During the past year, the fleet of ecological two-wheelers has grown considerably with ever more efficient models. What are the best models of the year 2023 ? At what price ? For what autonomy? Do you want to take the plunge and discover this world of eco-mobility?

This comparative guide to the best electric scooters allows you to make the right choice in your purchase if you want to buy an electric scooter for short trips between home and work, or on longer routes.

best electric scooter 50cc 125cc

What are the advantages of the electric scooter?

At present, the electric scooter is the best alternative in terms of travel solution . In a context of ecological transition, electric vehicles are popular and the market is intensifying with a large number of models. While the automobile market is collapsing in this period of health crisis, the electric scooter market is progressing even more despite the global slowdown in production, mainly from China.

This modern and ecological means of transport is easily accessible with ever more affordable prices. Let's decipher the different advantages of the electric scooter compared to its thermal counterpart.

Driving pleasure and ease of use

Due to their construction, much simpler than a thermal, the electric scooter is a real pleasure to drive. From the first acceleration, we understand the efficiency of an electric two-wheeler. The brushless motor delivers all its power instantly and this allows you to weave through city traffic with ease.

Much less complex than a heat engine, the brushless electric motor fitted to these machines is simply a coil through which an electric current passes. The latter therefore directly drives the wheel if the motor is placed inside it while causing no noise.

If the brushless motor is placed centrally, it drives the wheel using a belt. This causes a slight noise but, conversely, provides a more powerful engine torque.

Driving pleasure is also found in the fact that there is much less wear on parts than on a thermal scooter. An electric scooter does not require regular maintenance to avoid breakage. Only the battery requires a little attention in the way it is recharged in order to preserve its good shape for as long as possible.

At the battery level, a lot of false information circulates, in particular the fact of having a very short lifespan. There are no more lead batteries on the market. All current batteries are lithium-based offering a longer lifespan .

On the best models of electric scooters , the battery cycles vary between 1000 to 2500 according to the manufacturers. A battery cycle is calculated when a recharge is made from 0% to 100% . On a lithium-ion accumulator, by carrying out 2 recharges passing from 50% to 100% of battery, one uses an operating cycle.

electric scooter horwin ek3 black 125 cm3

If it may be scary at first sight, 2500 battery cycles correspond to nearly 200,000 km traveled . Enough to circumnavigate the earth in an electric scooter.

It is possible to optimize your refills even more by avoiding, if possible, going below 20% and stopping the charge before the end (between 80 and 90%). In the long term, battery heating can cause you to lose some precious percent. This is why we advise our customers to recharge once the vehicle's battery has cooled, as well as not setting off on an electric scooter immediately after recharging.

So be careful because if the 2-year warranty works for the vehicle, the batteries are generally only insured for 1 year. All the more reason to take care of it!

best electric scooter kumpa model 54 iconic vintage germany

An economical means of everyday transport

The more you drive, the more you save ; this is the credo of the electric scooter! There is a very significant difference between the price of a full tank of gas and an electric recharge.

To go into detail, traveling 100 km with a 50cc thermal scooter costs around 5 euros. On an equivalent 50 cc electric model with a 1.8 kWh brushless motor, it will cost you less than 50 cents to achieve these same 100 km .

With equivalent displacement, it is therefore much more profitable to make your journey with an electric scooter. Recharging is carried out on a simple power outlet with a battery that is often removable on most machines on the market.

You will answer that the purchase price is higher on an electric two-wheeler, but that is without taking into account the many subsidies for the purchase of an electric scooter . Between state aid, the ecological bonus and the sustainable mobility package , it is now much more economical to invest in the best electric scooters .

No more oil change or engine maintenance with an electric scooter. This is another source of savings over the year that ends up accumulating. Just like the wear of the brakes which pulls much less on the drums or brake pads. Thanks to the electromagnet present in the motor, it helps with braking, while participating in kinetic recharging on certain models.

Driving in an ecological and zen way

In the midst of an ecological transition, choosing an electric scooter means participating fully in the future of our planet. Today in France, there are around 48,000 cancer deaths linked to atmospheric pollution, for which thermal vehicles are responsible. The future therefore goes through the electric scooter which, unlike the car, takes up much less space in terms of parking.

It is therefore very easy to get to work every morning by electric scooter, saving time on your journey but also driving in a zen way. Indeed the inaudible noise of the electric scooter allows its user to be less "attacked". Noise pollution is the next battle horse of French cities. It is recognized that the regular noise generated by two wheels reduces life expectancy by about 10 months , both for the driver and for passers-by.

