. Thanks to this powerful motor, the scooter can quickly reach a maximum speed of 70 km/h and crossing a slope of more than 25%.

The great feature of the Niu NGT is that it is equipped with two high-performance Li-ion batteries, one of which is placed under the saddle and the other in the floor. Both batteries are supplied by Panasonic and are fully removable. They can be charged at the same time using the “Y” adapter supplied with the scooter.

NIU NGT 125 cc electric scooter comparison

Niu announces a range of 170 km , which represents an essential advantage for an urban electric scooter. Moreover, in terms of autonomy, the Niu NGT is more efficient than certain models of great renown such as the BMW C Evolution Long Range or the Faucon E9+. The Niu NGT offers 3 driving modes:

  • E-save mode (economical) to optimize power consumption to extend battery life.
  • Sport mode to make the most of the torque provided by the engine (reduced range).
  • Dynamic mode, which offers a compromise between Eco mode and Sport mode.

In addition to the front and rear hydraulic disc braking system and the EBS system, the Niu NGT is fitted as standard with the CBS braking system, which electronically distributes the braking force between the two wheels according to the road conditions. road. For added comfort, it is also equipped with hydraulically adjustable front and rear suspension.

And like all other Niu models, the NGT has a 4G GPS chip. It can also be connected to the dedicated mobile application. Finally, note that you must have a motorcycle license (A, A1, A2) or a B license with 125 training to drive a Niu NGT 125 cm3 scooter.

Highlights of the NIU NGT 125cc Electric Scooter

  • Excellent autonomy.
  • Tandem.
  • Fast
  • Sharp accelerations.
  • Comfortable and light.

Weaknesses of the NIU NGT 125cc Electric Scooter

  • Lack of storage space under the saddle (occupied by the battery).

NIU N1 Sport Electric Scooter

With its angular lines and robust appearance, the NIU N1 Sport electric scooter has a vintage look. It is therefore part of the new neo-retro stylistic trend that marks the motorcycle industry in general and that of electric scooters in particular.

However, it is equipped with modern equipment including a Full-LED lighting system at the front and rear, an integrated GPS chip, an automatic clutch, a USB socket, a display screen , a keyless start system, etc.

NIU N1 Sports

The original Bosch brushless motor integrated in the rear wheel hub produces 1500 W of power and 120 Nm of torque . It is managed by an electronic system which makes it possible to adapt the electrical consumption according to the driving conditions.

Admittedly, the Niu N1 Sport is not the fastest in its class, since its top speed is electronically limited to 50 km/h. However, it represents a safe and efficient mobility solution in the city.

The engine and electrical devices of the N1 Sport are powered by a Panasonic Li-ion battery with a capacity of 29 Ah. In normal driving conditions, the range can be up to 70 km . The quality of finish is very good for a scooter of this range. The switches, handles and LCD display screen don't disappoint as much as the ABS plastic coverings.

Once on board, the N1 Sport is very convincing. The riding position is comfortable thanks to a saddle placed only 740 mm from the ground. Ergonomic handlebars and hydraulic suspension front and rear also help to improve ride comfort. For its part, the wide apron helps to protect the driver's feet and legs.

Highlights of the NIU N1 Sport Electric Scooter

  • Tandem.
  • Comfortable.
  • Good autonomy.
  • Generous storage space under the seat.
  • Good maneuverability.

Weaknesses of the NIU N1 Sport Electric Scooter

  • Relatively long charging time (6 h).

NIU N-Pro Electric Scooter

A 125 cc in the skin of a 50 cc, that's how we can describe the NIU N-Pro electric scooter!

And for good reason, although the N-Pro is classified in the 50cc category, it is equipped with the same engine and the same double-battery of the Niu NGT 125 cm3 . Moreover, with a power of 400 W and a torque of 150 Nm, it is one of the most efficient electric scooters in its category.

Design-wise, the N-Pro shares the same stylistic traits that govern aesthetic design at NIU. However, it has an original front end including a wide apron and a large Full LED headlight placed in the center. With a height of only 740 mm, the saddle is very accessible for most sizes. The ride is comfortable thanks to hydraulic suspension at the front and rear.

NIU N-Pro review

Particular attention has been paid to the quality of finish. Thus, the N Pro is appreciated by the ergonomics of the handlebars and the sophistication of the control buttons. Like premium scooter models, it has a built-in GPS chip, USB port and mobile app. On the safety side, the N-Pro scooter is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake system at the front and rear.

Highlights of the NIU N-Pro Electric Scooter

  • Unparalleled autonomy in the 50 cc electric scooter segment!
  • Powerful engine.
  • Tandem.

Weaknesses of the NIU N-Pro Electric Scooter

  • Lack of storage space.

NIU N-Cargo Electric Scooter

The Niu N-cargo is the ultimate delivery scooter! Accessible without a license, since it is classified in the 50 cc category, it offers a range of 80 km . To tell the truth, it is indeed a variation of the Niu N range whose structure has been reinforced by adding a support allowing to fix a transport box or a top box.

The Niu N-Cargo motor has a power of 1500 W continuous and 2400 W peak. Its maximum torque is 120 Nm . Although it is a vehicle for professional use, the accelerations are very lively and are comparable to those of a sports scooter.

NIU N-Cargo delivery scooter comparison

The battery of the NIU N-Cargo is housed in the floor. It is fully extractable and has a capacity of 29 Ah. Supplied by Panasonic, it is electronically managed by an on-board system (BMS).

In terms of design, the N-Cargo adopts a similar style to that of the other models in the Niu N range. However, as it is a professional scooter, it has side protections to reduce the risk of scratches. related to intensive use. Like all other NIU scooters, it comes standard with GPS, anti-theft, and keyless start.

Highlights of the NIU N-Cargo Electric Scooter

  • Delivery scooter, ideal for professional use.
  • Light.
  • Agile.

Weak points of the NIU N-Cargo electric scooter

  • High charging time (7-8 hours).
  • Super NIU electric scooter review: verdict!

Conclusion of the NIU Electric Scooter Comparison

To conclude this super NIU electric scooter test, it is clear that NIU is one of the few manufacturers to offer a diversified range of electric scooters that meets all needs.

Admittedly, the NIU U Pro Series Electric Scooter does not shine with its autonomy. However, it is more than enough for urban use. It also surprises with its comfort and affordability .

The models of the NIU M range are smaller and lighter than those of the Niu N range. Although they have reduced autonomy, they are perfectly suited for 100% urban use.

The NIU N-Cargo is a version dedicated to professional use. Although it incorporates the same characteristics of the Niu N1 range, it is distinguished by its reinforced structure allowing the installation of a top box on the luggage rack.

The Niu NGT 125cc is currently the most powerful model in the Niu electric scooter range . It impresses not only with its performance but also with its extended autonomy which places it among the flagship models in its category.

Finally, the NIU N-Pro combines the advantages of a 50 cc class scooter with those of a 125 cc class scooter. It uses the same engine and the same battery of the Niu NGT 125 cm3 and therefore offers equivalent autonomy. Another essential advantage of the NIU N-Pro, it does not require any permit !

niu electric scooter comparison table

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