how to ride a hoverboard

Remember when you didn't yet know how to ride a bike, it might have seemed very difficult to learn. Well it's the same thing for thehoverboard . Except that here in less than 15 minutes you will be in total control of the machine and you will be able to ride with style and precision.

Just follow the following explanations to quickly become a hoverboard expert.

Handling the Hoverboard

A hoverboard , sometimes called a " smartboard", is a type of electric skateboard with which you can move in all directions.

The hoverboard works on the principle of the gyroscopic effect , that is to say that to make it move forward you just have to climb on it and lean in the desired direction.

Clearly, you only have to place your feet on the platform to be able to steer the hoverboard by simple weight transfer .
Lean forward to move forward, to the left or right to turn, or slightly back to go slower.

hoverboard operation

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The use of the hoverboard in practice

  1. Switching on the hoverboard

Before using your hoverboard for the first time you should fully charge the battery . It is even strongly recommended to do so for the first 3 uses.

Once the hoverboard's battery is 100% charged, you can turn it on by pressing the button.
The machine will then emit a sound and the LEDs will light up. Finally, check that the platform is straight before climbing on it.

  1. Ride on the hoverboard

For a beginner, the first step to master is to get on the device . You should never get on a hoverboard when it is off otherwise it is guaranteed to fall.
Indeed, the gyroscopic stabilization system can only work if the smartboard is running.

Once the hoverboard is in tension, first place your first foot at the end of the platform. When your foot is well wedged put the second at the other end.

Then stand as straight as possible and find your point of balance. Indeed, it is only once the 2 feet are placed on the machine that the stabilization system can work properly.

If you are apprehensive about getting on the electric skateboard, we advise you at the start to ask someone to stand behind you to prevent any risk of falling or tipping forward.

ride a hoverboard
  1. Move forward with the hoverboard

When you are well balanced on your hoverboard you just have to lean slightly forward to move the machine forward.

Above all, remember to keep your legs straight and distribute your weight evenly over your 2 legs.
Indeed, as it is the weight of your body that moves the smartboard , you must be stable on the platform .

Your presence on the device being measured with a sensor if you lean too much to one side, the electric skateboard may stop suddenly because the weight will not be distributed evenly.
The sensor will analyze that you want to get off the skateboard and it will then stop.

Once you begin to master the forward motion, gently lean your body backwards to roll in reverse.

Easy right?

how to make hoverboard
  1. Turn with a hoverboard

In the same way that we move forward or backward, it is very easy to turn with your hoverboard .

Push lightly on the right leg to turn right or on the left leg to turn left. The machine turns thanks to the transfer of weight .
So if you maintain the pressure of your leg on one side the hoverboard will go into full rotation .

We recommend that you stay at low speed to test these maneuvers.

Finally, you have to get off the hoverboard when stationary and always from the back .

Safety of using a hoverboard

If you are a beginner in the use of the hoverboard, it is strongly advised to take certain precautions for use .

Start riding in a safe place away from traffic and on uneven ground . In general, it is not contraindicated to ride on public roads, especially if you are not wearing any protection.

The hoverboard is equipped with LEDs that indicate the direction you are going to take like the turn signals of a car. This is handy for showing people where you are going to ride.

In absolute terms, it is also strongly recommended to use a hoverboard helmet as well as knee and elbow pads so as not to hurt yourself in the event of a fall.


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