Automatic anti-noise radars are therefore beginning to flourish in our cities in order to encourage people to switch to electric vehicles for more daily comfort.

best niu ngt 50cc 125cc electric scooter

Save €600
fat bike velo electrique garrett miller z noir pneu kenda 20 pouces off roadfat bike velo electrique garrett miller z noir jante blanche pneu kenda off road

How to choose your electric scooter?

If you are lost among all the models on the market, this comparison of the best electric scooters allows you to better make your choice according to your desires.

An electric scooter for what purpose?

What is your future two-wheeler intended for? If you just want to get to work each morning independently and comfortably, a 50cc equivalent scooter model may suffice. If, on the contrary, your journeys are a little longer and require you to use the expressways, you must therefore switch to a 125cc equivalent .

It is important to understand his main need to make the right choice. Unlike the electric car, switching to the electric scooter is less restrictive because the autonomy of these machines is sufficient because they are mainly used in town over fairly short distances.

What do you consider necessary in the purchase of a two-wheeler? Do you prefer a powerful model, a model with a long range, a light and easy-to-fly model? The look is also important. There are electric scooters with a resolutely modern look or, on the contrary, with a vintage design inspired by old thermal models.

With or without license?

With their maximum speed limited to 45 km/h , the 50cc electric scooter can be used without a license . Only the AM license (formerly BSR) is sufficient to drive. Practical for young users or beginners on two wheels who do not need to use the expressways to get around.

On the contrary, the equivalent 125 cm3 electric scooter requires having the A1 license or additional two-wheel training if you already have the B license (car). They are also heavier with a weight close to 100 kg with battery which requires time to adapt.

50cc electric scooter for city

Perfect in built-up areas, the 50cc electric scooter is practical for short trips. The engine of the 50cm3 equivalents is between 1 and 4 kWh with a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Driving this type of vehicle is authorized on public roads from the age of 14.

These are the most popular models as well as the most numerous on the electric scooter market due to their ease of use, light weight, but also user demand.

If their autonomy is substantially the same as on a thermal scooter, it takes on average between 3 and 4 hours for a full recharge on a domestic socket. All the models in this comparison have a removable battery so that you can easily charge from home.

best electric scooter silence s01 battery trolley

125 electric scooter for a greater radius of action

Cut for the road, the 125 equivalent electric scooters (also called L3e) have a motor power of between 4 kWh and 11 kWh . This allows them to reach speeds of 75 km/h on average, up to 90/100 km/h and even 120 km/h for the French electric scooter RED Electric Model E125.

With these machines you can access the expressways and even the motorway for the most efficient models while having more than adequate autonomy (up to 200 km with several batteries).

For a full charge of these 125 equivalent, you will need about 4 to 6 hours to go from 0 to 100% . Most of the models mentioned in our comparison of the best electric scooters are equipped with one or more removable batteries so that you can charge them at your home. Be careful, however, to take into account the weight of the relatively heavy batteries.

What are the best 50cc electric scooters?

Finally, let's come to our comparison of the best electric scooter with our selection of products that correspond to different user search criteria. Practical for the urban jungle accessible without a license, the best 50cc equivalent electric scooter must be light, efficient with good value for money.

Twild Road: Complete equipment for high-performance scooters

best cheap twild road electric scooter 50cc

It has changed its name since its release, but it's still the same. Formerly Twice, this brand of French e-scooters is now called Twild.

Easy to handle, the Twild Road electric scooter is an affordable model with good build quality. Modern and efficient, it has a double battery as standard (2 x 60V 26Ah) offering 140 km of autonomy for a top speed of 45 km/h.

Equipped with a particularly reliable Bosch 3000W brushless motor , it will bring you satisfaction every day. This 50cc equivalent scooter is nimble to sneak through the urban jungle without a hitch. Acceleration is efficient and allows you to do 0-45 km/h in less than 5 seconds .

Still standard, the scooter ( presented by Weebot ) receives a top case support as well as a top case for additional storage. This electric scooter allows you to receive nearly 400 euros in ecological premium from the State and up to 1500 in aid if you are a professional. All this makes the Twild Road the best value for money electric scooter.

Doohan iTank 50: best three-wheel electric scooter

cheap doohan itank 50 three wheel electric scooter

With its unique look, the Doohan iTank 50 is the cheapest 3-wheel electric scooter on the market ! If you are looking for great driving comfort, the iTank 50 is stable and equipped with three powerful hydraulic disc brakes . It then benefits from a braking distance shortened by 30% compared to a conventional two-wheeled scooter. Its Bosch motor is placed in its rear wheel and delivers 1490W nominal and up to 2300W of peak power .

