Today, we are seeing a craze for electric-oriented urban mobility. Our habits are changing and we have to adapt by opting for good practices. Owner of an electric scooter , Weebot is talking to you today about recharging your electric vehicle.

We give you, through this article, the key elements on how to recharge an electric scooter in a smart and optimal way so that your battery has the longest possible life and you can make your journeys without having to worry the battery saving of your electric scooter.

Indeed, with the lithium battery, electric scooters benefit from unequaled autonomy and ease of driving. It is however important to take care of it in order to preserve your battery and to have a long life of the latter.

We will therefore explain how to charge an electric scooter and give you advice on electric scooter batteries.

Guide to using an electric scooter battery

Nowadays, electric scooters are equipped with so-called lithium batteries. Indeed, these batteries combine autonomy, accessibility and lighten the weight of two-wheelers. These are quality and environmentally friendly batteries that allow you to transport and/or drive your vehicle with ease.

It is therefore simple to be able to recharge the battery of electric scooters wherever you are. With an average lifespan of 50,000 kilometres, lithium batteries allow a good autonomy of around 60-70 kilometers per charge (charge of only a few hours) and offer you freedom of movement in urban areas.

However, these lithium batteries have a "memory effect", which allows them to be recharged several times in a day. The negative point of this "memory effect" is that the unused cells of the lithium battery are "forgotten" and therefore result in a loss of the total usable charge of the latter.

We are therefore going to explain to you how an electric scooter is recharged, where to recharge it and when.


How to charge an electric scooter?

In order not to damage your electric scooter battery, you must ensure that the socket is suitable and that the voltage of your charger is compatible with the model of your scooter.

In addition, it is important that you are in a temperate place (between 10 and 20 degrees) to charge your scooter and that your battery is cold to prevent it from overheating (leave your vehicle idle for a few minutes to ensure).

We also advise you to bring your vehicle's user manual for the first charges in order to avoid any complications and to avoid using damaged cables. And of course, do not forget to unplug in due time so as not to have an overload.

Several solutions are available to you to recharge an electric scooter depending on the type of your battery (removable or not).

    Removable battery

    If your electric scooter battery is removable, you can plug it directly into an outlet to charge it. Nothing's easier.

      Non-removable battery

      If your electric scooter battery is non-removable, you must connect your scooter directly to a suitable socket using your scooter's charging cable (sold with it because each model has its own cable).

        Where to recharge your electric scooter?

        For the charging location of your electric scooter, there are several possibilities.

          At home

          You can recharge your battery at home or at someone else's as long as the socket is suitable.

            At a public charging point

            City terminals, for example, offer you the possibility of recharging the battery of electric scooters in complete autonomy.

            Most of the time, you will have the choice between "fast" charging (from around 40 to 80 kW of power) or "normal" charging (up to 22 kW of power), it's up to you to adapt the charging mode. loading according to your needs.

            If you want to know the public places to charge your vehicle, you can consult the list of charging points directly on the internet.

              At a garage

              You can also recharge your electric two-wheeler in a garage, but this service is chargeable.

                When to recharge your electric scooter?

                The right question to ask yourself in order to have optimal use of your electric scooter is to know when to recharge it. Because, in fact, the more you charge your battery even if it still has autonomy, the more its life will decrease. So do it intelligently and control this point well.

                Here are the elements to take into account in order to recharge your electric scooter battery optimally:

                  The charge level

                  You have access to this indicator on the screen of your electric vehicle in order to know what percentage of battery autonomy you have left. We therefore advise you not to recharge it when it has a percentage greater than 50%, but do not wait until it is completely empty to charge it. It's up to you to gauge and measure according to the movements and the usefulness you have of them at the moment.

                    charging time

                    Monitor the charging time of your battery and unplug it before the charger overheats the battery. Indeed, overheating could obviously damage your battery and its use would be reduced over time.

                      Battery life

                      Being available is important so plan ahead and organize yourself so that you don't run out of battery and can't move if you have an imperative. We recommend recharging it when you have a moment of respite in your day, such as in the evening.

                        After having seen together how, where and when to recharge your electric vehicle, we are going to give you some advice on how to maintain the battery of your electric scooter so that its lifespan and its use are optimal and qualitative.

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                        Maintaining an electric scooter battery

                        With a lifespan of around two years, an electric scooter battery requires attention and control so as not to reduce its lifespan, which can sometimes be reduced by half if good practices are not followed.

                        When first used

                        We advise you to charge the battery to the maximum without interruption before using your electric scooter for the first time.

                        So don't rush and drive straight to your vehicle's reception, charge the battery fully before.

                        During regular use

                        It is important to check the percentage of remaining battery each time you use it and ideally recharge it before it drops below 20%. This is the threshold that it is best not to exceed.

                        Also, try charging the battery in one go, up to 100%, at least for the first 5 charges.

                        While riding the electric scooter

                        When driving your electric vehicle, we advise you not to make large speed changes because keeping a constant speed will preserve your battery.

                        Sporty driving will not help your battery last over time. It is also imperative not to park your vehicle in direct sunlight or outside in the middle of winter in order to avoid temperature shocks on the battery.

                        Also, try to charge it at least once a month and at regular intervals. If you don't use your electric scooter daily, try leaving the battery percentage at 50%.

                        Our advice to optimize the battery life of your electric scooter

                        To do :

                        • Wait for your battery to cool down before using your vehicle.
                        • Recharge to 100% for the first 5 charges and then recharge to approximately 90%.
                        • Check that the voltage of your electrical outlet is not too high so as not to create a short circuit in your battery.
                        • Touch your battery to control and check its temperature: it should not be too cold or too hot.
                        • Adopt a fluid and regular driving style, without unnecessary variations in acceleration.

                        To avoid :

                        • Do not drop below 25% battery before charging.
                        • Do not use the vehicle directly after recharging, wait a few minutes.
                        • Do not connect your battery with any charger other than the one given to you by your manufacturer/vendor.
                        • Do not use an outdated, unsuitable or damaged cable
                        • Do not put the battery and/or its charger in a place where the temperature is below 10 degrees or a temperature exceeding 27 degrees.
                        • Do not interrupt battery charging.


                        In order to conclude this article giving you the key elements as to how to recharge an electric scooter, we insist on being regular and rigorous in the use and charging of your electric scooter.

                        Take care of your vehicle through applied maintenance and it will have a lifespan that is as optimal as it is maximum in terms of performance. Don't neglect temperature, charging place, charging way, chargers, voltage of your outlet, charging time, etc.

                        In short, stay attentive and take full advantage of the pleasures of an electric two-wheeler thanks to a battery in great shape!

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                        Bruno Dherbeys

                        Bruno Dherbeys

                        J’ai une ma sais 50 électrique si je mais une roue électrique à l’avant montera l’envers pourrais je recharger ma batterie en roulants



                        Quel est le cout en électricité, en dollar canadien de la recharge pour une batterie de 72v.



                        Bonjour, j’aimerai savoir si il existe une solution pour un scooter avec chargeur sur prise électrique domestique, de pouvoir le charger sur une borne de recharge externe ?

                        Yann de Weebot

                        Yann de Weebot

                        Bonjour Izabella,
                        Non il n’est pas utile de laisser la clé de contact activée pour la recharge. Au contraire même, le scooter doit être éteint si celui se branche directement à une prise. La plupart des scooters possèdent cependant une batterie amovible qui est donc rechargeable hors du scooter.



                        Faut il laisser la clé de contact activée pendant la recharge de la batterie



                        J’aimerais savoir la durée de vie moyenne d’une batterie d’1 scooter électrique.

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