With a Panasonic 60V 26Ah lithium battery, the Doohan iTank 50 can be used for a maximum distance of 70 km . Sufficient in urban use, it is convenient to use in the city without having to put your foot down when you are at a red light. It is still possible to invest in a second removable battery if you want to have doubled autonomy. At that time, the weight of the iTank will increase from 99 kg to 108 kg.

Its wide suspensions allow the Doohan iTank 50 ( in test here ) to perfectly absorb the shocks of the road, such as cobblestones for example. However, do not hesitate to invest in a top case if you want to have storage space because the space under the saddle is very small.

An ideal choice as a first electric 3-wheel scooter with its unusual look and top speed of 45 km/h. A significant bonus for parking it or during maneuvers on the road, the iTank has a very practical electric reverse gear on this scooter.

Sunra Hawk Plus - Affordable and long battery life

cheap sunra hawk plus electric scooter

To take the plunge into eco-mobility, the Sunra Hawk Plus is an excellent model for discovering the pleasures of riding an electric scooter. Equipped with a 1800W Bosch brushless motor, the Hawk Plus reaches a maximum speed of 45 km/h like any vehicle in the 50cc category to which it belongs.

Very comfortable, the Hawk Plus has a double front and rear hydraulic suspension. Perfect for absorbing vibrations from the road, alone or in pairs thanks to the backrest on the rear seat, while supporting a maximum load of 150 kg .

In single or double battery mode weighing 10.5 kg each (72V 20Ah), the Hawk Plus corrects the autonomy problem of the previous model of the Sunra brand with an improved BMS (battery management system) offering up to 130 km range .

The Sunra Hawk offers the possibility, thanks to the integrated speaker systems, of listening to your favorite music via Bluetooth or simply simulating an operating noise to warn pedestrians of your presence on your journey. One of the best cheap electric scooters!

Super Soco CU-X - The 50cc electric scooter from Super Soco

super soco cux electric scooter 50cc

With a vintage style, the CU-X from the famous Super SOCO brand is easy to use, it has top-of-the-range equipment including a Bosch brand motor (1300W). It is possible to exceed the 45 km/h limit on this 50cc scooter using an easy unclamping manipulation to reach up to 60 km/h . But beware, this will not be legally possible on public roads and is reserved for use on circuit and private land.

The Panasonic 60V battery offers a wide maximum autonomy of 80 km which gives the Super SOCO CU-X a large range ( tested in urban use here ). Autonomy is extended by 10% thanks to the energy recovery system during braking.

Made of aluminum alloy and steel, the Super SOCO CU-X electric scooter weighs only 70 kg which is particularly light for a high quality scooter. Equipped with front and rear disc brakes, it has efficient braking to respond to your slightest actions on the road.

As an option, there is a 1080p dashcam which allows you to film the road by integrating naturally into the scooter. In the event of an accident, this provides proof to your insurer of your good faith.

What are the best 125cc electric scooters?

Among our selection of the best 152cc electric scooter, we have chosen not to mention the BMW C Evolution . Available since 2014, the BMW C Evolution should see its production end shortly. The German brand having decided to review its strategy to better adapt to the market of the year 2022.

Able to use fast roads, equivalent 125cc electric scooters must therefore, in our view, have a comfortable autonomy to be usable on a daily basis. Let's get to our selection of the best models to buy in 2022 without further ado.

Sunra Robo - Big performance and attention to detail

electric scooter sunra robo 125cc powerful cheap

Leader in the electric vehicle market, the Chinese brand Sunra never ceases to amaze us. After the 50cc Hawk Plus model, Sunra hits hard on the 125cc market with the ROBO.

With a sober look , in black or white, the design of the Sunra Robo hides its game well with powerful accelerations. Indeed, its Bosch brand 3000W brushless motor develops a torque of 230Nm in order to very quickly reach the maximum speed of 75 km/h .

The Sunra Robo ( tested by Kramtoo ) is very well thought out by judiciously placing its or its two batteries (72V 20Ah) in the floor of its scooter for a perfect distribution of the masses. This gives driving agility with a very low center of gravity to this two-wheeler. But it also offers a huge space under the saddle for storage. You can thus avoid the purchase of an additional top box, unlike many models where the seat contains the vehicle's batteries.

Equipment levels it's again very good with a keyless start (keyless) thanks to your fingerprint. There is also a disc braking system at the front and rear as well as hydraulic suspensions on each wheel. A real daily driving pleasure combined with a range of 70 km (or 130 km for the purchase of two batteries). An ideal first electric scooter for those who want an affordable 125cc equivalent .

Super Soco CPX - A complete 125cc equivalent

electric scooter super soco cpx 125cm3 125cc black

Very well known in Europe, the Super SOCO brand offers with the CPX, a very complete 125cc equivalent. This fast electric scooter can go up to 90 km/h on roads that allow it thanks to its powerful German brand 4000W brushless motor.

The Super SOCO CPX is a two-seater electric scooter with a sporty look. Offering three driving modes limiting the maximum speed to 45 km/h in mode 1, 70 km/h in mode 2 and 90 km/h in mode 3, the CPX has a range of 70 km with a battery. If this is not enough you can buy a second battery which will double its autonomy.

If the NIU NGT electric scooter dominated the market until then, this two-wheeler offers a real alternative by being faster at top speed. This results in heavier batteries (18 kg) while offering a very complete equipment.

At the level of the handlebars we find what made the success of the Chinese brand with a dashboard without frills but perfectly readable with the bonus of automatic backlighting when passing through a tunnel for example.

Doohan iTank 125 - The affordable 3-wheel electric scooter

doohan itank 125 three wheel electric scooter black white red

With a choice of 4 colors (black, white, red, blue) the Doohan iTank 125 is the best three wheel electric scooter on the market. Particularly stable and fun to drive, it is also the cheapest three-wheeled electric scooter. If it is not the fastest in our comparison, this vehicle climbs up to 70 km/h with its 3000W QS brushless motor but is very safe on the road.

Due to its design with three wheels, the Doohan iTank 125 is equipped with 3 powerful disc brakes to guarantee an effective braking system. This model is also much less bulky than the other best 125cc electric scooters in our selection with a small size.

At this very affordable price, this electric 3-wheeler has a range of 90 km for a recharge in just 5 hours. A comfortable autonomy for daily use with its double removable battery stored in the floor which guarantees very good stability.

Beware, however, of the lack of storage as well as the turning radius which is not the widest but if this is inherent in the 3-wheel scooter models, it has an electric reverse gear to simply carry out maneuvers. This Doohan iTank 125 will meet the expectations of users looking for an electric scooter with a unique look while having a good boost in purchase with an interesting ecological bonus.

Niu NGT - Long battery life and fast charging

electric scooter niu ngt 125 black red 125cm3

Leader on the electric scooter market in Europe, the NIU brand offers a quality 125 equivalent with its NGT. Equipped with two removable batteries, the Niu NGT offers a maximum range of 170 km . In use at high speed, it is rather necessary to count on about 100 km but it is still very comfortable for an electric scooter with a fast recharge of 3-4 hours.

With a maximum power of 4000W, the Bosch motor allows strong acceleration to easily weave through traffic up to a speed of 70 km/h . The Niu NGT 125 is an agile and reliable electric scooter that can be driven at your fingertips with suspensions and a comfortable saddle to absorb shocks.

A best seller for 2 years in the category of the best 125 electric scooters, which is quite expensive to buy but which offers an interesting ecological bonus thanks to its large battery.

HORWIN EK3 - Modern Look and Big Subsidy on Purchase

best electric scooter 125cm3 horwin ek3 range

After a test with its CR6 electric motorcycle, the Austrian manufacturer Horwin is coming to the 2022 market with new models of electric scooters. The Horwin EK3 electric scooter is a 125cc equivalent with a chain-driven central engine that can reach a top speed of 95 km/h.

Its motor develops 6200W of power with a motor torque of 195 Nm. Technical specificities that allow this electric scooter to be easily used on fast tracks to move around with ease.

Sharing the same battery as its little brother 50cc model Horwin EK1 , the EK3 has a large 72V 40Ah battery giving it 100km of range. This battery allows this electric scooter to benefit from a large purchase subsidy of up to 720 euros for individuals.

Particularly well equipped, this 125cc electric scooter has LED daytime running lights to be clearly visible on the road, as well as a remote control to start (or lock) the scooter remotely. In addition, the reverse function is particularly practical for carrying out maneuvers simply, for parking for example.

electric scooter Horwin EK3 black paris street 125 cm3

How much does an electric scooter cost?

If the border between thermal and electric is increasingly thin, many users have taken the plunge into ecomobility. With a slightly higher purchase price, the electric scooter is a long-term investment , taking advantage of cheap charging in the long run.

It takes around a little less than 2000 euros for a 50cm3 equivalent (not including state aid) and around 3000 euros in base price for a 125cm3 electric scooter, but this can be soaring if you are looking for a premium model. Our prices do not include the ecological bonus because depending on your region or your professional activity, many bonuses are available and can be combined with the purchase of an electric scooter.

subsidies and bonuses for electric scooters

If this comparison of the best electric scooters of the year 2023 has allowed you to see more clearly on the market and you want to take the plunge, we advise you to take a look at our electric scooter subsidies page gathering the essential information for claim the ecological bonus with the purchase of an electric scooter.

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